Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah: Best Arts & Accessories

In This Guide We Will Discuss The Noah's Background, His Combat Options, And A Few Early Game Items.

Who Is Noah In Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Noah In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In the Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Noah is a soldier of Keves and is some sort of an off-seer who sends the dead ones to the designated location using a flute-like musical instrument. Now appearance-wise, Noah has a ponytail and wears a bright red jacket over a black shirt. Furthermore, he wields a red sword that emits a blue glow.

Key Highlights
  • Noah is a soldier of Keves and an off-seer who uses a musical instrument to send the dead to their designated location.
  • In combat, Noah starts as a sword fighter in the attacker class but can change his playstyle as he progresses.
  • Noah can fuse with the other protagonist, to become the Ouroboros and use special abilities such as Phantom Slash, Dragon Tail, Unison Strike, and Mega Spinning Edge.
  • It is recommended to use the Sword Strike, Edge Thrust, or Shadow Eye Arts for Noah in the early game, as well as the Sword Master, Blade Dancer, or Shadow Assassin accessories.
    It is essential to focus on increasing Noah’s attack, critical hit rate, and chain attack damage to improve his combat performance.

Also, the fans, at first sight of the sword, thought that it was the Shulk’s Monado from the original Xenoblade Chronicles. However, that is not the case as it is just a tradition by the developers that they are keeping up. Also, the character’s voice actor for the Japanese version is Ryôhei Arai, while for the English version, the voice actor is Harry McEntire.

Also, for your information, Noah is not the only soldier of Keves as there are others like Lanz and Eunie. Other than that, by the looks of things, Noah is a pretty optimist character like all the other protagonists of such games. We came to this conclusion by observing the trailer where he mentions that “we’ll build it for ourselves, a world with the freedom to choose.” From this quote, we can ensure that he might be a  true optimist like the other main characters.

Also, it seems that in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah has a special relationship with the other protagonist Mio. They both are awfully similar as they both are off-seers and can also combine together to make one powerful being called Ouroboros. However, we still have to wait for the full story to pan out for we to jump on to any conclusions.

We also will have to wait to see how Noah, Mio, and the rest progress toward their quest to build a world with full freedom. We are pretty sure that the gang will always be there to save the world when needed.

Noah’s Performance In Combat

The Ouroboros In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Now, for Noah’s combat options, we should first know that in Xenoblade Chronicles, there is no fixed class for the game’s characters, as the playstyle can change down the road. And as for Noah’s case, he starts things off as a sword fighter of attacker class. However, as mentioned before, he is not bound to any class as long as he spends time with other play styles. 

Furthermore, Noah can increase his power by fusing with Mio to become an Ouroboros. Once they fuse together, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Noah is the leader, then they can use the following arts:

  • Phantom Slash:  Available at level 3 of the Ouroboros fusion.
  • Dragon Tail: An AOE attack from the air.
  • Unison Strike:  An ability that grants a higher critical damage rate.
  • Mega Spinning Edge: An AOE piercing attack that does high damage.

Best Early Game Arts & Accessories For Noah

Accessories Selection Menu In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Now, as for the early game Arts for Noah, we recommend one of the following three:

  • Sword Strike
  • Edge Thrust
  • Shadow Eye

Sword Strike

The Sword Strike art attacks a single target that causes the break effect to happen on the target. The art skill also has a cooldown gauge of 26 seconds. The art is also very useful to initiate huge combos for damage as you require to initiate the break effect for combos.

Edge Thrust

The Edge Thrust art grants you an extra 120% damage dealt to a signal target, given that the target is hit from behind. Also, the art skill has a cooldown gauge that lasts for 11 seconds. The art is immensely useful in the early game as it buffs up the damage output of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah.

Shadow Eye

Shadow Eye is yet another very helpful art skill to have in the early game as it is very useful for an attacker as reducing the aggro is immensely effective for an attacker. The art focuses on a single target and has a cooldown gauge that lasts about 35 seconds.

Early Game Accessories 

Now, as for the early game accessories, we recommend that you make use of the Attack Stone and the Tool Belt. Both of these are very helpful to maximize your damage output from the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah. The Attack Stone increases the damage dealt while the Tool Belt does extra damage to machines.


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With this, we bring our guide on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah to an end. In this guide, we thoroughly discussed Noah’s background and his combat options. We even included some early game accessories and arts that you might find helpful. However, if you still believe that we missed something, then do let us know through the comment section down below.

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