Xenoblade Chronicles 3 BEST Healers

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Healers guide gives you a thorough explanation on the best healers as well as how to unlock them.

The healer class is further divided into seven sub-classes, which again strengthens the fact that it is very easy for new players to get confused about the class system. However, we guarantee you that you won’t remain confused about it after you are done reading our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Healers guide.

Key Highlights
  • It is recommended to have at least two healers in your party, as they can be lifesavers during late-game
  • The War Medic is one of the best healers available in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • War Medics have abilities such as Multi Blast, Cure Bullet, and Recovery Engine which are essential in battle
  • Valdi, a War Medic character, is unlocked early and easily in the game
  • The Signifier is another top healer class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, with abilities such as Magic Barrier and Magic Shield.

What Is Healer Class In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Healers
Best Healers

Before entailing you the best healers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you should have a good idea of the Healer class in general. Now, although you can fill your party with any class of your choice, we recommend keeping at least two healers in it. These healers can be life savers, especially during late-game. Think of them as the game giving you a second chance in the same fight.

So it is always a good idea to keep them at your party. As for their sub-classes, they are as follows:

  • Tactician
  • Medic Gunner
  • Thaumaturge
  • Signifier
  • Troubadour
  • Strategos
  • War Medic

Best Healers In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

So now the real question is, which are the best Healer classes? Well, the next section of our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 best healers guide answers exactly that.

Stat tables for all the healing classes: 

Class NameStat Multipliers (Rank 1 - 20)Weapon Stat Multipliers
(Level 1 - 99)
ArtsClass SkillsBest Character Choice
War Medic ClassHP: 55% - 60%
ATK: 50% - 55%
Healing Power: 120% - 125%
Dexterity: 110% - 120%
Agility: 70% - 75%
Phy. Defense: 5% - 15%
Ether Defense: 20% - 25%
ATK: 15 - 448
Critical Rate: 3% - 6%
Block Rate: 4% - 8%
- Technical Heal (Talent Art)
- Multi Blast
- Heal Bullet
- Advanced Cooldown
- Cure Bullet
- Vital Bullet
- Recovery Engine
- Healing License
- Rescue License
- Antibody System
- Eunie
- Taion
The Signifier ClassHP: 55% - 60%
ATK: 75% - 85%
Healing Power: 65% - 75%
Dexterity: 100% - 105%
Agility: 80% - 90%
Phy. Defense: 5% - 10%
Ether Defense: 25% - 30%
ATK: 17 - 514
Critical Rate: 8% - 16%
Block Rate: 8% - 16%
- Cry of Faith (Talent Art)
- Resonant Flag
- Illuminate
- Aureole
- Heal Harmony
- Spirited Charge
- Cheer Up, Everyone
- I've Got Your Backs
- All About Support
- We Can Do Better
- Mio
- Lanz
- Eunie
- Sena

The War Medic

War Medic
War Medic Valdi

War Medic Class Stat Multipliers:








The War Medic is undoubtedly one of the best healers available in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. And the reason for that is this class’s heavy reliance on Attack On Area (AOE), buffs for your party, and debuffs for the enemies. If you go into a battle without having at least one of these in your party, you will be brutally humbled by the game’s difficulty.

In fact, having healers in your party is so important that the game tries to hammer that into your head (When Taoin scolds Lanz for suggesting the opposite). So, what makes the War Medic such an important asset?

War Medic’s Arsenal

War Medic Weapon Stat Multipliers:

LevelAttackCritical RateBlock Rate

Well, for starters, they bring Multi Blast to the battle. Multi Blast is a one-target type attack that serves a dual purpose. Its main function is that upon contact, it completely restores nearby allies’ health. In addition, it can also be used as an offensive attack (on the enemies, of course). The Cure Bullet is another skill that makes the War Medic healer the best in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

War Medic Class Arts:

Technical Heal (Talent Art)Heals the allies in your party
Multi BlastCan Heal Allies in a certain area on hit
Heal BulletAoE/Heal
Advanced CooldownField / Increase in defense
Cure BulletAoE/Clears existing and future debuffs 
Vital BulletAoE/Delayed Healing

What makes Cure Bullet so great is that it clears any currently afflicted debuffs on your party but prevents them in the future. And if you have played Xenoblade Chronicles 3 long enough, we are sure you recognize the importance of such skills.

One last mentionable skill that the War Medics possess is the Recovery Engine, which basically increases the speed at which your party members heal. This one is more like a buff than an attack, but you get the idea. Before continuing, give our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah guide a shot.

War Medic Class Skills: 

Skill NameBuffs (Rank 1 – 20)
Recovery EngineHealing of party member’s speed: +30% – +50%
Healing LicenseHP healed from healing arts: +20% – +30%
Rescue LicenseHP when reviving an ally: +20% – +40%
Antibody SystemDuration of debuffs on yourself: -30% ~ -50%


Another thing that makes the War Medic an absolute must-have is that one of the characters in this class is unlocked fairly early and easily in the game. Yes, we are talking about Valdi, the poor kid with a backstory so sad that you can’t help but feel empathy for him. You will unlock him once you have completed “The Kind Right Hand” quest.

So taking into account their dominating healing mechanisms and their easy and early availability, it’s safe to conclude that the War Medics are one of the best healers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. So, go and add one to your team of heroes right now!

The Signifier

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Healers Fiona The Signifier
Fiona The Signifier

Signifier Class Stat Multipliers:








Now the Signifier is another of the best healers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is important, especially during Mid-game, and doesn’t have the same shortcomings as the War Medic. Basically, the issue with the War Medic is that although they have great healing abilities, they bite the dust when it comes to offense. This can make them something of a burden sometimes.

However, here is where the Signifier comes into play. The Signifier has a good balance of healing and offensive abilities, making it one of the most flexible healer classes.

They can heal allies and are strong enough to hold their own in battle. So, you can create a deadly combination of healers by adding a War Medic and a Signifier to your party.

Signifier’s Arsenal

Signifier Weapon Stat Multipliers:

LevelAttackCritical RateBlock Rate

That said, let us expand a bit more on Signifier’s arsenal. The signifier’s first skill is Heal Harmony, an AOE attack that provides regeneration of health to the allies in a small radius. Now, when you combine that with the Signifier’s second skill, the Resonant Flag (a skill that passes the currently active buff to all allies), well, you can heal all your allies.

Signifier Class Arts:

Cry Of Faith (Talent Art)The party gets 2 random buffs
Resonant FlagShares your own buffs with others
IlluminateAoE/Increase in damage per buff
AureoleThe party gets 1 random buff
Heal HarmonyField/Helps in regeneration
Spirited ChargeDamage increase per buff

Even the ones outside the Heal Harmony’s area of effect. Now for the offensive skill, we talked about earlier. The signifier’s best and probably only offense is the Spirited Charge. It basically increases the damage dealt for every buff you have active. Ensure you have several buffs going on before you activate the Spirited charge.

Signifier Class Skills: 

Skill NameBuffs (Rank 1 – 20)
Cheer Up, EveryoneHealing of allies HP: 30%/40% – 50%/60% of the user’s healing
I’ve Got Your BacksDuration Of Buffs: +30% – +50%
All About Support+1 increase in the number of field arts
We Can Do Better+3% – +5% HP restoration after applying a buff

Best Signifier Characters

As for the best characters belonging to this class, Fiona is probably your best bet. She is unlocked after you complete the “Transparent Dreams” quest. However, if you do want to consider other options, then Mio, Lanz, Eunie, and Sena are your go-to.

Final Verdict

If you have unlocked both the War Medic and the Signifier classes, then all that is left to do is add them to your party. And you will have the best combination of healers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. That wraps it up, and if you found this helpful, you will also be interested in our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Editions: Standard VS Special guide.

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