Xenoblade Chronicles 3: 6 BEST CP Farming Guide Methods

Get all the efficient farming methods to obtain maximum CP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Welcome to the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 CP farming guide. The game is a feast for RPG players as it serves the consumers with swaying characters, a strong storyline, and a fascinating multiverse that plunges the users’ attention. Xenoblade Chronicles series beholds exciting combats with overwhelming dialogues that will surely take you on an emotional ride. The character’s backdrop and Special Edition are a bonus.

Key Takeaways
  • To farm CP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, use combos, action roles, and chain bars when a rival’s health is low.
  • Use the Overkill Technique by selecting a strong rival like an Elite monster and refilling the chain attach bar.
  • Use the Ouroboros Chain Order attack to acquire maximum class points by facing Unique monsters.
  • Target opponents close to your character’s level for maximum CP.
  • Cooking and eating meals rewards class points.
  • Utilize accessories like Mastery Necklace or Scholar Necklace for class points.
  • Recruit Inscrutable Teach for bonuses and 10 Tactical Points.
  • Class points are not affected by game complexity.
  • Access the class aptitude chart by tapping on the menu icon, selecting a character, choosing the “Class” option, and using the ZR button.

1. Overkill Technique

This technique needs you to follow a few steps. First, press the + and select the turnover from the menu. The tip is to select a strong rival like Elite Monster because the gains are incomparable. Be vigilant and refill the chain attach bar while facing the Elite monster.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 CP Farming
Xenoblade Battle

In order to fill the bar in real-time, employ enough combos and action roles along with fighting the attacks. Use the chain bars when the rival’s health bar is on the verge of running out. Repeating the process will help you get enough class points, especially with the Ouroboros Chain Orders.

Ouroboros Chain Order attack will be reachable before chapter 4 initiates. This technique is the best way to acquire the maximum class point possible. Here, the players are suggested to face “Unique monsters.

2. Check Monster Levels

If you’re out for farming CP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, make sure that you target the opponents that are close to your character’s level, as doing so will gain the maximum amount of CP. The amount of CP reduces if the level difference between you and your enemy is too low or high.

The table below enlists the relation between the difference in opponent level and the percentage of CP gained from them:

Difference of Level % of CP Gained
Same Level 100%
1 Level difference 95%
2 Level difference 86%
3 Level difference 78%
4 Level difference 69%
5 Level difference 63%

3. Cooking And Eating Meals

Interestingly, in the gameplay, the player is rewarded by the class point when they cook or eat a meal. Meals like “Yapolta Veggie Beans” and “Feisty-Spicy Zestbeans” will get you enough energy and more class points, making the play intriguing for the consumers.

If you want to cook or eat a meal in their leisure areas, they are required to swap their canteens with the gold. If you want in-depth details about different classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, then make sure to check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Classes guide. 

4. Utilizing Accessories

While wearing the ornaments is subjected to bring beauty to the character, these accessories can also earn your class points. Mastery Necklace or Scholar Necklace are the suggested accessories to utilize in order to gather more class points. The lead here is that the consumer should choose accessories that behold significant class aptitude.

5. Recruit Teach In Your Party

The Inscrutable Teach benefits the consumer in different ways. It not only provides Teach in Chain Attack but also bonuses the player with 10 Tactical Points. To be more comprehensive, recruiting the inscrutable Teach will provide the consumer with ten Tactical points.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that the class points are irrelevant to game complexity. So, the player can choose the Easy mode of the game and get the class points in a similar way as described above.

6. Checking The Class Aptitude

Each character bears a specific set of class points that each character can steer more adeptly than the other character. The consumer is suggested to employ their earned class points to amplify or grade up the class aptitudes of their characters. This leveling up of the class aptitude will be immediate and swift.

Xenoblade Class Aptitude
Class Selection

If you are wondering how to assess the class aptitude of these characters, here are the steps you need to follow to access the class aptitude chart of the characters.

Tap on the menu icon and select a character from the drop-down. Next, choose the “Class” option from the given choices. You will need to use the ZR button to get access to the chart regarding the class information of each character. Now, you will be provided sideline information on the classes of the characters that you can level up in real-time through your current class points.

To progress efficiently in the game, Farming CP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is necessary. So, follow our steps as mentioned earlier to gain as many Class Points as possible and enhance your gaming experience.

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