Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Points Of No Return

Worried that you might miss key parts of Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Read our guide to look out for the missable content.

The Points Of No Return

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 point of no return
Points Of No Return In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Points of No Return” refer to moments where players can miss out on specific content as they progress through the game. Here’s a breakdown of these points:

  1. Time-Limited Quests:
    • Colony 9 features timed Standard Quests that become inaccessible after Chapter 1. Complete them before advancing the story to avoid missing out on content.
  2. Used Bonus EXP:
    • Bonus EXP is valuable for leveling up characters but can’t be reclaimed once used. Be cautious when spending it, as you can only lower levels and regain used EXP after beating the game or in New Game+ mode.
  3. Soul Tree Points:
    • The Soul Tree system enhances characters’ Ouroboros by spending Soul Points (SP). Once used, SP cannot be retrieved. Earn SP by completing quests, and use them wisely.
  4. Skirmish Rewards:
    • Skirmishes involve battles between factions in Aionios. When choosing a side, you forfeit the reward offered by the other faction. Review rewards and pick a faction that aligns with your goals.
  5. Conversation Events:
    • Throughout the game, players will encounter conversation events. These non-voiced cutscenes can be missed if you skip the dialogue or cutscene. While missing them won’t significantly impact gameplay, lore enthusiasts should pay attention to these events.

Being mindful of these points of no return in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is crucial, especially if you aim for 100% completion and want to make the most of your playthrough.

Key Highlights
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has many “points of no return” where players can miss content in the form of conversations, rewards, items, and quests.
  • Time-Limited Quests in Colony 9 must be completed before completing Chapter 1 or they will be lost forever.
  • Bonus EXP and Soul Tree Points cannot be redeemed once used, so players must use them wisely.
  • Skirmish Rewards must be chosen carefully, as picking one faction means letting go of the reward offered by the other faction.
  • Conversation events can be missed if players skip cutscenes or miss reading dialogue, but they are not crucial to the overall playthrough.

Missable Content

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 missable content
Missable Content In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

We will now list down all the content you can miss while playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These are a bit different than the points of no return. Missable contents are the instances where a player might not pay attention to something and overlook it. However, they can later return to these places, quests, or items.

  1. Quests Marked As ‘?’: Many standard quests and hero quests are marked with a ‘?’ symbol when you approach them. It’s possible to overlook this symbol on your map, and as a result, you might miss the opportunity to unlock new heroes or complete side quests. To avoid missing out, keep a close eye on your surroundings and be sure to participate in these quests when you come across them.
  2. Containers: Containers are scattered throughout the game world and are often marked on the minimap. However, players can still miss them if they’re not attentive. To ensure you don’t overlook containers, pay close attention to your minimap and open any containers you come across. Once a container is opened, it becomes empty and no longer provides its contents.

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Here are the two contents that you might miss during your Xenoblade Chronicles 3 playthrough.

Points That You Can Return To 

There are a couple of instances that may initially appear to be points of no return or irreversible decisions, but they can be reversed or resolved:

Hero Leaving The Party

At a certain point in the game, one of the heroes in your party may leave temporarily. While it may seem like they won’t return, rest assured that this is part of the story, and the hero will rejoin your party once certain criteria are met. So, don’t worry if you feel like you’ve missed out on using that hero; you’ll have the opportunity to have them back.

Mio’s Hairstyle

In Chapter 6 of the game, you’ll be asked to choose Mio’s hairstyle. You can opt for a short or long hairstyle based on your preference. Initially, it may seem like a permanent decision, but you can change Mio’s hairstyle later in the game. To do so, open the Menu (press X), go to ‘System,’ select ‘Options,’ and then choose ‘Game Settings.’ Under the ‘Select Mio’s hairstyle’ tab, you can pick the hairstyle you prefer.

These instances serve to highlight that some decisions or events in the game may seem irreversible, but Xenoblade Chronicles 3 provides flexibility and options to accommodate player preferences and the progression of the story.

How To Get Back To Points Of No Return?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pause menu
How to get back to Points of no return in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

So what if you made a mistake while playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Although, there’s no outright option in the game to recover missed events. However, we have included a few things you could go for in case you get stuck in a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 point of no return.

Reload The Last Saved File

The OG gamer method! If you think you missed something or are at a point of no return, then simply choose a previous save file and reload the game from there. Now you can make better decisions as you roll towards 100% completion. 

The mentioned method requires a habit of saving the game every short while. It’s beneficial to save your game every 15 minutes. This way, you can easily load up a freshly saved file which won’t make you lose hours of gameplay.

Playing The New Game+

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 New Game plus
New Game+ in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

After completing your first playthrough, the game will provide you with an option to replay the game in the New Game+ mode. Here the enemies are tougher and more challenging. 

So in case you have missed a lot of content in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and don’t have a saved file to replay from. You can easily use this guide and keep the missable contents in your mind when you play the New Game+ mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. 

We know these methods don’t offer a quick solution, but sadly these are the only viable options you can go for if you’re at a point of no return in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Thank you for reading through our article. We hope that our guide about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Point of no Return was helpful!

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