WWE 2K23: How To Unlock Characters [Arenas & Superstars]

Unleash the full potential of WWE 2K23 with our guide on unlocking iconic characters, arenas, and titles through various game modes.

As you embark on your journey in WWE 2K23, you’ll discover legendary superstars, breathtaking arenas, and prestigious championship titles that can be unlocked by earning Store Tokens and Virtual Currency (VC) through various game modes. We have listed essential tips and strategies to unlock wrestlers and all the hidden treasures that lie within. 

Key Takeaways
  • WWE 2K23 features two virtual currencies: Store Tokens and Virtual Currency (VC), which unlock various content characters or wrestlers.
  • Store Tokens are earned through participating in non-MyFACTION game modes, while VC is obtained by competing in matches and completing objectives.
  • Unlock legendary superstar wrestlers, arenas, and championship titles through the In-Game Store, MyRise Mode, and Showcase Mode.
  • The Supercharger, available in the Deluxe Edition, instantly unlocks all In-Game Store items (excluding mode-specific unlockables).
  • MyRise Mode allows players to create their own superstar wrestler and unlock additional characters by completing specific objectives and milestones.
  • Showcase Mode offers players the opportunity to experience historic WWE events, unlocking associated superstars as they progress.
  • The Supercharger is optional and designed for players who want to access all content without grinding for Store Tokens or VC.
  • Variety in gameplay and exploration of different game modes leads to a diverse roster, memorable matches, and an enhanced WWE 2K23 experience.
IMPORTANT: Utilize the dual currency system in WWE 2K23, engaging in various game modes to unlock content and expand your roster for a thrilling wrestling experience.

Unlockable Superstars: Cost and List

Ready to expand your WWE 2K23 roster with an array of iconic superstars? In this table, we’ve summarized the costs and names of the legendary wrestlers you can unlock. Remember, as you strategize and save up for these mighty warriors, you’ll need Store Tokens, the in-game currency. Let’s dive in!

WWE 2K23 Unlock Characters Roster of Legendary Superstars
Roster of Legendary Superstars Wrestlers
SuperstarCost (VC)
Andre the Giant1,000
Beth Phoenix1,000
Big Boss Man1,000
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (Manager)1,000
The Boogeyman1,000
Booker T1,000
Bret “The Hitman” Hart1,000
Brie Bella1,000
The British Bulldog1,000
Cactus Jack1,000
Doink The Clown1,000
Eddie Guerrero1,000
Eddie Guerrero ’971,000
Eric Bischoff1,000
Hollywood Hogan1,000
Hulk Hogan ’021,000
Jake “The Snake” Roberts1,000
Jerry “The King” Lawler1,000
Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart1,000
Kane ’081,000
Kevin Nash1,000
Kevin Nash (nWo)1,000
Macho Man Randy Savage1,000
Nikki Bella1,000
Razor Ramon1,000
Rey Mysterio Jr.1,000
Rowdy Roddy Piper1,000
Scott Hall1,000
Scott Hall (nWo)1,000
Shane McMahon1,000
Shawn Michaels1,000
Shawn Michaels ’051,000
Stacy Kiebler1,000
Stephanie McMahon1,000
Stephanie McMahon (Manager)1,000
Stone Cold Steve Austin1,000
Ted DiBiase1,000
The Hurricane1,000
The Rock1,000
Triple H1,000
Triple H (Manager)1,000
Trish Stratus1,000
The Ultimate Warrior1,000
The Undertaker1,000
The Undertaker ’981,000

Now you have a handy reference for the unlockable wrestlers and their costs! As you collect these powerful wrestlers, you’ll unlock new depths to your WWE 2K23 experience. Enjoy assembling your dream team, and don’t forget to have fun along the way!

Unlockable Arenas: Cost and List

Let’s dive into the world of WWE 2K23 and explore the exciting range of additional locations you can fight in. From classic wrestling spots to modern marvels, these arenas add extra excitement to your WWE 2K23 experience. You’ll have to spend your hard-earned Virtual Currency (VC) to unlock these fantastic arenas. Here’s a breakdown of the available unlockable arenas, along with their respective VC costs:

WWE 2K23 Unlock Characters Arenas
ArenaVC Cost
Backlash500 VC
Bad Blood500 VC
Halloween Havoc500 VC
Insurrextion500 VC
Judgment Day500 VC
One Night Stand500 VC
Rebellion500 VC
Royal Rumble 2001500 VC
SummerSlam500 VC
Unforgiven500 VC
Vengeance500 VC
WrestleMania 12500 VC
WrestleMania 18500 VC

Now, go ahead and bring the action to these fantastic venues! Remember, each arena has a unique vibe that can enhance your gameplay and make for memorable matches. So, buckle up and get ready to rumble in these exhilarating unlockable arenas in WWE 2K23. Happy wrestling!

Unlockable Championship Titles: Cost and List

In WWE 2K23, players can unlock a plethora of Championship Titles to personalize their Superstars and make their gaming experience more engaging. The Championship Titles that are offered, along with their respective costs, are shown below:

Championship TitleCost (VC)
WWE Championship500
WWE Intercontinental Championship500
WWE United States Championship500
WWE Tag Team Championship500
WWE Women’s Championship500
WWE Cruiserweight Championship500
WWE European Championship500
WWE Hardcore Championship500
WWE Light Heavyweight Championship500
WWE World Tag Team Championship500
WWE World Heavyweight Championship500
WWE Divas Championship500
WWE Million Dollar Championship500
WWE NXT Championship500
WWE NXT Women’s Championship500
WWE NXT Tag Team Championship500
WWE Universal Championship500
WWE United Kingdom Championship500
WCW Championship500
WCW United States Championship500
WCW Cruiserweight Championship500
WCW Tag Team Championship500
ECW Championship500
ECW Television Championship500
ECW Tag Team Championship500
ECW World Heavyweight Championship500

By unlocking these titles, players can showcase their achievements and progress, enhancing the WWE 2K23 gaming experience.

Earning Store Tokens And Virtual Currency (VC)

In WWE 2K23, acquiring myriad unlockables requires two virtual currencies: Store Tokens and Virtual Currency (VC). In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the methods and strategies to maximize your earnings, giving you the power to unlock your favorite wrestlers, historic arenas, and iconic championship belts.

Earning Store Tokens

Store Tokens are your key to accessing the in-game store’s wealth of unlockables.

  • You can amass these tokens by participating in matches across all non-MyFACTION game modes.
  • WWE 2K23 generously grants you 1,000 Store Tokens as a welcome gift to kickstart your journey.
  • Utilize these tokens wisely to purchase your preferred superstars and customize your experience to your liking.

Earning Virtual Currency (VC)

Virtual Currency (VC) is the primary currency for unlocking additional roster members in WWE 2K23.

  • You can earn VC by competing in matches and completing various objectives throughout the game.
  • Accumulate VC to purchase unlockable legends, classic arenas, and championship belts from WWE’s storied past.

As you progress, strategize and prioritize your purchases to make the most out of your hard-earned VC. As you venture through WWE 2K23, remember that playing different game modes like MyRise and Showcase mode can also grant you exclusive, unlockable characters. So, diversify your gameplay, invest your time in various modes, and watch your collection of unlockables expand. Stay persistent, and soon you’ll have a roster bursting with legendary talent, many iconic arenas, and an assortment of prestigious titles to showcase your prowess in the ring!

WWE 2K23’s In-Game Store

In this, we’ll explore the In-Game Store, the heart and soul of your WWE 2K23 experience. You’ll find the in-game store nestled within the main menu. Give it a gentle tap, and you’ll be whisked away to a realm filled with goodies waiting to be unlocked. It’s like a treasure trove.

Accessing the In-Game Store

Go through WWE 2K23’s main menu while keeping an eye out for the Store option to access the in-game store. After you’ve found it, all you have to do is click on it to be transported to a realm brimming with unlockables, including legendary superstar wrestlers, unforgettable arenas, and championship titles guaranteed to make any wrestling fan’s heart skip a beat.

Navigating the In-Game Store:

Within the In-Game Store, you’ll find a user-friendly interface that makes browsing and purchasing a breeze. Use the on-screen prompts to sort through the various categories, such as Superstars, Arenas, and Titles. As you browse, don’t forget to keep an eye on your Store Token balance and any earned Virtual Currency (VC) to ensure you have the necessary funds for your desired purchases.

Unlocking In-Game Store Items:

Once you’ve made your selections, you can use your hard-earned Store Tokens and VC to unlock your desired items. But wait, there’s more! If you purchase the Deluxe Edition of WWE 2K23, you’ll receive the Supercharger, an exclusive bonus that instantly unlocks all In-Game Store items. Please note, however, that the Supercharger does not grant access to unlockables earned through specific game modes like MyRise and Showcase.

As you embark on your WWE 2K23 journey, you’ll want to grow your roster with the titans of wrestling. To make that happen, you must amass Store Tokens, the in-game currency used to acquire these powerful contenders. Generally, each superstar costs 1,000 Store Tokens, so strategize and save up for your must-have wrestlers.

MyRise Mode: Unlocking Additional Superstars

Here, we will explore one of the game’s most exciting aspects. MyRise Mode! Not only will you be able to develop and grow your very own superstar, but you’ll also unlock additional characters as you progress through your career. Talk about a win-win situation!

  • In MyRise Mode, you’ll create your superstar and lead them through an exciting career full of riveting storylines and intense rivalries.
  • You’ll be able to unlock extra superstars that aren’t available in the store.
  • To unlock these exclusive characters, you must complete specific objectives and reach milestones within your MyRise career.
  • These objectives might include winning a championship, taking down specific rivals, or accomplishing other in-game goals.

Keep your eyes peeled, and give it your all in each match – you never know when an opportunity might arise to unlock a new superstar character. Remember, these unlockable superstar wrestlers are not available for purchase in the in-game store, so MyRise Mode is your one and only ticket to add them to your roster. Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on these exclusive superstars!

Showcase Mode: Unlocking More Superstars

In WWE 2K23’s Showcase Mode, you’ll go on an action-packed adventure through the remarkable stories of WWE’s iconic superstars. As you go through this exciting journey, you’ll be able to experience memorable events in wrestling’s history and get access to new superstars to add to your roster.

  • Enter Showcase Mode and progress through the meticulously crafted matches and stories.
  • You’ll get rewards, such as more superstars that can be used in other game types.
  • Watch out for hidden or different objectives, as they might provide you access to unlocking more wrestlers.
  • By completing the WWE 2K23 Showcase Mode, you’ll expand your collection of superstars, allowing for even more diverse and intense matchups in the squared circle.

So, lace up those wrestling boots, immerse yourself in the epic storylines, and prepare to unlock a whole new world of wrestling action!

Supercharger: Instantly Unlocking In-Game Store Items

You’ll be awarded more Superstars to add to your collection as you go in Showcase Mode, completing different objectives and following various stories. Every tale you finish will give you access to one or more Superstars who are associated with that specific historical event. Hence, the more storylines you finish, the more characters you’ll have at your disposal!

  • Keep in mind that the Superstars you unlock in Showcase Mode will be available for use across all other game modes, allowing you to build your dream roster. So, immerse yourself in the rich history of WWE, and unlock more Superstars to create even more epic matches and unforgettable moments in WWE 2K23!
  • Are you eager to unlock all those amazing in-game store items but don’t have the time or patience to grind your way through earning Store Tokens and Virtual Currency? Worry not; we’ve got the perfect solution for you: the Supercharger!
  • By purchasing the Supercharger through the in-game store, you’ll be able to instantly unlock all items that can otherwise be acquired using Store Tokens or Virtual Currency (VC). This includes Superstars, arenas, championship titles, and more! Imagine the possibilities with all those goodies right at your fingertips from the get-go.
  • Now, we know some players might prefer the satisfaction of unlocking items through gameplay, and that’s totally cool too! The Supercharger is entirely optional and caters to those who want to dive right into the action without the need to earn tokens or VC.
  • So, whether you choose to use the Supercharger or not, just remember – WWE 2K23 is all about having fun and creating unforgettable moments with your favorite superstars wrestlers. Enjoy the game your way, and may the best wrestler win!

WWE 2K23 Gameplay And Mechanics 

In this action-packed wrestling game, players battle it out using a diverse cast of wrestlers. Master the game’s mechanics to outwit your opponents, unleash jaw-dropping signature moves, and discover how to unlock secret characters! With an array of match types and a dynamic crowd system, the game guarantees a unique, heart-pounding experience every time you step into the ring. So, lace up your boots and let the character chaos begin!

WWE 2K23 Unlock Characters WWE 2K23 Gameplay

We’ve walked you through the ins and outs of unlocking content, from earning Store Tokens and VC to exploring MyRise and Showcase Mode. With a plethora of Superstars, Arenas, and Championship Titles available, the possibilities are virtually endless. Just remember to dive into different game modes, experiment with Superstars, and enjoy the thrill of in-ring action. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to make the most out of your WWE 2K23 experience. So, grab your controller, step into the squared circle, and let the epic battles begin!

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