Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Walkthrough, Guides & Tips

Separate the two worlds with the help of our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Walkthrough.

The protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Noah and Mio, are hunted by both Agnus and Kenes countries. Our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Walkthrough will explain everything and help you separate both worlds. The game incorporates real-time combat and lets you swap between a total of six characters at once as it’s happening. Players can work with skills that are more suited to their playstyle and party members by choosing from various classes!

Key Highlights
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes place on the planet of Aionios.
  • Agnus and Kenes are in a constant battle.
  • Protagonists Noah and Mio are hunted by both countries.
  • The game features real-time combat and allows you to swap between 6 characters.
  • Players can choose from various classes to suit their playstyle and party members.
  • Our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Walkthrough will explain everything and help you separate both worlds.
  • Game reviews and the basics of the game are available on our Wiki page.
  • NSP guides, battle system, unique monsters, XP farming, DLC, secret areas, leveling, fast travel, flame clock, CP farming, cooking, gems and crafting, colony affinity, Nopon coins farming, shard usage, fusion arts, and points of no return.
  • Classes have a big influence on the game, with detailed guides and tier lists on our Wiki page.
  • Character guides for Taion, Lanz, Mio, Ethel, Melia, the best defenders, heroes, and healers, Eunie, Noah, Sena, and Nia.
  • Voice actors for the main characters in the game are listed on our Walkthrough.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review
Review (Image By: eXputer)

If you’re contemplating buying a game but are unsure of what it’s like, reviews might help you learn more about it. We thoroughly examine everything about the game in our reviews that might help players make their decision. You can quickly understand the game thanks to the Review on Our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Wiki Page.

Basics Of The Game

Unique Monster
Basics Of The Game (Image By: eXputer)

When beginning a new game, most players are unsure of what to anticipate or the different things in the game work. Players wouldn’t want to miss out on these as they are beneficial, and players could be at a significant disadvantage without them. Nevertheless, players may quickly master everything with our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Walkthrough guides.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 roles
Classes (Image By: eXputer)

The Classes have a big influence in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Knowing your class’s strengths and limitations will allow you to win every battle.  You need a strong class if you want to be sure that you are ready for any challenge that comes your way. In addition, there are many other classes available. We’ll detail them in the guides and tier lists on Our Wiki page.


Characters (Image By: eXputer)

Taion, Lanz, Mio, and other characters are playable in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. However, none of them are created equal, each with a unique playstyle and set of skills. We’ll go through each one on our Wiki Page so you can learn more.

Voice Actors

Main Characters in Xenoblade Chornicles 3.
Voice Actors (Image By: eXputer)

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a wide range of characters. Our Walkthrough will be useful if you want to discover voice actors that voiced the characters.

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