Xenoblade Chronicles 3: BEST Gems For All Roles

In This Guide We Entail Upon A List Of Best Gems For Each Category.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has introduced a Gem System. The system allows the players to craft certain gem items that boost or aid their characters in the game. The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems are a must-have item in the game so stick around to find out more about them.

Key Takeaways
  • The gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are divided into four categories:
    • Defender Gem.
    • Attacker Gem.
    • Healer Gem.
    • Speciality Gem.
  • The gems can be upgraded to a maximum of level 10, and rare materials like Gemstones and Ether Cylinders are needed to craft the best gems.
  • A single gem can be shared with all characters, and players can equip gems to boost their character’s attacks and specialty, or to offset a weakness.

Best Gems In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 

Best Gems List
The List Of The Best Gems In Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Gem NameTypeBuffs
Steel CleaverAttacker TypeAttack Damage: +20 points
Accurate GraceAttacker Type- Dexterity: +20 points
- Increase in Aim accuracy
Analyze WeaknessAttacker TypeCritical Hit Dmg: +20 percent
TailwindDefender TypeAgility: +10 points
Brimming SpiritDefender TypeAggro Generated By Arts: +20 percent
Perilous PresenceDefender TypeExtra Aggro In The Start Of Each Fight
Life BearerHealer TypeHealing Capabilities: +20 points
Life Saving ExpertiseHealer Type- Speed Of Teammates Revival: +20 percent
- +5 Extra Healing Points
Refined BlessingHealer TypeDuration Of Applied Buffs: +25 percent
Steady StrikerSpecial Type- Auto Attack Interval: +15 percent short
- Increase in attack speed
Empowered ComboSpecial Type- Dmg after cancelation of an attack: +25 percent
Double StrikeSpecial TypeAuto attack hits twice in a single hit chance: +15 percent

Let’s list all of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems that you must aim to acquire. And as mentioned before, the gems are divided into four categories, so we will be listing the three best gems for each category. The categories will be as the following:

  • Attacker Best Gems.
  • Defender Best Gems.
  • Healer Best Gems.
  • Specialty Best Gems.

Attacker Gems

  1. Steel Cleaver: A simple attacker gem that increases the wearer’s attack by 20 points. It is a must-have gem for any character that intends to deal damage.
  2. Accurate Grace: The gem increases the wearer’s dexterity by 20 points which in turn increases the character’s aim. The gem is the perfect edge you require to defeat higher-level bosses and enemies.
  3. Analyze Weakness: The gem is perfect for dealing even more damage as it increases the damage of a critical hit by 20%, which is a decent buff to have.

Defender Gems

  1. Tailwind: The gem increases the agility of the character by 10 points. It is an essential gem for your defenders that rely on their dogging ability rather than decreasing the incoming damage, as the faster they can dodge, the better.
  2. Brimming Spirit: The gem boosts the aggro generated by arts up to 20%. The aggro is another important aspect that you should consider using as the defenders are also supposed to aggro the enemy towards themselves so that the attackers can deal damage to it.
  3. Perilous Presence: It is another gem that grants you more aggro at the start of a fight. So it is also a good defender gem to have.

Healer Gems

  1. Life Bearer: This gem is an essential gem for a healer as it increases the healing capabilities of a healer by 20 points.
  2. Life-Saving Expertise: The gem speeds up the revival of your teammates by 20%, and also it grants an additional 5 points of extra healing. The gem is super helpful in boss fights as it grants you two buffs for the price of one.
  3. Refined Blessing: The gem gives an extra 25% of duration to the buffs that a character applies to himself or his teammates. The gem is effective for a character that relies on buffs as its main job.

Specialty Gems

  1. Steady Striker: The perfect gem for players that rely on auto-attack recharge gauge-type arts. The gem shortens the auto-attack interval by up to 15%. Additionally, it also increases the attack speed of your attacks which increases the character’s overall DPS (Damage Per Second).
  2. Empowered Combo: The gem is designed so that whenever you cancel an attack, your damage is boosted by 25% for a short time. However, the gem is only useful for your active characters as the AI characters can not make use of this gem to its full potential.
  3. Double Strike: There is a 15% chance because of the gem that the auto attack attacks twice in a single attack dealing more damage.

What Are Gems In Xenoblade Chronicles 3? 

Crafting Table
The Crafting Table Where You Craft A Gem

gems are introduced in Chapter 2 and are crafted by Riku. Each character starts with one gem slot, with the ability to unlock up to three slots as they level up (second slot at level 20, third slot at level 30).

Gems can be crafted at most campsites in the wilderness and are categorized into four types:

  1. Defender Gems
  2. Attacker Gems
  3. Healer Gems
  4. Specialty Gems

There are five gems in each category, totaling 20 gems in the game. Gems can be upgraded to a maximum of level 10, requiring rare materials like Gemstones and Ether Cylinders. Gold Nopon Coins can be used as an alternative to bypass material requirements, but their cost increases with the gem’s level.

Furthermore, a single gem can be shared among all characters, allowing multiple characters to equip the same gem. Gathering materials early in the game facilitates easier gem crafting later on, enhancing character abilities and effectiveness in combat.

How To Use The Gems In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Gems Selection Menu
How To Equip A Gem

Now, as we have mentioned before, the main use of gems is to boost or aid your characters in different ways.

  1. Access the Character Menu: Navigate to the character menu for the character you wish to equip with gems.
  2. Select Gem Slot: Choose an available gem slot on the character’s equipment screen.
  3. Choose Gem: Select the gem you want to equip from your inventory or collection of gems.
  4. Confirm Selection: Confirm your choice to equip the selected gem in the chosen slot.
  5. Customize for Effectiveness: Consider the character’s role and playstyle when selecting gems. Equip gems that enhance their strengths, mitigate weaknesses, or improve overall performance.
  6. Optimize for Main Characters: Prioritize equipping the best gems on characters you control directly, as AI-controlled characters cannot utilize gems as effectively.

Other Game Tips

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Now that we have completed the list, we bring the guide on Best Gems to an end. In the guide, we discussed each category’s best gems that you must have to become more powerful in the game. However, if you believe that we left some parts out, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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