Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Complete Gems List & Crafting

In our guide on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gems List, you will learn about different types of gems and why they are important to win the game

There are various methods through which you can polish your players, One way to do that in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 List is getting your hands on the Gem system, through which you can make the build of your characters even stronger and build it up.

Key Highlights
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a Gem system allowing players to improve their character stats and builds.
  • Gems can be found to replace normal gadgets and appliances in RPG games.
  • There are 20 gems available in the game, and players will start with one gem slot, but two more slots will become available at levels 20 and 30%.
  • Gems can be divided into four categories: Defender (blue), Attacker (red), Healer (green), and Specialty (yellow).
  • Defender gems increase the rate of blockage and provide aggressive raises while using Arts.
  • Attacker gems improve skills and increase the power of attacks and debuffs.
  • Healer gems increase healing powers and revive teammates.
  • Specialty gems increase maximum HP and reduce the time of auto attacks.
Chronicles 3 Gems List
Accessories Selection

On the other hand, what turns out to be a little problematic is that there are 20 gems you can find in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

List of Gems in Chronicles 3 Xenoblade
Gem selection: Tailband

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These gems replace the normal gadgets and appliances that all the other RPG games include.  Nevertheless, it is not an easy job to discover the best of the gems from a specific class and activate them. And so we have gathered the best gems from each group and laid them out for you in this guide of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. 

Similarly, just like the first two versions of Xenoblade Chronicles, you can also activate Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 List.

You need to get gems, and positioning them in the slot of your character will get them more buffs, but it depends entirely on what type of Gem you are using.

Check out the best attackers of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

At the start of the game, the player will only have one slot of Gem, but with time the rest of the two Gems will be unlocked at two different levels; the Second Gem slot at 20 and the Third Gem slot at 30%.

What Are Gems And Their Types

You can get Gems in Xenoblade for characters to improve your player’s stats. Following are the types of gems you can use to polish your characters. 

Everything you need to know about gems and their types: 

Gem NameTypeColorRangeBuffs
Steel Protection Gem FamilyDefenderBlue5 - 30Increased block rate
Ultimate Counter Gem FamilyDefenderBlue80% - 280%When you take damage deals back attack dmg
Brimming Spirit Gem FamilyDefenderBlue20% - 45%When using an art it boosts the aggro
Perilous Presence Gem FamilyDefenderBlue500 - 3,000Aggro in the start of a battle
Tailwind Gem FamilyDefenderBlue10 - 35Your character becomes more agile
Steelcleaver Gems FamilyAttackerRed20 - 70Attack power: +20%
Accurate Grace Gems FamilyAttackerRed20 - 45Skill Improvement: +20%
Analyze Weakness Gem FamilyAttackerRed20 - 70Critically Hit Dmg: +20%
Swelling Scourge Gem FamilyAttackerRed25% - 50%Debuff Ability: +25%
Refined Incantation Gem FamilyAttackerRed25% - 50%Debuff Time: +25%
Life Bearer Gem FamilyHealerGreen20% - 45%Healing Power: +20%
Soothing Breath Gem FamilyHealerGreen20% - 45%
5 - 15
- Healing: +5%
- +20% HP after reviving
Lifesaving Expertise Gem FamilyHealerGreen20% - 45%
5 - 15
- Ally Mobility: +20%
- Healing: +5%
Swelling Blessings Gem FamilyHealerGreen25% - 50%Effects of Buffs On Yourself: +25%
Refined Blessing Gem FamilyHealerGreen25% - 50%Buffs Duration: +25%
Ironclad Gem FamilySpecialityYellow100 - 1,500Max HP increases
Steady Striker Gem FamilySpecialityYellow15% - 40%Time Of Auto Attacks: -15%
Double Strike Gem FamilySpecialityYellow15% - 40%Chance on getting a double attack on each auto attack: +15%
Empowered Combo Gem FamilySpecialityYellow25% - 75%After cancelling an attack the damage dealt: +25%
Disperse Bloodlust Gem FamilySpecialityYellow20% - 45%After using an art the aggressive power: -20%

Defender Gems (Blue)

List of Gems in Chronicles 3 Xenoblade
Gem selection: Tailwind

First up we have defender gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 List

  • Steel Protection Gem Family: Using Steel Protection Gem in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to increase the rate of blockage by a little percentage.
  • Ultimate Counter Gem Family: This gem deals in the attacking of destruction when you are being hit at.
  • Brimming Spirit Gem Family: While you are using Art, this produces aggressive raise by 20%.
  • Perilous Presence Gem Family: Each of your attacks will start with aggressive power.
  • Tailwind Gem Family: This gem helps the mobility of your character to get faster.

Attacker Gems (Red)

Gems List Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Accurate Grace

Following are all the gems that come under the category of attacker gems.

  • Steelcleaver Gems Family: It increases the power of attacking by 20%.
  • Accurate Grace Gems Family: This gem helps in the improvement of skills by 20%.
  • Analyze Weakness: The damage to hit critically is increased by 20%.
  • Swelling Scourge Gem Family: In this type of gem, the ability to debuff is boosted on your opponent by 25%.
  • Refined Incantation Gem Family: This gem increases the time that is given to debuff your opponent by 25%.
A list of Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Gem Selection: Swelling Scourge

Healer Gems (Green)

Next up we have Healer Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

  • Life Bearer Gem Family: It gives a healing power of 20%.
  • Soothing Breath Gem Family: This gem helps by increasing your healing by 5% and by reviving 20% increased HP and also reviving your teammate.
  • Lifesaving Expertise Gem Family: This gem makes an increment in the mobility of your ally by 20% and the healing is boosted by 5%.
  • Swelling Blessings Gem Family: The effects of buffs you have on yourself are increased by 25%.
  • Refined Blessing Gem Family: The time of buff on yourself is increased by 25%.

Specialty Gems (Yellow)

  • Ironclad Gem Family: In this type of Gem in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 list, the level of your HP becomes maximum at 100%.
  • Steady Striker Gem Family: The time of auto attacks is lessened by 15%.
  • Double strike Gem Family: This gem gets you a chance of 15% so that you can do double attacks on each auto attack.
  • Empowered Combo Gem Family: When you cancel an attack, the deal of damage is increased by 25%.
  • Disperse Bloodlust: When you use Art, the aggressive power produced is reduced by 20%.

How To Unlock Gems In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

In order to unlock gems, you should continue playing the game unless you fulfill whatever is required to unlock gems. The first slot of your gems is unlocked as you complete chapter 2.

Crafting Gems

Moreover, the process of crafting your gems in Xenoblade 3 is very simple. First of all, you have to collect the required items, which are gemstones.

Chronicles 3 Gems
Crafting Gems

Ether Cylinders and all the other stuff that is required in the formation of Gem with a specific amount of Nopon coins.

All these required things can be found in the section where gems are crafted. Additionally, to craft your gem, you need to go to the rest stop and rest there. From there, you can get to the section of crafting and craft the gem that is required to be crafted.

After you have crafted your gem, you can issue with several teammates in the game. A single player uses more than one gem. 

The level of your gem can be increased to make it stronger and more impactful, however, the equipment and coins that are needed to craft your gem will not be too cheap. 


Consequently, to up your game in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, defeat your enemies, and become the best you need to know which gems should be used and how to use them. 

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