Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leveling Guide [Best 8 Ways]

This Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leveling will showcase the fastest ways to level up in-game for players!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 depends entirely on the progression of players and how they can prioritize the time they are spending on the game and help them level up to become stronger and take on tougher enemies. With the amount of content to do, our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leveling guide will uncover the best ways to level up in-game, with some of them being faster ways while the others will be on the more chill end. 

Key Highlights
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 relies on players managing their time and leveling up to become stronger and take on tougher enemies.
  • The game offers a lot of content, with some faster ways to level up, and others that are more relaxed.
  • One of the fastest ways to gain EXP is through “Chain Attacks” or “Overkilling.”
  • Players can put together their arts and combos and continuously cancel attacks during the last part of the battle where the enemy has the lowest amount of HP possible.
  • The amount of EXP accumulated will change based on the class that players choose as the first order in their chain attacks.
  • Healers have a Point limit ability which only allows them to get the completion bonus to 99% and no further
  • Attackers have the First Blood ability and can gain a bonus of 25% TP to gain extra EXP.
  • Defenders have the “Back in Action” ability which gives them a second chance to pull out another chain attack for extra damage output and extra EXP.
  • To carry out a Chain Attack, players need to fill up the “Chain Guage” on the right screen by carrying out combos, using arts and canceling attacks.
  • Once the gauge is full, press the + button to carry out the animation, and choose a class or character to “carry out the order.”
  • To make enemies take in the damage, players will need to pick from a few party members on the bottom of the screen who will have “TP” or Tactical Points.
  • The main aim is to get an attack rating of 100% or more TP and unleash a combo to grant a lot of EXP.
  • Another way to gain EXP is to fight enemies, with a total of 4 types of enemies to choose from


Xenoblade Overkilling

One of the fastest ways that players can get exp as fast as possible is through the process of Overkilling. In other words, players can carry out a “Chain Attack.” 

Chain attacking is a process whereby players on the battlefield put together their arts and combos and continuously cancel attacks during the last part of the battle where the enemy has the lowest amount of HP possible.

The chain attacks will bring down the enemy fast and grant bonus leveling EXP for players

Class Chain Attacks 

One thing that players should know is that their amount of EXP accumulated will change based on the class that they first choose in the order whenever they are carrying out their chain attacks, and they are listed as follows: 

  • Players that select Healers as their first order will have a Point limit ability, which will only allow them to get the completion bonus to 99% and no further. These healer classes will include sub-classes like the Medic Gunner and the Tactician. 
  • If you decide to bring in the Attackers as the first order, for example, the Ogre, they will be granted the First Blood ability. Attackers will be able to gain a bonus of 25% TP, which will help them gain extra EXP in the end. 
  • Players who decide to bring in Defenders in battle will be able to get the “Back in Action” ability, which will give them a second chance to pull out another chain attack for even extra damage output and extra EXP against defeating the opponent. 

How To Chain Attack 

To get your Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leveling EXP for characters up as fast as possible, you will need to know the process of carrying out the Chain Attacks. 

One of the first things players will need to do is to take note of the “Chain Guage” they have on the right screen, and they will need to fill it up as they go. The easiest way is to carry out a combo, use arts, and cancel attacks. The chain gauge will not fill up for considered basic enemies, and it will only work on Elite and Uniques. 

The next thing players will want to do is to time their chain attack and see whenever the gauge is full. Once it is, press the + button, and it will carry out an animation, after which players must choose a class or a character to “carry out the order.” Choose the class you want to carry out the order with and unleash devastation. 

To make enemies take in the damage, a few party members will be on the bottom of the player’s screen; you will need to pick from them. They will also have “TP” or Tactical Points, which they can be granted. 

Carry out different attacks with different characters, and you will get an attack rating, with Amazing being a TP amount of 200% or more. Bravo will be 150% to 200% TP, while Cool will be 100% to 150%. Your main aim is always to get 100% or more TP. 

After the TP has reached 100% or more, the character that you chose will unleash a combo, and it will showcase the amount of multiplier that it is carrying out. It will grant a lot of exp, equivalent to fighting 10 of the same enemies in a shorter period. 

Fighting Enemies 

Xenoblade Killing Enemies
Killing Enemies

One of the more known ways to gain EXP in Xenoblade 3 is to fight enemies, and while that may sound extremely self-explanatory, there is a lot more to know than meets the eye. With the number of enemy types, there are a total of 4 from which players can choose. 

The higher the enemy level, it should be pretty clear that the enemy will grant a higher amount of EXP. one thing that might help players is to have the enemy at a bit higher level as compared to you so that you can combine your normal attacks with the chain attacks to boost up your EXP even more.

Eunie is an excellent unit to have on your team; therefore, our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie guide will showcase a full character overview so you can know how to build her properly!

Normal Enemies

One of the first types of enemies that players will encounter in terms of difficulty will be Normal enemies. These enemies will have a non-shiny mark on top of their hits, and they will be extremely weak, so it’s not recommended to farm them for EXP. 

Lucky Enemies

The next level of difficulty that players might encounter for enemies will be Lucky Enemies, which will look pretty similar to normal enemies, except the symbol on top of their heads will be on the shinier side, making it easier to identify. 

Elite Enemies 

Moving on, Elite Enemies are what players should place their focus on. Being identifiable with a blue on their head, they can be distinguished easily. Because they are higher level, they are perfect for lower-leveled players to farm for EXP and get drops. 

Unique Enemies 

The last type of enemies that players encounter is unique enemies, which will be identifiable with a red mark on their heads. With them being significantly higher levels, players will gain a more difficult challenge and, therefore, higher EXP.

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Collectopaedia Cards 

Xenoblade Collectopaedia Cards
Collectopaedia Cards

Another way that players can gain EXP for leveling up is through Collectopaedia Cards, which will fetch quests requested to players by certain NPCs located throughout the colonies and require players to gather items in exchange for EXP. 

The first time that players complete these fetch quests, they will gain a higher amount of EXP, but the good thing about collectopaedia cards is that players can repeat these quests for infinite amounts of EXP and do not have a limit on it.

The only difference is that the process might be a bit on the slower end. While we are on the topic of cards and colonies, our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Colony Affinity guide might be a worthwhile read!


Roald will require the first card in Colony 9. He will need three chewy radishes, three clusterelles, and two rich fish meat. The first time players complete it, they will gain a light weak guard. 


Next up, Camilla in Colony 9 will want a death mushroom, one popper pumpkin, and one pillowshroom and will grant 30 affinities and an Apprentice Vambrace upon the first completion from the player’s end. 


Another NPC will be Ellis, who will require only 2 Blue Chains, and upon the first completion, they will give 30 affinities and a Breastfang Necklace. For further rewards, they will grant 40 Extra EXP and six affinities every time the player repeats the quest. 


The next NPC is Pollux, who will require one black kiwi, one dark grape, and one milky soy, and for the first completion, he will grant 30 affinities and one friendship ring. Upon further completion, he will grant 40 EXP and six affinities. 


The final NPC is Herala, and the NPC will need a twin generator and an ever-revolving in exchange for 30 affinities and a tool belt for the first completion and will give 40 exp and six affinities after repeating the quest.

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Autoplay For EXP 

Xenoblade Autoplay

Another fun way to murder off enemies for the sake of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leveling by gaining EXP is with the help of certain team comps, which can make or break the way you end battles with enemies. 

The way to gather EXP is through auto-playing or imitating an autoplay team. This works because players will need to be a bit on the under-leveled end for the zone that they are fighting in, or rather the enemies that they are fighting need to be higher-leveled. 

Make sure that the level gap isn’t too big. Otherwise, you could be in a bind. Once you are ready to form your tramp comp, make sure to have one attacker and one defender and make the rest of the team full of healers. The main reason is to ensure that your team will not die *no matter what* happens. 

No matter how tough the enemy is, the healers will be there to keep your members alive and provide buffs consistently. After the team comp has been made, head out to the general location of the enemy, and aggravate it. 

Once it has been aggravated, you can sit back and let your healers do the job of fighting for you. Though their damage output might be on the lower end, they will still be able to unleash some attacks and render enemies useless while you can relax.

The autoplay method is best for players who want to farm EXP but don’t have the time. 


Xenoblade Landmarks

The next way that players can gain extra exp is simply by exploring, and by that, we mean to explore landmarks, discover hidden rest spots, and go into undiscovered territory. The more players venture into areas, the more rest stops they can explore. 

The different areas of the maps will be marked with certain rest stops, and once players approach them, they will be able to trigger the discover button and gain EXP, and level up faster

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the EXP that you earn from landmark exploration will be a bonus, and to access it, go over to any rest stops and click on the number of levels you want to add to a character and level up! Read up on our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Accessories guide!

Underleveled And Overleveled Enemies 

Xenoblade Underleveled and Overleveled Enemies
Overleveled Enemies

Another big piece of advice that players in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will get is that they should almost *Always* aim to fight enemies that are a few levels higher than them. The main reason to do that is that the EXP drop will be much higher, making it faster to farm EXP and therefore level up faster. 

Elite and Unique enemies will also be waiting for you to take them on in a battle, obliterate them, and get stronger. Our advice is that if you are underleveled, place a healer, attacker, and any kind of tanker in your team to take the beating so that you don’t die. 


Another technique players might find helpful is cooking; while it may be one of the slowest ways, it is still one nonetheless. While cooking food, the food will be able to provide attack and battle buffs that will boost up the amount of EXP you are able to gain while fighting the opponents in front of you. 


Last but not least, the final way to earn EXP for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leveling of units is by completing both hero and side quests in-game. Players can discover and trigger many quests, and one of the main ones you can do is hero quests. 

Each unlockable character in the game will have its Hero Quest, and not only will it dive deeper into the character’s lore, but it will also grant the players the EXP that they are searching for, and as an obvious bonus, it will add the selected hero to your team. With that, we will wrap up our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leveling guide! For players wanting to know just how the game ends, our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ending Explained guide will be the way to go!

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