Xenoblade 3 Ethel: Quests, Attacks, & Guide

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ethel guide explains Ethel's quest, how to unlock her, her strengths/weaknesses, and everything else about her.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s campaign can be a very hard and tedious journey. When you first step out into the world of Aionios, you will have six members pre-assigned to your roster. In addition to these six, there is also a 7th slot which you can assign to an ally of your own choice. And who is better for that job than Ethel herself in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Key Highlights
  • Ethel is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who belongs to the Flash Fencer class.
  • To unlock Ethel players must progress through the main story until they reach Chapter 3 and complete the “No Want Of Courage” quest.
  • Ethel is known for her ability to both heal her team members and defeat any enemies standing in her way.
  • Ethel has several attacks that she can use in the battle, including Swallowtail, Acceleration, and Speed Up, which she can use to inflict damage and support her team.
  • Ethel may be weak against tougher enemies and bosses if the proper defense is not provided.

Before showing you how to unlock Ethel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, let’s give you a general idea of her. Ethel is your first unlockable hero and belongs to the Flash Fencer class. She can also use her buff arts for powering up. Here is a complete look at her character build in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

RoleStats (lvl 1 - 99)ArtsGemsAccessories
Flash Fencer - Attacker ClassHP: 348 - 4,978
Atk: 49 - 1,029
Healing Power: 6 - 85
Dexterity: 37 - 373
Agility: 24 - 245
Critical Rate: 20% - 30%
Block Rate: 4% - 8%
Physical Defense: 15% - 15%
Ether Defense: 15% - 15%
- Saber Strike (Talent Art)
- Cross Impact
- Swallowtail
- Silver Cyclone
- Acceleration
- Million Flash
- Doublestrike
- Empowered Combo
- Analyze Weakness
- Spiked Pauldrons
- Detector Headgear
- Scale Mask

Unlocking Ethel In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles Ethel
Xenoblade Chronicles Ethel

When it comes to unlocking Ethel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you really just have to keep playing through the main story. You will unlock her at the beginning of Chapter three during the “No Want Of Courage” quest. But there is always a more optimal way of completing a quest so let us focus more on that in the following section.

Ethel’s Quest

Xenoblade Chronicles Ethel Quest
Ethel Quest

Ok, so the client for that quest is Bolearis who asks you to look for Ethel. After talking to him, fast travel to Galghour’s Mehnir in Fornis Region. Once at Galghour’s Mehnir, you will be asked to make your way to the marker at the top of the cliff. You will encounter some enemies on your way there, you can either choose to fight them if you are feeling confident.

Or you can just run past them if you want to save yourself some time. Anyways, once you are at the top, you will meet Ethel speaking to whom reveals the true purpose of this quest. Which is to teach you supply drop systems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. After exhausting the dialogue with her, a notification will pop up saying that Ethel has joined the party temporarily.

finding the supplies
finding the supplies

Your next step is to fast travel to Great Hand. Upon arrival, you will be assigned the task of collecting the marked supplies. Like before, you will be greeted by some enemies here too. After defeating all four of the Supply Hungry  Volffs, your objective will change to retrieve the Supply box. Complete that and you will be prompted to travel back to Colony 4.

You can fast travel to Colony 4 Checkpoint for accomplishing that. And finally upon your arrival at Colony 4, the quest “No Want Of Courage” will finally come to an end. Consequently, unlocking Ethel as a hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Now that you know how to unlock her, let us take a look at other things regarding Ethel.

Ethel’s Strengths/Weaknesses

Xenoblade Chronicles Ethel Stats
Ethel Stats

The main factor that contributes to Ethel’s strength is that she can buff up your whole team consequently increasing your overall attack power.  Another thing that makes Ethel an ideal teammate is that she relentlessly attacks all enemies in her path.

That said, let’s address her weaknesses now. Although Ethel is fairly strong on her own when up against tougher enemies and bosses, she can get in trouble if the proper defense is not provided to her.

Ethel’s Attacks

Xenoblade Chronicles Ethel's Attacks
Ethel’s Attacks

The following section of our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ethel guide will take a look at the attacks Ethel uses during combat.


This is a physical type of attack which only affects the target it is being used on at the time. Basically, the attack boosts the damage you deal by 120% when you attack from behind. It makes it ideal for quickly dispatching hordes of enemies.


Unlike Swallowtail, Acceleration is a stance-based attack. When activated, it boosts the speed of your attacks along with the speed of your arts. However, the caveat here is that it also increases the damage you take by 25%.

Million Flash

This is a physical type of attack that affects one target at a time. Unlike the above two attacks, the Million Flash has no special effect.

Saber Strike

Again, Saber Strike is also a physical type of attack in which one affects one target at a time while having no special buff or attack. However, Saber Strike can certainly be a last-minute saver when you find yourself backed up against a wall.

Ethel’s Chain Attacks

Now for Ethel’s Chain attacks, she has a buff to her chain attacks as well. The Heroic Chain being her main chain attack increases the chances of your allies dealing critical damage by 100%.  Now you know everything you needed to about Ethel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

That about wraps it up, if you found this helpful then make sure to check our guide.

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