Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Coins Farming Guide

Our guide on Nopon Coins Farming and Usage explains the ways to farm nopon coins and their use in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an RPG with events directly following Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2. Players have a plethora of treasures and mysteries to discover. In the game, you will meet a number of NPCs to complete various challenges. The quests in the game also enable players to earn various items. The in-game currency for the game is Nopon Coins, so we have discussed Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon coins farming and usage in this guide. 

Key Highlights
  • Collect Nopon coins from containers found throughout the game while exploring.
  • Kill unique monsters for a chance to earn Nopon coins as a reward.
  • Complete quests for a chance to earn Nopon coins as a reward.
  • Take part in skirmishes with monsters for a chance to earn Nopon coins as a reward.
  • Trade Nopon coins for items at the Nopon exchange.
  • Exchange Nopon coins for accessories at Sage’s Domicile in the Formis Region.
  • Use Nopon coins for food preparation to buy missing ingredients for recipes.

There are various methods to earn Nopon coins in the game. It is extremely helpful to earn these coins as much as you can because you will need these coins to buy consumable items and equipment. These items will help you make your character more powerful and the game more interesting. You must know how to farm and use these Nopon Coins. 

How To Farm Nopon Coins 

Nopon Coins are an in-game currency for Xenoblade Chronicles that you will need throughout the game for various reasons explained in the usage, including gem crafting, buying consumable items, upgrading character level, and much more.

You should know that there are many ways that you can use to access Nopon coins, and you should be aware of all of them, so we have discussed them below in the guide.

how to farm nopon coins
How To Farm Nopon Coins In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Collect From Containers

The best and the easiest way to find Nopon coins is to collect them from containers. While you progress in the game, you will encounter various containers. There will be many instances when you will find a container in the field.

While you explore the field, the minimap will show the location of the containers. You can access this container after figuring out its exact location and collecting the Nopon coins. 

Kill Unique Monster

You will complete the missions and quests on the field by defeating monsters. There will be instances when you will encounter a few monsters that are unique and have two names. Defeating these unique monsters is a great chance to earn Nopon coins, as you will get them as a reward.

The unique monsters are the tough ones, and it is difficult to fight them. If you cannot defeat them, practice more and level up to challenge them again. 

Quest Reward

A simple way to earn Nopon coins is by completing the quests. No RPG is complete without the quests. Similarly, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 also has a number of quests that you need to complete in the game. Completing quests rewards players with something, so Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers Nopon coins as a reward for completing quests. 

You need to notice that completing every quest will not reward you with Nopon coins, as some quests offer different rewards. However, there is a higher chance that you can earn Nopon coins as a quest reward because these are the most frequently earned rewards for completing quests. 

Take Part In Skirmishes With Monsters

While you progress by fighting the monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will receive rewards during monster skirmishes. You can earn Nopon coins from these monster skirmishes as a reward that happens on the field.

However, you need to notice that you can get only one reward from this, either Experience point or Nopon coins. Experience points can also be earned during normal battles, so you should prefer getting Nopon coins here. 

farming nopon coins
Take Part In Skirmishes With Monsters

How To Use Nopon Coins 

It is fairly easy to earn Nopon coins in the game, as you can naturally earn them during the gameplay. However, you cannot keep more than 99 Nopon coins at a time, so you need to spend them right after earning. To spend Nopon coins quickly, you need to know the usage of Nopon coins and where you can spend it.

We have explained the usage of Nopon coins below, so give them a read. Besides that, consider reading our guide on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sena. 

Trade For Items

The best usage of Nopon coins is to exchange them at Nopon exchange for the items that you will need later in the game. Each item that you will exchange here will cost you a different number of coins and will have different uses.

However, each item that you will get here will be valuable and will add to your abilities and characteristics. It is advisable to exchange as many Nopon coins with items at Nopon exchange as you can. 

How to farm
Trade For Items

Exchange At Sage’s Domicile

Sage’s Domicile is also an exchange shop that works much like the Nopon exchange shop. You can exchange Nopon coins for various accessories at sage’s Domicile located in Formis Region. Gold and silver Nopon coins are required at this shop, so it is better to conserve both.

Food Preparation

Another usage of Nopon coins is food preparation. If any of the ingredients are missing from your recipe, you can buy that missing ingredient by exchanging Nopon coins. Cooking has many useful effects, as you can increase the efficiency of training. You should use Nopon coins for cooking as much as possible.

Craft Gems

You can craft gems using gold Nopon coins. It is advisable to save the gold Nopon coins to craft gems that have a lot of uses. These gems will help you improve your character and are precious items in the game. You can equip everyone at the part by creating a gem. If you are unable to collect material to create gems, use Nopon coins.

Farming nopon coins
Craft Gems

Level Up The Character Class

You can level up your character class by spending Nopon coins. It is beneficial to level up the character class, but it eventually levels up itself. The progress in the game leads to leveling up the character class, so it is not the best option to spend Nopon coins for this. You should only spend Nopon coins to level up the character if you really want to do it faster.

Collectopaedia Quest

Collectopaedia quests require you to search for items to complete them. If you are unable to find certain items, you can spend silver Nopon coins to access them instantly. Spending coins to find items will save you from spending hours searching for items to complete Collectopaedia quest.


It is extremely useful for players to earn Nopon coins in the game because of the diverse usage. There are plenty of ways that you can use to earn Nopon coins, and we have explained them all in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Coins Farming and Usage guide.

The usage is also explained, so you can use the Nopon coins right after earning them, as you can hold a total of 99 at a time. Follow the guide above, and you will be good to earn Nopon coins and use them. 

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