Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie: Arts, Builds & Accessories

This Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie guide will uncover a character overview cover everything players need to know!

Who Is Enuie In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Xenoblade Character Overview
Character Overview

Let’s start with the character overview of Eunie, whereby she will start as a healer, and the main purpose of a healer is to provide consistent healing for the party members on the team. The healer will ensure that the team members don’t die out as fast and that the main damage dealer can render enemies useless. 

Key Highlights
  • Eunie is a healer character with the starting class of Medic Gunner
  • She is a member of the Keves Nation and is voiced by Kitty Archer in English and Megumi Han in Japanese
  • Eunie is known for being tough and blunt, with a strong personality
  • Two recommended classes for Eunie are Lifesage and War Medic, which can be unlocked by completing certain quests or missions
  • Some recommended combat arts for Eunie include Redeeming Bloom and Saber Slash for the Lifesage class, and Multi Blast and Cure Bullet for the War Medic class
  • Master arts that work well with these classes include Shadow Eye and Shield Bash for Lifesage and Overfall and Dark Banner for War Medic
    Overall, Eunie is a strong healer character who can provide consistent healing and support for the party during combat.

Alongside providing healing, healers are also capable enough to provide buffs which can further boost the way players perform while out on the battlefield. 

Her starting class will pose her as a Medic Gunner, a class that is a healer in disguise. It simply works to restore the overall HP of players in the arena while staying at a distance from the enemy so that they do not get hurt themselves and are instead able to focus on their main role. 

Eunie in Xenoblade 3 also belongs to the Keves Nation, and Kitty Archer voices her for her English Voiceover, while players who prefer to play in Japanese will find out that her Voice actor is Megumi Han. 

Her personality is described as extremely tough, and she will be extremely sharp-tongued, blunt, and rash, but she is also incredibly honest. She will not take nonsense from anyone, which makes her personality admirable. As a child, she was friends with Lanz and Noah, other playable characters in-game. Our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Heroes guide will showcase the best heroes that can help players conquer any battle in-game!

Best Classes For Eunie 

Xenoblade Eunie Class
Eunie Class

Let’s discuss in detail what classes might suit Eunie the best and where her performance will shine the most! Considering Eunie is a healer, our Xenoblade Healers Guide will also help you figure out other healer options!

Here’s everything related to the best classes for Eunie: 

Class NameHPAttackHealing PowerDexterityAgilityCritical RateBlock Rate
Life Sage Class4,136818.0531.0357.0245.020%30%
War Medic Class3,818638.0511.0357.0167.06%8%
Full Metal Jaguar4,454929.0184.0387.0245.010%10%


The first class that is highly recommended or Eunie is known as Lifesage. In essence, how Lifesage works will expand on the healer role that Eunie will typically take on. 

To unlock the class itself, players in Xenoblade 3 will need to complete the game, which will probably have them go through many hours of questlines and dialogues upon dialogues, but it all becomes worth it in the end since players will be able to unlock the full class. 

After you finish the game quests, go back to the Hall of Serene, where you will encounter Nia, which will allow you to activate a mission that will take you on a further mission to unlock the Lifesage class

Some of the best combat arts that might work with the life sage class include Redeeming Bloom, Redemption, and Saber Slash. While that is happening, the Master Arts that are recommended include Shadow Eye, Shield Bash, and Flashback. 

War Medic 

The next class that is highly advised for players remaining in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie is known as War Medic, and this is one more that of a healer class. 

The War Medic class will be unlocked after players complete the hero quest called “The Kind Right Hand,” which is the hero quest required to add Valdi to your team, for who the War Medic is curated specifically. After the hero quest has been completed, players can unlock the class and use it. 

The best combat arts that might work with the War Medic class will include Multi Blast, Advanced Cooldown, and Cure Bullet, and they will act as support arts that make the healer support too. 

The master arts that work well with the War Medic class include Overfall and Dark Banner and can be equipped to the characters as per their preferences. Do not miss out on our Xenoblade Best Gems guide!

Full Metal Jaguar Class 

Last but not least, the Full Metal Jaguar class for Eunie can also work pretty well, and while it is an attack-based class and not a sub-healer class, there can still come circumstances under which Eunie might also act as an Attacker. 

If players wish to unlock the class and equip it for Eunie, they will need to finish the hero quest of Gray, for whom the class Full Metal Jaguar is specifically curated. The hero quest is known as “A Gray Matter” (pun intended), and once it has been triggered, it will lead you through the entire quest of unlocking Gray. 

After that, players will gain access to the class above; players can equip it to Eunie as per their decision. 

The best combat arts for Full Metal Class will include Demolition, Quickdraw, and Fatal Barrage, which will boost the overall performance of characters equipped with the class. 

The best master arts will be Maximum Voltage, Night Hunt, and Glitter Stream. Noah is another pretty viable in-game unit; therefore, you might find our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah guide useful!

Arts For Eunie’s Character

Xenoblade Arts

Now, there will be multiple arts for Eunie’s character that will best fit her, some of them boosting her healing capabilities, while others will boost her role as a support for players who want to! 

  • Myopic Screen: Starting with the first Art, whenever it is equipped onto Eunie, it will essentially cause an effect of Daze to fall upon your opponents, making them weaker and weaker. 
  • Group Heal: Another art that might work for early-game Xenoblade 3 players is known as Group Heal, which will increase the overall HP of the players in the middle of the battlefield. 
  • Healing Ring: Anytime the Healing Ring art has been equipped, players will experience their attack being boosted to output even greater damage and render enemies useless. 
  • Ether Cannon: The next art we would like to discuss is Ether Cannon. Anytime it is given to a player, it will decrease the overall accuracy of the opponents in front of you so that you can attack them further instead of being hit by their attacks consistently. 
  • Power Ring: Moving on, the Power Ring art can also be equipped and belongs to the Medic Gunner class that Eunie can use. Upon being cast, it will increase the overall attack of the player, granting them the ability to launch attacks at their foes and slowly but surely deplete their HP. 
  • Mad Taunt: Another art that players can use is known as Mad Taunt, and as the name suggests, its main focus is on taunting the enemies to the point of them not being able to attack you at all so that the players can go crazy bringing them down. 
  • Bull Rush: Another art that belongs to the Heavy Guard class is Bull Rush, a topple-based art that can further aid players in their endeavors to gain victory against opponents in the arena. 
  • Crash Out: An AoE-based art is Crash Out, which also belongs to the Heavy Guard class, and players that want to equip it on Eunie will experience High Aggro against foes. 
  • Uppercut Slash: The next high aggro art that players can equip and cast against their opponents is Uppercut Slash, and it will work in ways to cause aggro at foes and make them weak overall. 
  • Dark Banner: next up, for players that want to experiment with Tactician class with Eunie, the Dark Banner art can work pretty well. It is an AoE-based art that will work on applying the Sleep Debuff onto enemies until they are weakened, and then players can obliterate them. 
  • Overfall: Lastly, Overfall will be yet another Tactician art. Whenever it is used on Eunie, she will be able to decrease the overall defense of opponents standing in front of her. As she does that, she will be able to bring the enemies down faster, and her overall damage output will be a lot higher. 

Details for best arts for Eunie:

Character NameFormRoleBase Stats (lvl 1 - 99)ArtsSkills
EunieNormal FormMedic Gunner - Healer RoleHP: 318 - 6,364
ATK: 17 - 346
Healing Power: 20 - 409
Dexterity: 30 - 298
Agility: 22 - 223
- Myopic Screen
- Group Heal
- Healing Ring
- Ether Canon
- Power Ring
- Mad Taunt
- Bull Rush
- Crash Out
- Uppercut Slash
- Dark Banner
- Overfall
EunieOuroboros FormMedic Gunner - Healer RoleATK: 43 - 1,105
Healing Power: 26 - 524
Dexterity: 41 - 408
Agility: 27 - 270
Critical Rate: 20% - 30%
Block Rate: 15% - 25%
- Sacred Canon
(Talent Art)
- Raptor Raid
- Typhoon Field
- Lightning Arrow
- Ether Collider
- Liberty Wing
- Feather Sanctuary
- Wings Of Healing
- Unceasing Blessing
- Wings Of Pursuit
- Shared Blessing

Best Build for Eunie 

Xenoblade Healer Build
Healer Build

Let’s continue with the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie builds, and hands down, the best build that will work for her will be a Healer Medic Gunner build. Considering Eunie is meant to be a healer, it is best to focus on building her as one instead of mainly making her an attacker or even trying to venture into the Defender’s territory. At the same time, it may work, but it won’t be as fluid as her being a healer. 

As we mentioned, players can go for Medic Gunner for their class of choice. The master skills that players can equip on Eunie include Ethereal Ability, Natural Selection, and Critical Strike. These master skills will make her even stronger as a healer on the battlefield and help support her team members. 

For the master arts, players can use arts like the Way Home, No Love Lost, and Violent Flurry to make them more viable healers. 

The regular arts will always be different and a bit weaker than the Master Arts, but players can use Myopic Screen, Group Heal, and Vortex, all of these skills we have mentioned before. They will typically focus on healing the players and aiding the teammates even more. 

The gems that players can use include Lifebearer, Soothing Breath, and Lifesaving Expertise. The Accessories can be an Affection Ring, an Immaculate Necklace, and a Circlet of Enlightenment. 

Accessories for Eunie

Xenoblade Accessories

Moving on, players just starting the game might want to look into a few early game Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie accessories, which will boost up her role as a healer, and the accessories will mainly help her become all the more viable on the battlefield. 

There are two main accessories that players can take help from, one being the Friendship Ring. The accessory will be part of the healing arts and reduce aggro aimed at the players. 

Another accessory that works pretty well for early-game Eunie mains is “Saint’s Necklace.” The main way it works is that it will enhance the way Healing Arts operates on Eunie. 

Both accessories will solely be able to make her an excellent healer and provide sufficient aid until the end of the battle. If you want to know more about what accessories might work with healers, then our Xenoblade Best Accessories guide is the one for you!

Ouroboros Arts 

Apart from the other basic arts that players can use for Eunie, there are also a few Ouroboros Arts, which fall into a different category compared to the regular and master arts. Three main arts are recommended for Eunie, as listed below: 

  • Feather Sanctuary: The first Art that might work inexplicably well on Eunie will be Feather Sanctuary. Its main aim will be giving a fellow ally one buff that will power them up and give them the ability to bring down enemies even faster. The buff may be random and cannot be controlled. 
  • Typhoon Field: Whenever Typhoon field is equipped on Eunie and used in combat, it will regenerate a certain amount of HP for all allies anytime the Art hits the enemies within a certain radius of it, fully healing the players. 
  • Liberty Wing: For incapacitated players, it will revive them and bring them back into the battlefield. 

All in all, players should place their focus on making sure that Eunie is being promoted as a healer so that she can do her job best. Since her main role is literally to be a healer, it is best to boost it up.

Nonetheless, if players fancy making her an attacker or a defender, they are surely free to do so, keeping in mind the correct arts, gems, and accessories that might boost the performance in combat. With that, we will wrap up our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie guide! For players who are itching to find out how the game ends, our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ending guide is an excellent read!

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