Xenoblade Chronicles 3: The BEST Heroes

This Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Heroes guide will uncover ways to unlock all heroes and the best ones available for players!

Heroes in Xenoblade 3 are described to be “7th party members”, meaning that eventually, they will be able to be included in the player’s official party. While players will not gain direct control of their heroes, they can provide different combat abilities, aiding here and there when required to win your battles. Hence, it is important to know some of the Best Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Key Highlights
  • Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are “7th party members” that can aid in combat but are not directly controlled by the player.
  • Ethel is an attacker focused on damage dealing and uses a dual-blade fighting style. Her class is Flash Fencer and players can unlock her early in chapter 3.
  • Valdi is a healer with the War Medic class. He can be encountered in chapter 3 and is not suitable for end-game content.
  • Zeon is a defender with the Guardian Commander class. He can be unlocked by completing the “For Colony 9” quest and his skills include I’ll Help, Soldier’s Potential, Protector’s Pride, and Mind for Guarding.
  • Teach is a healer with the Thaumaturge class. He can be unlocked by completing the “Extracurricular Lesson” questline and is the commander of Colony Gamma.
  • Riku and Manana are a set of units that come together and Riku is a mechanic while Manana is a driver. They can be unlocked by completing the “The Great Escape” questline.

Let us first review the stats comparison between each of these Best Heroes:

No.HeroesHPAttack Healing PowerDexterityAgilityPhsyical Defense
5Riku and Manana294.
17Segiri 346.

Best Heroes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Next up, let’s get into the details about recruiting the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Heroes and how each hero can be added to your party and unlocked. 


Xenoblade Ethel
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

The first hero we would like to mention is Ethel, who will be an attacker, solely focused on being a damage dealer, and she will hone a dual-blade fighting style and consistently go ham on enemies with the weapon that she is wielding. 

Her class is the Flash Fencer, and her skills include First Move Wins, Fighting Instinct, Critical Strike, and Capable Hands. On the other hand, her arts include Cross Impact, Swallowtail, Silver Cyclone, Acceleration, Million Flash, and Saber Strike. 

Players will be able to unlock her early in chapter three, while players are making their way through the main storyline, and she will be introduced as a starter unit. However, players must remember that she will leave the party pretty soon, considering more heroes will be on the way. 


Xenoblade Valdi
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

The next hero that we would like to discuss is Valdi. He is essentially a Healer, with his main focus solely on healing the other party members and allowing them to survive for as long as possible so that they can take out enemies one after the other. 

His class is that of a War Medic, and players will be able to encounter him yet again in chapter 3 story progression; At the same time, he isn’t a viable hero for end-game content in Xenoblade 3; he will teach the players one of the most crucial skills, which are going to be climbing a wall. 

Another benefit of a healer such as Valdi is that alongside healing for their party members, they will also be able to offer certain buffs, allowing them to gain bonuses that can aid them further in their endeavors. Do not miss out on our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nia guide!


Xenoblade Zeon
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Next up, we have Zeon as a character, which Neil Newbon voices and he is known to be a defender. With him being a defender, his task is pretty self-explanatory: to defend the other party members from getting hurt severely and instead attack back viciously. 

His class will be a Guardian Commander, and to ascend him, players must complete the “For Colony 9” quest. His skills include I’ll Help, Soldier’s Potential, Protector’s Pride, and Mind for Guarding. 

Apart from that, his arts include Shield Bash, Proud Edge, Celestial Strike, Noble Taunt, Victory Shift, and Deflector Field. After obtaining Valdi, players will get a triggered questline to check out Colony 9 and see what’s up, where they will meet Zeon. 


Xenoblade Teach
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Another unit that players will encounter is “Teach” (yeah, that’s the real name). Martin Sherman voices him, and he will pose as a healer for your party, and when recruited, he will be able to provide healing for your members. With that, he will also hone the capability to unleash combos that will make enemies intake a certain amount of damage. 

He belongs to the Thaumaturge class, and his ascension quest will require players to complete the “Extracurricular Lesson” questline. His skills include Wheel of Rebirth, Qinggong, Ultimate Qigong, and Life-saving Fists. 

He is the commander of Colony Gamma; players will be able to unlock him by freeing the Colony. Players can find where the party first crossed paths with each other, and once you unlock the quest called “Going Beyond Power,” players will meet Teach. 

Riku and Manana 

Xenoblade Riku and Manana
Riku and Manana
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

The next set of units that players can encounter and unlock is Riku and Manana, and they will always come together no matter what. In simpler terms, Riku will be a mechanic from Keves, and he will be in charge of item crafting in-game and belong to Colony 9.

While in combat, he will be able to fight with Manana, and they will belong in the Attacks Yumsmith class; while he doesn’t have a proper classified weapon, whenever he is in the middle of a battle, he continues to hold what seems to be a pistol. 

As usual, players won’t need to do any separate unlocking quests for the characters, except they will need to play through the chapter 3 storyline simply. As they progress through it, they will encounter Riku and Manana and be able to familiarise themselves with the peculiar pair. 


Xenoblade Gray
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

The next character is known as Gray, who the Xenoblade 3 players will be able to recruit as an actual hero and aid them in combat. He is a soldier with his eye wounded, and for his weapon choice, he is a gun-wielding unit and belongs to the Lost Numbers. 

For his character class, he belongs to the Attacker Full Metal Jaguar class, and he specializes in dealing AoE damage over a spread area while being able to take further aid from drones to increase his offense against opponents. The more he attacks foes in combat, the stronger his damage output becomes. 

Players can meet him by heading to the northeastern area of Kamons Guidepost and going up the wall, and after triggering the quest “A Gray Matter,” players can get the unit. For players that want to know more about the classes that are offered, our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Classes guide will be the one for you!


Xenoblade Isurd
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Moving on, we have Isurd, who is yet another important character in-game; his main role in the party is to be a healer, and he belongs to the Strategos class. He is a tactics-based healer who can use the guns he wields to provide consistent healing bonuses while also being able to deal a certain amount of damage. 

For his ascension quest, players will need to do “New Developments,” He is known to be the commander of the Colony, known as “Lambda.” He is hands-down one of the most intelligent strategists in the Colony and well-respected in the area. 

After freeing the Colony, players need to head into a special building, where they will unlock his hero quest called “Unwavering Resolve,” and he can use it. 


Xenoblade Juniper
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Another character that players might want to delve deeper into is known as Juniper, who will take on the role of an Attacker in Xenoblade 3, and she will be voiced by Lilly Hart. She will be present on the battlefield as a source of the sniper, consistently unleashing destruction upon any enemies that dare set foot in front of her. 

She also relies heavily on stealth rather than being a close-damage dealer, and without even making a sound, she renders all kinds of foes useless. For her ascension quest, players must complete the “Learning from Lambda.” 

When going through chapter four, players will need to do her hero quest “Natural Selection,” and after completing it, she will be recruited. She can assist players by teaching them Rope Sliding and Arc canceling. 


Xenoblade Ashera
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Perhaps one of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Heroes in chapter 4, we have Ashera on our hands. She happens to be a defender, and with her swiftness in her arsenal, she will be able to reign in the opponents and distract them from attacking other allies, and when they come close to her, she will decimate them. 

She will be from the class “Lone Exile,” and players will need to finish the quest called “Three Ravens at War.” Her hero quest will be called “The Wrath of Ashera,” and players can meet her through that. Find out whether the standard or special edition of the game suits you by reading our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 editions guide and learning the differences between Standard vs Special Editions.


Xenoblade Alexandria
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Further on, let’s discuss the importance of Alexandria, known to be of the Incursor class while being an attacker. With her giant weapon in hand, she is known for her glowing weapon, which shines even brighter when landing critical hits on opponents. 

Her Voice Actor is Sharlit Deyzac, and to ascend her, players will need to complete the mission known as “Scant Supplies,” upon which she will be able to ascend and then further help the players out. 

She is a commander in charge of commanding the Colony Iota, and players can start grinding for her back in chapter 3, heading west of Colony 4. Players will get the option to head straight into Colony Iota by beating a couple of tougher guards. After that, her hero quest, known as “Her Reasons,” will get unlocked. 


Xenoblade Monica
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Moving onto the chapter 5 storyline in Xenoblade 3, players will be able to recruit Monica, whose main role is to be a Defender. As defenders have been confirmed before, they are known to protect their fellow allies and protect them during battle. While she is incredibly stout as a defender, she can also use her mace to bring down the toughest of opponents. 

For her ascension, players will need to head into the City with Monica herself and then finish the questline known as “Promise To The Future.” She can join the player’s rank after players complete her hero quest called “Vandham’s Heir,” and it can be unlocked as a discussion topic lingering in the City. 

It gives you a deeper backstory into her family background, and she will also join your ranks or in your party. 


Xenoblade Fiona
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

The next character in line is Fiona, who is one of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Heroes in the chapter 5 storyline. For her role, she will play as a healer, and as we mentioned before, healers will be used to ensure that the party doesn’t succumb to the attacks launched by their opponents but rather survives for as long as possible. 

Apart from only being a healer, she will also act as side-line support, being able also to provide buffs for the party members. She will be running as a Signifier for her class, and Rebecca Benson voices her. 

Her hero quest can be found on a beach, and the questline that will unlock her as a recruitable unit will be known as “Transparent Dreams.” Our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sena Guide is a must-read!


Xenoblade Triton
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Yet another attacker that we will look into is Triton, who Stanley Townsend voices. With his attacking abilities, he will mainly come in handy by unleashing attack after attack against the vicious enemies that dare launch hits against him. 

For the class that he will be in, it will be known as the Soulhacker. While it is a unique class, its main aim is to steal arts and specific skills from the enemies and use them back on the enemy themselves, making them extremely vulnerable and weak. 

Players need to make a bunch of Manana’s Battle Soup to ascend him anytime Triton is present at the party. There will be a creature that will spawn in the water while you are in colony 15, and while the quest is triggered, players will need to sail on the eastern end, where players will encounter Hargan Point Camp. And his hero quest. 


Xenoblade Ghondor
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

The next hero is called Ghondor, and this one will also be an attacker, being voiced by Dominique Moore. While they are an attacker, the character will be able to punch enemies and practically convert them back to dust by unleashing damage on them. 

The class that the Xenoblade character will be a part of will be known as the Martial Artist, and for the ascension quest, players will be required to take Ghondor towards the Agnus Castle, where they will need to complete the quest “Knowing Your Family.” 

The character themselves will be obtained from the story progression, and she will not be permanent as a hero; therefore, make sure to keep that in mind! You won’t regret reading our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah guide at all!


Xenoblade Miyabi
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Coming to a near end with the heroes, the next character will be Miyabi, a healer who will also be able to provide a certain buff that can generally increase the players’ overall performance. 

The main buff she will be responsible for providing is that she will boost players’ overall attack frequency, allowing players to unleash more attacks in a shorter period, rendering enemies useless even faster. For her ascension, players must make their way over to the City as quickly as possible with Miyabi and finish the questline “Happiness.” 

She’ll be able to join the player’s party when players are completing Mio (who is another character in-game) side story. Her class will be that of a Troubador, yet another niche class. 


Xenoblade Cammuravi
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Another character in line will be Attacker unit Cammuravi, who can use his bold moves on enemies to bring them down with his attacks and use his already high offense to his advantage and obliterate them. 

His weapon of choice will be the spear, and he will belong to the Seraph class and is voiced by Shai Matheson. His skills include Beast Mode, Got The Guts, Greatest Warrior, and Universal Annihilation.

His arts include Crimson Lance, Heavenly Spear, Leveling Fire, Searing Fury, and Empyrean Salyo. After you get Miyabi, you can turn right back around and venture over and into the Colony Omega Camp, and while you take him to the City, you can complete his Hero Quest called “A Twist of Fate.”

In order to catch up with the full story, players might be confused as to whether they need to play Xenoblade 2 before Xenoblade 3; therefore, our guide will be the perfect solution and will give a deeper insight into the topic!


Xenoblade Segiri
HPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityPhysical Defense

Last but not least, we have Segiri, one of the final and best characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and perhaps one of the most irritating recruits. In a quest called “Imminent Illusion”, players will encounter a mecha-creature, and after that, players will need to make their way back over and into Colony 4. 

Players must start the quest “Rousing Bolearis” and Tactical Eradication. Another quest called “Severed Connection” will be triggered, leading players to yet another encounter with the creature in question. 

Another quest known as “Writer’s Block” needs to be completed. After that, just south of Colony Omega, there will be a new quest marker for players, which will essentially start off the quest called “Inhumanity,” through which players can get Segiri in their party.

With that, we will wrap up our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Heroes guide. Want to know just who voiced each unit in the game? Well, our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Voice Actor guide will be a sure-read!

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