Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion: Role, Arts, Skills & More

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion guide explains every single detail you need to know about Taion in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s well-written characters bring life to its world. One of these great characters is Taion in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Many players have taken a liking to Taoin mainly because of his depicted intelligence and his combat skills. Also, give our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Melia: The Definitive Guide a shot.

Key Highlights
  • Taion is one of the greatest characters in the game, who is known for his intelligence and combat skills.
  • Taion’s default class is Tactician, but it can be changed later.
  • He can heal allies while also giving them buffs at the same time and can put a debuff stat on enemies during battles.
  • Taion’s best arts include Stormy Skies, Avenging Eagle, and Hazy Figure.
  • To increase Taion’s rank cap, a side quest related to him must be completed, which can only be unlocked during Chapter 6, after reaching Level 10 with Taion and having Manana and Riku in your party.

So if you are also among those players who have decided to use him in your party, then our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion guide is just for you. In this guide, we will be covering Taion’s arts, his Ouroboros arts, his playstyle, the best builds for him, and last but not least, Taion’s accessories.

So buckle up and prepare to learn everything about this nerdy teen. While you’re at it, consider our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gems List guide.

Taoin’s Background In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion's Background
Taion’s Background

Before continuing, having a general idea about Taion is definitely worth it, so let us cover that first. Fortunately, Taion is one of those characters who are playable from the start. His default class is Tactician, but that can be changed later for better or worse. Also, give our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 BEST Heroes guide a shot.

Taion’s Role

As for his role during battle, he can heal your allies while also giving them buffs at the same time. And the last mentionable fact about Taion can put a debuff stat on enemies during battles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

That said, let’s cover his default arts in battle. While you are at it, take a break and read our Do I need to play Xenoblade 2 before 3 guide.

Taion’s Best Arts

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion's Best arts
Taion’s Best arts

The three arts that Taion possesses in the early game are as follows

  • Stormy Skies
  • Avenging Eagle
  • Hazy Figure

Let’s expand more on these first.

Stormy Skies

The Stormy Skies is an Attack On Area (AOE) type of attack, which means it will not be target specific. Its main purpose is to heal allies’ HP in the vicinity, so there’s your go-to option in case you find yourself in a tough spot. As for Stormy Skies’ recharge gauge, it takes five auto attacks to recharge it completely.

Hazy Figure

Just like Stormy Skies, Hazy Figure is another AOE type of attack. Upon activation, it puts a buff in a small radius around you which raises the evasion rate of your allies. Its recharge gauge is filled after four auto attacks. One mentionable thing about Hazy Figure is it works extremely well when used in combination with a member from Zephyr class in your party.

Avenging Eagle

Last but not least, the Avenging Eagle is a frontward AOE meaning it will land where you aim it, causing its impact on a large area. Its function is the total opposite of the Hazy Figure, and it lowers your enemies’ evasion rate. This means you can inflict status effects more easily. As for the recharge gauge, it will be filled completely after five auto attacks.

Increasing Taion’s Rank Cap

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion’s Rank Cap
Taion’s Rank Cap

In the following section of our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Taion guides, we will discuss how to increase the rank cap for Taion or the Tactician class as a whole. You can increase Taion’s rank cap by completing a side quest related to him.

But you need to unlock the quest in the first place so let us cover that first. Before continuing, read our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Fast Travel: How To Unlock guide since you might need it for the mentioned side quest.


Of course, make sure you have first reached Level 10 with Taion before trying to increase his level cap; otherwise, it is pointless. Another thing worth mentioning is that this side quest can only be unlocked during Chapter 6 so keep that in mind as well. That said, let’s see how to unlock the mentioned side quest.

Unlocking The Quest

Your first step is to make sure that you have Manana and  Riku at your party. The next step is to level up Taion to level 10. Now for the hard part, you need to complete some quests around Colony Lambda.

Once you have completed enough quests, a dialogue between two NPCs will appear for you to overhear. However, the exact number of quests required to unlock that dialogue is currently unknown.

Anyways, the mentioned dialogue will appear at Ascension Grounds in the Agnus Castle region right in front of the “Death’s Door” resting spot. It will be marked by the “?” symbol on the map. Walk up to the NPCs and wait for their dialogue to finish. Then the game will tell you that you have acquired info about “The Sea.”

Now discuss the newly acquired info at the Inlet Camp resting spot, and the side quest will be unlocked. Your last step is to complete the side quest successfully, and finally, you will receive a notification telling you that you have increased the rank cap for the tactician class.

Taion’s Accessories 

When choosing accessories for Taion in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, make sure that the ones you choose are related to the healing class. The reason for that is that the Tactician class’ base healing ability is mid, to say the least.

Therefore using accessories that can increase his healing ability is a must. And your best bet for that is Circlet of Intellect and Harvest Necklace.

Best Classes And Skills For Taion

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Classes and Skills for Taion
Best Classes and Skills for Taion

When it comes to choosing a class and skills for Taion, make sure to choose those which will lower your Aggro but raise your defense stats. For example, Medic Gunner’s Ninja Healer skill is an excellent skill for Taion to learn since it reduces his Aggro.

Or take a look at Heavy Guard’s Defensive Soul skill, which increases Taion’s durability on the battlefield. As for the classes, Guardian Commander, Strategos and Lifesage are the best options for Taion.

Taion’s Best Ouroboros Arts

an Ouroboros
An Ouroboros

Taion’s Ourobors form is what makes him even more overpowered in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. So, let us look at the best arts he uses in this form.


The Atomize is an AOE type of attack whose effect is cast around its user. As for its effects, there are two of them. The first one is it inflicts blaze and blowdown upon activation. The second one is that it allows you to evade enemy attacks while it is active.

Body Double

Unlike the Atomize, the Body Double targets one entity at a time. The attack is more RNG based. Basically, when the art lands on the enemy, it applies any randomly chosen debuff on the foe.

Fleeting Form

The fleeting form is more of buff and less of an attack. Upon activation, it causes all party members to regenerate; that’s all there is to Fleeting Form.

That wraps up everything you needed to know about Taion in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. If you found our guide helpful, then our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie guide will also be of interest to you.

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