Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nia: Stats, Arts & Weapons

Read our guide about Nia to know about her personality, appearance, general stats and how to unlock her in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Nia (In Japanese, it’s Niyah) is one of the main playable characters in-game. Moreover, Nia is a Gormotti Driver and is accompanied by her Special Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Dromarch is her butler and calls her “Lady”. She belongs to Gormott province and is a member of Torna.

Key Highlights
  • Nia is a Gormotti Driver and is accompanied by her Special Blade, Dromarch.
  • Nia is known for her strong healing abilities in the game and has a sarcastic personality.
  • Nia’s affinity chart includes abilities such as increased agility, ether, and maximum HP, as well as the ability to slightly fill the party gauge.
    The hidden affinity chart includes abilities such as increased accuracy and critical hit rate, as well as the ability to restore HP when initiating a chain attack.

How To Unlock Nia In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Stats of Nia
How to unlock Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, new heroes and some classes such as Fighter/Healer/Defender types. To Unlock Nia, you have to return to The Hall of the Serene late in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Now, when you have reached there, you will find a golden “?” on Nia, that will activate the quest to add Nia to your team.

Moreover, she has the strongest healing class in the game; with her powerful abilities, she can provide aid to the entire party in one go. Also, Lifesage can also be used to completely ignore enemies’ defense stats when you are attacking them.

Nia’s Personality

Nia usually has a sarcastic personality, and generally, she is very humorous about the shortcomings of other characters. Moreover, she had a sort of rude behavior toward Rex, because of his belief in Elysium, and Nia sees it as something childish. Her political understanding of why Gormott was annexed by the Empire of Mor Ardrain is pretty good.

Also, she chooses to save the lives of innocent people, and even opposes other members of Torna. However, Nia has empathy for Pyra and is good towards the rest of the party, especially to Rex, when she gets to know about him.

Nia’s 1st Appearance

She is a young Gormotti girl has Silver hair styled into a bob cut, and Nia’s Driver form also has pretty feline ears on top of her head. Moreover, she also has amber eyes, three stripe tattoos on her face, and also canine teeth. Nia wears a yellow jumpsuit which is felinely hooded, along with gold trimmed armor around her arms and chest. Also, she wears a brown belt around her hips with three sharp daggers.

The appearance of Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles

Nia wears pretty red and white heeled boots, which are decorated with white and black cones. These boots extend past her knees, up to the calves from the back. However, she has three different costumes as well, which are: Blood Witch Nia, Candy Stripe Nia, and Fancy Sundress Nia. You can obtain these as DLC Aux Cores via Challenge Battle Mode.

General Stats Of Nia In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nia’s default Blade is Dromarch and can only be used by Nia; however, later, Rex uses it too. Only if Nia is in the lead with Dromarch can the player control the field, and Nia will be riding on his back. Her Japanese voice actor is Hitomi Owada and her English voice actor is Catrin-Mai Huw.

LevelMax HPMax StrengthMax EtherMax DeexterityMax AgilityMax Luck
Level 13191720342518
99, no modifier6.379341401306323363
99, full affinity chart6.579341421326343363
Affinity Chart
Feral Awakening IAt the start battle you can use Driver Art at X750
Soothing HandWhen you revive a teammate your HP gets restored to 15.250
CatgirlAgility increased by 20625
Ether TalentEther Increased by 20375
Kinetic VisionDexterity increased by 20%500
Herb SynthesisHP potions effect increased by 20%1000
Big CatMaximum HP increased by 2002000
Mutual HappinessParty gauge is slightly filled1500
Tooth and ClawIf cancel Driver Art, you can still use it again.3000
Feral Awakening IIDriver Art is assigned to Y at start of Battle2500
Feral Awakening IIIDriver Art is Assigned B at start of battle5000
Hard HitterBreak duration extended by 15%6000
Bestial Pursuit20% damage ratio is added, after canceling an auto attack.4000
Natural SelectionIncreases HP restored to 10%3000
Panther PounceIncreases surprise attack damage by 50%2000
Hidden Affinity Chart
Chance RecoveryWhen chain attacked is initiated HP is healed 25%2500
Tiger's EyeDexterity is boosted by 10%3750
Focused TechniqueEnemy break resist reduced by 25%7500
Lithe StrengthStrength increased by 206250
Lucky CatLuck increased by 205000
Transmit PowerBoosts recharge for Specials after canceling by 20%.15000
Cheer LeaderAffinity is increased by 25% after you win special button challenge12500
Inner StrengthEther is boosted by 10%5000
Lady of LuckLuck is boosted by 10%7500
Wild LifeMaximum HP is boosted by 10%10000
Adrenaline3% HP is restored when you cancel auto attack with Driver Art15000
Road to VictoryParty gauge is slightly filled when you do critical hit25000
Sore Loser50% chance that you will survive with 1HP and 5 seconds of invincibility30000
Bear KnucklesStrength boosted by 10%20000
TigergirlAgility boosted by 10%10000

Heart To Hearts

There is 16 Heart to Hearts in which Nia takes part. These are listed below:

    • A Tora and Poppi Production
    • Addam’s Appetite
    • Ardainian Technology
    • Before the Storm
    • Blushy-Crushy
    • Burgeoning Curiosity
    • Dromarch’s Wisdom
    • Five Centuries of Memory
    • Little Rex
    • Morytha the Unknown
    • Tending to Turters
    • The Ground Beneath our Feet
    • The Purest Beauty?
    • The Real Gramps
    • Tora’s  Angst
    • Unforgiving Terrain

Arts Of Nia

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 combat system is a little complex, and you have six characters, each with three different Arts. These help you in fighting your enemies, so choose accordingly. Below we have mentioned all Arts of Nia.

Twin Rings

    • Butterfly Blade, Break
    • Jaguar Slash, HP Potion
    • Healing Halo, Heal Party
    • Gemini Loop, Side Attack


  • Brutal Blade, Topple
  • Rhino Assault Critical Recharge
  • Bear Smash, Toppled
  • Shadow Slice, AOE/Aquatic


  • Vulture Peck, High HP
  • Raptor Raid, Back Attack
  • Discus Glaive, Aggro Down
  • Gyro Break, AOE/Insects

Shield Hammer

  • Buckler Slam, AOE/Toppled
  • Rumbling Smash, Front Attack
  • Hammerhead, Knockback
  • Elephant Press, AOE/Aggro up

Ether Cannon

  • Pulse Fire, AOE/High HP
  • Leopard Blow, Break/Pierce
  • Breach Shot, Cancel Attack
  • Cattle Driver, AOE/Launched

Chroma Katana

  • Deathbound, Humanoid
  • Triple Flash, AOE/Aggro up
  • Wolf Fang, Aggroed
  • Scorpion Tail, Evasion


  • Dolphin Spin, HP Potion
  • Falcon Turn, Toppled
  • Healing Circle, Heal Party
  • Acrobatic Bomber, AOE/Break

Knuckle Claws

  • Jackal Claw, Cancel ATK
  • Deadly Twister
  • Raptor Beat, Knockback, Side Attack
  • Comet Punch, AOE/Launch

Sword Tonfa

  • Sabertooth Slash, Low HP
  • Updraft, AOE/Launch
  • Whirlwind, AOE/Aggroed
  • Universal Beat, Knockback/Aggro Up

Brilliant Twin blades

  • Papillon Dance, Break/Critical recharge
  • Cheetah Scratch, Cancel Attack
  • Tricksy Loop, AOE/Side Attack
  • Lustrous Heal, Heal Party

Decimation Cannon

  • Surprise Shot, Front Attack
  • Porcupine Blow, Break/ Pierce
  • Mayfly, AOE/Launched
  • Phosphorescent Flare, AOE/High HP

Rockrending Gauntlets

  • Lion Claw, Front Attack
  • Meteor punch, AOE/Launch
  • Raging Screw, AOE/Aggroed
  • Buffalo Beat, Knockback/Aggro up

Calamity Scythe

  • Brutal Scythe, Topple
  • Capra Assault, HP potion
  • Grizzly Smash, Heal Party on attack
  • Creeping Slicer, AOE/Aggro Down

Cobra Bardiche

  • Condor’s Beak, Low HP
  • Sand Break, AOE/Insects
  • Cobra Raid, Back Attack
  • Merciless Twister, AOE/HP Down

Infinity Fans

  • Swallowtail, Break
  • Scarecrow, Aggroed
  • Vicious Circle, AOE/Front Attack
  • Healing Trick, Heal Party

Downloadable Content Weapons 

Below all the weapons are exclusive to the Expansion Pass.


  • Lighting smash, Machines
  • Monado striker, AOE/Aggro down
  • Lucent Glance, AOE/Toppled
  • Beam Thrust, Back Attack/Knockback


  • Air Slash, Break/High HP
  • Avian Spin, HP Potion
  • Whirling Edge, AOE/Critical recharge
  • Soothing Breeze, Recover HP


  • Regal Hunter, Font Attack
  • Tiger Tail, Evasion/Smash
  • Dragon Fang, Aggroed
  • Dazzling Rush

Dual Swords

  • Panther Edge, Break/Evasion
  • Sword Slap, Cancel Attack
  • Bat Tango, AOE/Back Attack
  • Soothing Twilight, Heal Party

Main Story

At first, she was Blade of the lord Echell in Gormott Province, and he also had a daughter, who was frail and sickly. Nia always studied to be a good lady, however, until her Driver wasted all her money searching for a cure for his daughter and lost her status as a lord. Afterward, their family becomes drifters, and due to tough conditions lord’s daughter dies after some time.

Moreover, Lord made forced Nia to consume to daughter’s body; therefore, she became a Flesh Eater and began calling the lord Father. The driver also passed away, and Nia found a Core Crystal of his and resonated with it; she also started bonding her to Dromarch. The two started exploring Alrest.  Indoline Praetorium hunted Nia, and she was captured but freed by Jin.

She meets Rex and then goes to Argentum Trade Guild with Jin and Malos to find Sunken Ship. Nia didn’t much like Rex, but she was horrified when Jin killed Rex. Moreover, this causes them to get caught in Monoceros, and with the help of Azurda, Rex and Nia survive.

They land on Gormott and reach Torigoth, but on their arrival, they fight soldiers from the Empire of Mor Ardain. However, Pyra and Rex flee but unfortunately, Nia and Dromarch get captured. Morag used Nia as bait to capture Rex and Pyra, but with good strategy, all four of them escaped.

Nia in Battle
Nia fighting alongside Rex

After The Incident In Temperantia

 The Kingdom of Uraya and Empire of Mor Ardain have a summit in which Bana tries to kill everyone with an explosive device. Emperor Niall wounds himself in order to save others, but Nia heals him while Dromarch distracts people so they can’t see her powers.

When they wander through Spirit Crucible Elpis, she feels tired, signs are similar to Blades and Zeke. Moreover, Nia finally says that she is a Flesh Eater in the Vault of Heroes when they are against Phantasms. Nia is grateful that Rex helped her find peace and get free of her past and of Jin, and Nia loves Rex for that help.

Together, they fight Phantasms until they hear Addam says that Rex is one who has been waiting to wield the true Aegis.

She fights as Rex’s Blade when they travel to Cliffs of Morytha to get Pyra. Malos meets the party and scolds Nia for deciding to reveal her true nature, then uses his Aegis Powers to attack the party. Malo’s power is to destroy everything he touches, and Nia’s power is to restore everything.

So, Nia decides to use her powers against Malos and replicate his cells at a very fast rate, and that destroys and kills Malos.

Teammates of Nia
Nia with her teammates

Afterward, Rex is manipulated into fighting against the specters of his friends. Dromarch and Nia argue with him about his love for Pyra. However, Rex escapes from there after getting deeply hurt. However, when Pyra and Mythra are revived, Nia encourages Rex and tells him that she has made peace with his decision.

Final Words

Non-playable heroes are interesting to play with once you unlock them, you can easily add them to your team. Nia is one of the characters that can be unlocked in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and she is very powerful, belonging to the healing class. Moreover, this guide explains all the general stats, personality, appearance, and main story of Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.  

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