Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ending Explained

What happens to Noah, Lanz, Eunie, Mio, Sena, and Taion at the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Read this article to find out!

The previous Xenoblade Chronicles game had drama along with a spoonful of romance. It also featured huge-scale battles in amazing spots. However, the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 took a slight turn with its storytelling. 

Key Highlights
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes place in the futuristic world of Aionios, where two leading nations, Agnus and Keves, are in a never-ending war.
  • The warfare is fought by AI-engineered soldiers with a lifespan of 10 years.
  • The story follows a group of six protagonists, three from each nation, who team up to discover a bigger problem at hand, the Moebius organization, which controls each colony through their Flame Clock.
  • The game’s ending reveals that the real antagonist is Moebius and the Consuls, and the protagonists must defeat them to put an end to the war.
  • The ending also reveals that the main character, Noah, and his love interest, Mio, have a past life where they failed to defeat Moebius and Mio died.
  • Noah must make the decision to either join Moebius and live forever with Mio or make his own legacy and defeat Moebius.
  • Noah chooses the latter and Mio is revealed to be alive and they defeat the fake Queen Nia and the Consuls.
  • The story concludes with the party saving the real Queen Nia and bringing peace to Aionios.

However, don’t get us wrong, we and the fans loved it, especially the ending of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which was packed with multiple emotions. The story was engaging from the start till the end and had a good amount of twists and turns.

Apart from that, the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 had epic battles as well, especially the final battle (which we will cover in a bit!). Before we discuss about the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ending, let’s get a brief view of the storyline of the game itself.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead. Read At Your Own Discretion.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Storyline Setting

story overview Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Storyline

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If you’ve already played the previous two installments of the Xenoblade Chronicles, then the setting would make a lot more sense to you. However, we will try our best to put things in the simplest way possible so that even the new JRPG players can get a firm grip on the story of Xenoblade Chronicles. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes place in the futuristic world called Aionios. The world is living through a neverending war between two leading nations known as the Agnus and Keves. 

Shedding some light upon these two nations, Agnus is an ether-oriented nation which means they rely on magical tech. Whereas, Keves relies more on mechanical technology. The warfare between these two nations is fought by AI-engineered soldiers whose sole purpose of existence is to take part in these wars. Their lifespan only stretches to 10 years, which they spend fighting. 

Both armies have “off-seers,” warriors who perform ceremonies using specialized flutes to summon the life power of fallen soldiers.

Our story follows Noah, Lanz, and Eunie initially, after their successful battle against the Agnus colony. Fate brings the Keves trio to team up with a trio of Mio, Sena, and Taion from the Agnus nation. The six core protagonists find out that there’s a bigger problem at hand rather than the constant war between Agnus and Keves.

The real antagonist of the game is revealed to be an organization called Moebius, and the Consuls control each colony through their Flame Clock. This is where our journey starts as Noah, Mio, Lanz, Sena, Taion, and Eunie embark on a journey to put an end to the Moebius organization, which consists of several Consuls.

The Ending Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Explained

ending of Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ending Explained

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Now that we’ve laid down the basic setting of the game, it’s time to talk about the ending of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. We presume you have played through the game and are here for explanations over the ending. However, if you haven’t finished the game yet, we advise you to skip this part since it contains Major Spoilers.

After Monica tasks you to release her daughter Ghondor from the fortified prison beneath the Agnus castle, you, alongside your core protagonist team, will begin their infiltration of the prison.

Ghondor is able to escape from the prison thanks to the team. However, the rescue mission comes at a cost. Consul N, M, and X disrupt the team’s plan and seize the six main characters. From here on, the story starts to take twists and turns and could leave the player confused if they don’t pay close attention. 

Consul N spares the team along with Noah just to make them watch Mio die (Mio was an engineered soldier, which means she had a lifespan of 10 years). As Mio’s time runs out in front of the fake Queen Nia, Noah and the party watch her die, after which Noah gets executed.

After the apparent execution of Noah, he begins having memories of a past life in which he fails to overpower the evil organization Moebius and save the dying Mio. The Moebius recruits Noah and promises him that he will live forever alongside Mio, and they will be known as N and M. 

The game reveals that M and N were rather the counterparts of Mio and Noah; however, the Noah we are in control of decides to make his legacy and rejects the possible proposition of joining Moebius. 

With his fate-changing decision, Noah returns to life and finds out that Mio is alive after transferring her mind to the body of Consul M. This lights up Noah as he wields the legendary ‘Sword of the End’ and puts an end to fake Queen Nia, X, and N. Mio then reveals that N and M were illustrations of Noah’s and Mio’s guilt.

After these chilling revelations, Mio, using the mind of M, guides the party to a place called CloudKeep to save the real Queen Nia. And so, we step into the final phase of the game.

The Final Boss Battle

Consul Z final boss Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Final Boss Fight in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

When the party arrives at Cloudkeep, they are blindsided by Consul D and J. Consul J is actually Joran, who used to be Noah’s ally before his rumored death. J decides to sacrifice his life to save his old friend by killing Consul D. 

The team eventually finds the real Queen Nia, who explains to them the history of their world. She reveals that Alrest and Bionis were two worlds, each part of a parallel universe, but unforeseen events caused their merging. During this, Nia and Melia teamed up to save all the memories and data of both worlds in ‘Origin’, which could later be used to revive the lost worlds. 

Unfortunately, Consul Z (The leader of Consuls) found out, which led to him capturing Melia and overriding Origin. He then went on to create the world they currently live in. These events fire up the team as they make their way to the origin to beat Consul Z once and for all. 

The player will have to overthrow Consul N first and release Melia. After which, they will ensue in a lengthy battle against the Master Consul Z in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ending. 

The party of 6 (along with your 7th hero) takes on Consul Z in an epic and lengthy battle. There are 5 phases in the battle, with a chain of cutscenes between each phase. The player will need to have a clear strategy in order to come out victorious after the lengthy battle. In the end, N and M make their return as spirits and make the final blow to kill Z once and for all.

With that, the climactic final battle in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes to an end. 

What Happens To The Team?

Ending scenes Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ending

With Consul Z out of the picture, our team saved the world and fulfilled their rightful duty. But the game showed us some following scenes after the battle.

Following the battle, the Origin gets activated, and the team decides to revive the lost worlds of Alrest and Bionis. But this brings out a bittersweet moment in the game. The revival of the two worlds meant the team would get separated. Noah, Lanz, and Eunie go back to Keves as Mio, Sena, and Taion return to Agnes. 

The farewell scene itself is quite emotional, and the party promises each other that they will find a way to reunite again. Noah and Mio embrace each other and share a kiss. We then get to watch Nia reconnect with Poppi and gaze at a photo of her and her pals. Meanwhile, Melia adorably admires Shulk’s Monado REX.

Post-Credit Scene

The post-credit scene in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ending was a cherry on top. It sent chills down our spine with the hope of another installment to the series. 

After the credits roll by, there’s a short clip that many players might have unknowingly skipped. In the scene, we see young Noah, Lanz, Eunie, and Joran (after the revival of Alrest and Bionis). They are heading towards the festivities to attend the firework exhibition. But while Noah is on his way, he starts hearing a familiar sound (which happens to be Mio’s flute). He decides to seek out the music instead and begins to follow the sound. 

And just like that, another masterpiece in the Xenoblade Chronicles series comes to an end.

How Long Is Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

RPGs are usually quite long because there are a lot of side quests as well. The chapter count is low in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. There are a total of 7 chapters in the game. However, do not let the low chapter count fool you! 

The game itself can take you dozens of hours to complete. First, let’s look at the chapter list of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Chapters List

  1. Ouroboros
  2. Moebius
  3. Saffronias
  4. Life
  5. Eclipse 
  6. Choices
  7. Time Moves Again

Despite having a compact chapter list, you would still wonder how long it would take to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3. 

So, for an average laid-back player, the game can take anywhere from 70 to 100 hours to complete. If you play rather quickly, then the game could even take you 60 hours in total. However, players who are aiming for 100% completion will be occupied by the game for more than 120 hours!

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