Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Manana Meal Recipes & Effects

In our guide, you will see all the meal recipes and make using certain ingredients in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and their location in the game.

What Are Meal Recipes Used For In Xenoblade Chronicles 3? 

recipes of meals in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Meal Recipes

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, meal recipes serve a crucial purpose. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Satisfying Hunger: While exploring the vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and taking on quests or engaging in activities like skirmishes, your characters can become hungry, which affects their energy levels.
  2. Temporary Buffs: You can cook delicious meals using various recipes to satisfy your characters’ hunger and provide them with temporary buffs. These buffs can be helpful in intense battles and include bonuses like increased XP or CP rates.
  3. Increased Drops: Consuming meals can also lead to a significant increase in the drops from defeated enemies. Using meals, all items and collectibles obtained after defeating a boss are doubled.
Key Highlights
  • Meal recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are used to satisfy the hunger of characters and provide temporary buffs in battle
  • Each dish requires 2 main ingredients, a product, and a recipe which can be found in certain areas in the game
  • Any meal consumed will grant a boost or buff, such as an increase in XP or CP rate and an increase in the drops of enemies
  • Recipes can be unlocked by eating at canteens in the game’s colonies, and not all meals are immediately available, some require a higher affinity level to be cooked
  • Consuming meals can provide effects such as an increase in EXP and class points, gold obtained, and item drop rate.

How To Unlock Recipes  

rest spot for meal recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Collect Recipes in Rest Spots

To unlock recipes, you need to collect them in rest spots and eat at canteens found in each colony. Trying new dishes at these canteens automatically adds their recipes to your list. Once you have a recipe, you can access it at rest spots scattered throughout the game world and cook the desired meal. Make sure you have all the required ingredients, or you can use silver Nopon Coins to bypass this requirement.

Keep in mind that not all meals on the canteen menu are immediately available, as some may require a higher affinity level to unlock and cook.

Effects Of Meals

gaining effects
Effects of Meal Recipes

By consuming the meals your character can experience the following effects in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.  

  • You will get an Exp boost with some of the meals. So, when you defeat an enemy, your EXP will be increased drastically. 
  • You will also get an increase in class points when you fight enemies and bosses. 
  • The amount of gold that you obtain will also be increased when you defeat the enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. 
  • Furthermore, the item drop rate will also increase. 
  • The chances of obtaining extra collectibles while you are harvesting will also increase. 

All Meal Recipes & Their Ingredients In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 

Below you will find a list of all meal recipes and the ingredients used in making them as well as the effects they have on your character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You can try out all of the recipes if you want, or choose a specific one if you want a meal for a certain effect only. Check out our character guide on Sena in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as well.

Meal Recipes of Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Different Meal Recipes

Some recipes can be bought while others can be found in certain areas and colonies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. We will go through both of them in our guide. 

Recipes You Can Buy 

Following are the recipes you can get by spending Nopon Coins. 

Recipe Name   Ingredients    Meal Effects   Duration Of Cooking   Amount Of Nopon Coins  
Manana’s Battle Soup   Bunnit Meat x2  

Glitter Radish x2  

Comet Carrot  x2  

 5% boost in CP  

 5% boost in EXP  

You will need around 76 minutes for it to cook.   1 Silver Nopon Coin  
Kerfluffled Torpedo Wrap   Misty Asparagus x1  

Powdered Wheat x3  

Kaleidocelery x2   

Tasty Sausage x2  

5% boost in the Enemy Drop Rate  

10% boost in Enemy Gold  

The duration of the meal to cook is 76 minutes.    1 Silver Nopon Coin  
Feisty Spicy Zestbeans   Fire Apricot x2  

Moon bloom x3  

Cracker Nut Crimson x1  

Prickle Spice x4  

Milky Soy x1  

5% boost in Collectible Boost   

15% boost in CP rate  

You will need 76 minutes to cook the meal.   1 Silver Nopon Coin  
Brisky Breezy Toasty   Powdered Wheat x3  

Garaffa Tenderloin x2   

Salty Cabbage x1  

Quinini x1  

Smalnut x1  

15% boost in Collectibles  

15% increase in Enemy Drops  

The time required for the meal to cook is 76 minutes.    1 Silver Nopon Coin  
Squishy-Fishy Grill wrap  Refreshing Piranhax Meat x 2 

Plate Pothos x 1 

Condimenut x 2 

Clusterelle x 2 

Silver seed x 2 


5% boost in Collectible  

15% boost in EXP 

The time required for this meal to cook is 76 minutes.   Silver Nopon Coin x1 
Stringy-Wingy Veggie Leclati  Full-Bodied Adrun Meat x 2 

Paste Bean x 3 

Filling Onion x 2 

Bafflestripe Gourd x 2 

King Marigold x 1 


15% boost in Enemy Gold 

15% Enemy Gold 

The duration of the Veggie Leclati to cook is 76 minutes.     Silver Nopon Coin x1 
Mild Sizzle-Fizzle Stew  Minionion x 2 

Million-Leaf Dill Armored x 3 

Chestnut x 1 

Muscat Noir x 2 

Cured Armu Sirloin x 2 

10% boost in Collectible 

20% boost in CP rate 

The time required for the meal to cook is 68 minutes.  Silver Nopon Coin x1 
Well-Dressed Maktha Salad  Aldae Evridae x 2 

Jasper Coriander x 3 

Purple Pepper x 2 

Monstrum Mango x 1 

Compressed Ansel Meat x 4 

20% boost in Enemy Drop 

10% boost in Enemy Gold 

You will need 76 minutes to cook the Well-Dressed Maktha Salad.   1 Silver Nopon Coin  
Cerise Caprice Acqua Pazza  Metamorphosage x 2 

Refreshing Piranhax Meat x 2 

Bizarrenacle x 3 

Ring Guava x 1 

Whisper Tomato x 1 


10% boost in Enemy Drop 

20% boost in EXP 

The total time required for this meal to cook is 76 minutes.   1 Silver Nopon Coin  
Creamy-Dreamy Fish Pie  Squeezy Lime x 2 

Babybubble Berry x 3 

Rainbow Boronia x 2 

Neo Walnut x 2 

Fatty Serprond Fillet x 3 

20% boost in Enemy Drop 

45% boost in Collectible 

You will need a total of 76 minutes to cook the meal.   Silver Nopon Coin x1 
Saucy-Glossy Gem Lobster  Girder Potato x 2 

Dream Lemon x 3 

Gimme Lettuce x 2 

Tafetta Lobster x 1 

Varicini x 3 

10% boost in the EXP rate 
10% boost in the CP rate 
5% boost in the Enemy Gold  
You will need 93 minutes to cook the Saucy-Glossy Gem Lobster.  Silver Nopon Coin x1 
Crumblecrunch Block Bar  Egg Seed x 2 

Fluffy Cloud Ear x 3 

Noise Bite x 3 

Knockout Wasabi x 1 

Skyclam x 2 

35% boost in Collectible 

35% boost in Enemy Drop  

The time required for the meal to cook is 76 minutes.  Silver Nopon Coin x1 
Manana’s Battle Soup DX  Transcendent Tenderloin x 3 

Comet Carrot x 1 

Glitter Radish x 1 

15% boost in EXP  
10% boost in CP  
15% boost in Enemy Drop 
You will need a total of 76 minutes to cook Manana’s Battle Soup DX.   Silver Nopon Coin x2 

Recipes You Can Find

The following recipes are scattered throughout the map of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Recipe Name Effect Of The Recipe Location In Map Duration Of Cooking 
Yapolta Veggie Beans  Boost in Class Points  Colony 9  30 minutes
Baked Spongy Spud  50% Boost in Collectible   Colony 9  45 minutes
Meat ‘n’ Veg Leclati  20% Boost in Enemy Gold Boost  Gamma Colony 52 minutes
Riverbird Crispygrill  30% Boost in Enemy Gold Boost Iota Colony  45 minutes
Mixed-Veg Torpedo Wrap  15% Boost in Enemy Gold Boost  Colony 4 37 minutes
Acqua Pazza a la City  25% Boost in Experience Boost In The City Interior  37 minutes
Whole Wild Lobster  10% Boost in EXP,10% Boost in CP, 10% Boost in Enemy Gold  In The City Interior  45 minutes
Maktha Ever-Greens  30% Boost in Enemy Drop    Tau Colony 52 minutes
Fish-Fillet Toastie  20% Boost in Enemy Drop  Colony 30  52 minutes
Mild Game Stew  30% Boost in Class Points  Colony 11  30 minutes
Pon-Fried Croquettes  40% Boost in Enemy Gold  Mu Colony 45 minutes 
Sunny-Style Fish Pie  40% Boost in Collectible  Mu Colony 75 minutes
Erythia Sashimi Plate  40% Boost in Class Points  The Ascension Grounds  30 minutes
Nutritious Block Bar  40% Boost in Enemy Drop  The Li Garte Prison Camp  52 minutes

How To Unlock Cooking?

After you are done collecting all the recipes you want, the next step is to cook them. Furthermore, the cooking process will be unlocked in chapter 2, while you make your way to the desert. You will find the NPC Manana at a campsite located in the Fornix region of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

manana making meals using recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Manana making food using meal recipes

Manana is in charge of cooking all the meal recipes and her campsite is located just after Lake Rezzento. You just need to give all the necessary ingredients to Manana and she’ll prepare you the food you want. Also, check out our guide on all Voice Actors in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Cooking Procedure 

Follow the steps below on how to cook a meal recipe and use it to buff your character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. 

Cook with Manana
  • First, you need to find out the Rest Spot As it will have everything you need to cook your meal including the ingredients and recipes. 
  • When you have discovered a Rest Spot, interact with it or speak with it. There will be a Pot button on your screen that you need to press in order to initiate cooking. 
  • Next, check your catalog to see all the recipes you’ve managed to collect so far and select one. 
  • Now to cook a certain recipe, press the A key in order to use the ingredients available. 
order food and note meal recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Rest Spot

Lastly, you just need to sit back and relax while your food comes in. You need to be patient when you dine in because your food can take quite some time to cook. 

With this, we conclude our guide on all the meal recipes you can find and make using certain ingredients in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 along with their location and the duration of cooking. Any kind of feedback is welcome in the comments. Happy Cooking! 

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