Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Fusion Arts: All Fusion Pairs

We will explain in detail about Fusion Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 so players can decide which type of pairings will work best for them.

What Are Fusion Arts In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

As the name suggests, Fusion Arts are a fusion of Master Arts and Combat Arts. Using these arts strategically as often as possible is recommended due to their massive damage output, which can be essential for winning specific battles.

Key Highlights
  • Fusion Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are a combination of Master Arts and Combat Arts, which can be used strategically for massive damage output in specific battles.
  • Acquiring Fusion Arts requires class progression and equipping both Combat Arts and Master Arts in designated slots.
  • Players can switch classes to acquire new Master Arts and experiment with different Fusion Arts combinations.
  • Fusion Arts can be used by holding ZR and pressing the assigned face button during battle, with a cooldown period before they can be used again.
  • Different Fusion Arts combinations include Attack+Buff, Attack+Healing, Attack+Set Field, Buff+Healing, Healing+Set Field, Set Field+Buff, Attack, and Buff pairings.
Fusion Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
The gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Getting Fusion Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a lengthy process as it requires class progression, but it is very much worth it. Players need to equip both Combat Arts and Master Arts at the same time. Both arts have three slots each. Thus, players can only equip 3 Fusion Arts at a time.

How To Equip Fusion Arts

In order to acquire Fusion Arts, the first step will be to equip Master Arts. Players can acquire Master Arts after mastering specific classes. Once they master a class, It will unlock a Master Art. 

Fusion Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Customization screen in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Once players have obtained both Master Arts and Combat Arts, they only need to head into the Art section and equip the Master and Combat Arts of their choice. The arrangements of arts in the slots will change the nature of Fusion Arts; thus, trying different combinations is recommended.

Once both Combat Art and Master Art have been combined then, they will be mapped to the controls. Players can use the Fusion Arts by holding ZR and pressing the face button assigned to the Fusion Art during battle.

One thing to note is that players will keep their Master Arts even after switching classes. Meaning after mastering a certain class, players can switch classes to learn new Master Arts and experiment with different types of Fusion Arts.

If players wish to prioritize Fusion Arts during battles, then they need to hold ZL and select “Fusion First.” This will force the party to prioritize Fusion Arts by charging up and using them.

Upon usage, a cooldown period for Fusion Arts will start to prevent further usage until the cooldown is complete. It will always take the same amount of time to cool down every time unless a buff is used to decrease the cooldown duration.

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All Fusion Arts Pairs In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Here we will explain what kind of advantages you can expect with each combination of Fusion Arts. These Arts come in all shapes and sizes in the game. Fusion Arts require creativity from the player.

Attack+Buff Pairing

With this combination, players will be able to perform buffs for their character while also dealing Physical or Ether damage to their enemies.

Attack+Healing Pairing

If players were to combine an attack and healing art, then it would allow the player to heal while dealing Physical or Ether damage. This is a good pairing for the players who have low health and like to play aggressively.

Attack+Set Field Pairing

With this pairing, players can exert Physical or Ether damage to the enemy while taking advantage of the Field Effects. We would recommend using a Field Effect that increases the damage for maximum damage output.

Buff+Healing Pairing

This pairing is recommended for the time when you may find yourself in a tight corner. It will heal your character and also enable buffs that can help you out in the battle.

Healing+Set Field Pairing

The Healing+Set Field Pairing can heal your character while also taking advantage of Set Fields.

Set Field+Buff Pairing

The Set Field+Buff pairing can be good for certain types of players as this pairing will enable buffs for your character while taking advantage of the Set Fields.

Attack Pairing

Here, you can pair two Attack Arts to deal tremendous damage in a single move. We would recommend using this pairing if you wish to hit hard and end the fight quickly.

Buff Pairing

With this pairing, you can activate an offense buff and a defense buff at the same time to destroy your opponents, which makes it quite a deadly combo.

Healing Pairing

We would recommend using this pairing when your health is nearing its end because it can give you a massive health boost. 

Set Field Pairing

The Set Field Pairing is highly recommended if your allies are grouped together because then everyone can take advantage of the stacked Set Fields. 

That concludes our guide on Fusion Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The game is available now on Nintendo Switch. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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