All Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Classes [Explained]

Read our detailed guide to find the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that suits your playstyle

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the newest addition to the Role-playing games (RPG) genre. Developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo, the Switch-exclusive game from the Xeno series returns on a scale bigger than ever! As you progress through the story and discover Aionios, knowing about the best Xenoblade Chronicles 3 classes is essential.

Key Takeaways
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features “Arts” (Battle Arts) as its battle mechanics.
  • Players must choose the best fitting class and heroes with the right blend of battle arts for advantages in battle.
  • The game has three base roles: Attacker, Defender, and Healer.
  • Attackers focus on inflicting damage on enemies but have low resistance.
  • Defenders offer resilience and resistance and divert attention from enemies to protect the team.
  • Healers offer constant support to the team by regenerating HP and reviving fallen members but they are the weakest in the team.
  • There are six base classes in the game, with the option to unlock more by recruiting new heroes.
  • Each class has its own set of skills and stats that can be upgraded through leveling up in the game.
  • Example classes include Swordfighter, Ogre, Stalker, and Yumsmith, among others.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes And Classes Overview

Complete details of Xenoblade 3’s Classes:

Class NameRoleInitial Class CharactersMaster ArtsWeapon/Others
Swordighter ClassAttackerNoah- Ground Beat
- Shadow Eye
- Overclocker Buster (Talent Art)
Veiled Sword
Ogre ClassAttackerSena- Giant Swing
- Maximum Voltage
- Pressure Drop (Talent Art)
Heavy Hammer
Stalker ClassAttackerJuniper- Staying Power
- Night Hunt
- Refreshing Rain (Talent Art)
Yumsmith ClassAttackerRiku and Manana- Wok a Block
- Final Say
- Roasty Toasty
Incursor ClassAttackerCraftmaiden Alexandria- Aerial Slash
- Glitter Stream
- Supreme Sword (Talent Art)
Full Metal Jaguar ClassAttackerGray- Demolition
- Quickdraw
- Violent Streak (Talent Art)
Twin Guns
Martial Artist ClassAttackerWrathfist Ghondor- Impulsive Wave
- Jackal Claw
- Raging Force
Flash Fencer ClassAttackerEthel- Hidden Thom
- Cross Impact
- Saber Strike
Dual Blades
Zephyr ClassDefenderMio- Wide Slash
- Glow Ring
- Gemini Strike (Talent Art)
Heavy Guard ClassDefenderLanz- Crash Out
- Solid Stance
- Mad Taunt
Large Shield
Guardian Commander ClassDefenderZeon- Noble Taunt
- Shield Bash
- Deflector Field
Sword And Shield
Lone Exile ClassDefenderAshera- Gale Slash
- Soaring Tempest
- Blossom Dance
Lost Vanguard ClassDefenderMonica- Mighty Beat
- Shield Wall
- Thunder Steel (Talent Art)
Mace and Shield
Medic Gunner ClassHealerEunie- Myopic Screen
- Ether Canon
- Healing Ring (Talent Art)
Tactician ClassHealerTaion- Dark Banner
- Overfall
- Tidal Wave
War Medic ClassHealerValdi- Multi Blast
- Advanced Cooldown
- Technical Heal
SignifierHealerFiona- Aureole
- Resonant Flag
- Cry Of Faith
StrategosHealerIsurd- No Love Lost
- Hornet
- Soulfire
Special Guns
TroubadourHealerMiyabi- Way Home
- Ring O' Roses
- Glittering Melody

Class List In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 roles
Roles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

We previously mentioned that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has three base roles, which include Attacker, Defender, and Healer. Even though the roles are self-explanatory, we’ll still run them through your system.

The Attackers are the aggressors in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Their forte lies in the attacking department, and they can induce a lot of damage to the enemies in the game. However, attackers are not that good when it comes to resistance.

The Defenders will be the backbone of your team. They will offer resilience and resistance and allow the attackers to focus on inflicting damage on the enemy. Defenders will dodge attacks and also divert the attention of their foes.

The Healers will offer constant support to your team in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They will be tasked to regenerate the HP of your attackers and defenders occasionally. This will help you to last longer in battle and execute your strategy.

Attacker Classes 

Attacker Classes Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Attacker Classes

Here are all the Attacker Classes so far. Some of these classes feature the main protagonists of the game, while others can be unlocked through your journey in Aionios.

Swordfighter (Base Class)

The Swordfighter class is one of the most-used classes. These closed-range attackers use a blade called Veiled Sword. They have balanced stats and are great at fighting bosses in the game.

One of the game protagonists, Noah, is initially a Swordfighter.

Master Arts
  • Ground Beat: A forward-pushing physical attack
  • Shadow Eye:  Halves own Aggro value to buff Attack
  • Overclock Buster (Talent Art): Inflicts heavy damage to dazed enemies

Ogre (Base Class)

The Ogre class wield a heavy hammer, which they use to smash enemies. The attack power of the Ogre is quite high, but it comes at the cost of its speed and agility. 

This is the initial class of Sena, a playable protagonist.

Master Arts
  • Giant Swing: Ogre’s basic physical attack
  • Maximum Voltage: Boosts damage by 20% and makes moves unblockable
  • Pressure Drop (Talent Art): A devastating physical attack that inflicts the launch effect


The Stalker is a long-range attacker. Stalkers equip bows and snipe foes with their piercing arrows. This class is also great for stealthy play in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Master Arts
  • Staying Power: Allows to set the field for a battle art-follow-up
  • Night Hunt: Reduces the aggro drawn while attacks and increases the damage of back attacks by 30%
  • Refreshing Rain (Talent Art): Inflict 50% increased damage on foes whose HP is lower than 30%


Yumsmith is a flexible Attacker class that focuses on taking advantage of opponents’ weaknesses and applying debuffs to them.

Master Arts
  • Wok-a-Block: Allows inflicting side break (reaction status which topples the enemy)   
  • Final Say: A front attack along with a shackle block
  • Roasty-Toasty: Continuously inflicts damage on a specified field


The Incursors carry a sword whose stat gets a buff, each critical hit. Incursors do more damage with a higher percentage of critical hits, and each critical strike increases their attack power. 

Master Arts
  • Aerial Slash: This Incursor physical attack increases the critical hit rate
  • Glitter Stream: Physical attack which also inflicts the break effect when used from the side
  • Supreme Sword (Talent Art): Attack damage on launched enemies gets increased by 100%

Full Metal Jaguar

The name says it all: these attackers are surely Metal! They use twin guns to attack the enemies in a larger field. The damage of these shots increases with each successful hit!

Master Arts
  • Demolition: Attack using ether with a 30% probability of bypassing defense.
  • Quickdraw: Offers an increase in damage when attacked from the front.
  • Violent Streak (Talent Art): Increases damage on each kill.

Martial Artist

This Attacker class is quite unique to the rest. They use the sheer might in their palms to beat down enemies. Martial Artists are very agile and can land multiple blows in a matter of seconds.

Master Arts
  • Impulsive Wave: An attack whose stats sees an Additional 20% damage increase for every enemy that’s part of the battle
  • Jackal Claw: A physical attack with a high critical rate.
  • Raging Force: Physical attack that reduces art recharging and increases damage in proportion to the number of arts utilized in the battle

Flash Fencer 

The Flash Fencer has reeled in many fans in a short period. The Attacker class is extremely fast and wields dual blades with which it lands deadly blows in quick succession. If you’re someone who’s looking for a quick attacker, then Flash Fencer is the one.

Metal Arts
  • Hidden Thom: A physical effect that inflicts bleed effect on the enemy.
  • Cross Impact: A physical attack that boosts the Flash Fencer’s power charge.
  • Saber Strike: A deadly attack that also inflicts a smash.

Defender Classes

Defender classes Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Defender Classes

Now, we will review all of the Defender Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Defenders are a key part of the team, and without them, you won’t be able to defeat some of the bosses in the game!

Zephyr (Base Class)

Zephyr is a great evasive class. Their strength lies in dodging the enemy attacks after grabbing their attention. Zephyrs are quick and nimble on their feet and can also use powerful countermoves.

This is the initial class of Mio.

Master Arts
  • Wide Slash: A physical attack that Zephyrs can perform by lowering their critical hit rate
  • Glow Ring: A target-lock physical attack
  • Gemini Strike (Talent Art): This move dodges enemy attacks and also bumps the aggro by 70%

Heavy Guard (Base Class)

The Heavy Guard Defender uses a large shield to protect the team members in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Apart from that, they also grab the attention of their foes. 

Heavy Guard is the initial class of Lanz.

Master Arts
  • Crash Out: Front physical attack, which also increases the aggro by 70%
  • Solid Stance: A defensive stance (decreases damage conceded by 25%)
  • Mad Taunt: An attention-seeking move at a specified area.

Guardian Commander

Guardian Commanders are experts at keeping their comrades safe. They engage in combat using a sword and shield. Adversity strengthens their skills, making them trustworthy allies who can take on the toughest foes.

Master Arts
  • Noble Taunt: A taunt that focuses on one enemy at a time
  • Shield Bash: A physical attack using the shield that also topples the enemy
  • Deflector Field: A defensive buff that greatly enhances the damage resistance for a specified time

Lone Exile

The Lone Exiles are aggressive defenders, which means you can rely on them regarding the team’s collective attacks. They lure their enemies close with quick, lethal-cut attacks before slaughtering them.

Master Arts
  • Gale Slash: An ego physical attack. It also boosts the dame by 50% if the enemy targets you.
  • Soaring Tempest: Launch inflicting physical attack move
  • Blossom Dance: Physical assault increases aggro created when utilizing the art by 50% and deals damage that ignores defense.

Lost Vanguard

The Lost Vanguard is another defender class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and they wield a mace in the game. As for the defensive move, they use shields and art to guard their team members.

Monica is a Lost Vanguard class, and she can be obtained later in the game. To get her, you’ll need to grind in multiple hours in the game before you reach her.

Healer Classes

Healer classes Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Healer Classes

Last but not least, we have the Healers class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They will constantly support the other team members by reviving them and healing their HP. Without these guys, we assure you that you’ll be done within a matter of seconds against some of the toughest foes in the game.

Medic Gunner (Base Class)

Medic Gunners are by far one of the most useful Healers class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They set up a circular field that strengthens team members who enter it and grants recovery over a large area. They can also revive knocked-down team members.

Medic Gunner is the basic class of Eunie.

Master Arts
  • Myopic Screen: An attack that uses ether to inflict a daze effect
  • Ether Cannon: An ether attack that decreases the foes’ accuracy
  • Healing Ring (Talent Art): Creates a ring of the shield in an area that heals all the party members who step into it

Tactician (Base Class)

The Tactician class is known for disguising enemies and creating confusion amongst the opposing forces. They use magic to put enemies to sleep so that other heroes can retreat to safety and inflict more damage. 

The Tactician is the initial class of Taion.

Master Arts
  • Dark Banner: Magical attack which puts the enemy to sleep
  • Overfall: An attack that uses ether to reduce enemies’ ether defense
  • Tidal Wave: An attack that has a healing power of 150% when it’s successfully executed

War Medic

War Medic is another essential Healers class. Not only do they recover their teammates they also offer adequate strengthening buffs. The War Medic can heal all party members at once.

Master Arts
  • Multi Blast: A magical attack that heals teammates in a specific radius
  • Advanced Cooldown: Sets a field in which the defense of the party members is increased.
  • Technical Heal: Instantly offers healing abilities to all team members


Another common Healer class is the Signifer. Although quite weak, Signifiers are special healers as they support their members by using ability buffs to boost strength and courage in the team.

Master Arts
  • Aureole: The Signifer will grant her ability buffs to the team members
  • Resonant Flag: Inherits a completely random buff
  • Cry of Faith: Grants two random ability buffs to the allies


The Strategos class is a clever healer like the tactician class. They equip special guns which are used to heal allies and also to inflict damage on enemies. The Strategos class are highly agile heroes.

Master Arts
  • No Love Lost: Gun attack that decreases enemies’ physical resistance
  • Hornet: Ether attack that heals team members by providing 100% healing powers
  • Soulfire: Heals all the party members on the successful execution of this move 


The Troubadour is another healing class that makes use of a flute. The serenity with the flute helps to heal allies and strengthen their attacks. They can also conjure up bursts with their flute to damage opponents.

Master Arts
  • Way Home: A magical attack with the flute that inflicts a burst
  • Ring o’ Roses: Sets a field in which allies get healed
  • Glittering Melody: An ability buff that charges up the team members’ battle arts by 50%

That does it for our guide, which covers the heroes, roles, and classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Along with that, we have also included our picks for the best attacker, defender, and healer in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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