Xenoblade Chronicles 3 XP Farming Guide [Best Ways]

Not gaining enough XP in XC3? Check out the guide for the possible best ways to get it.

Leveling up in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is crucial as you get access to new locations on the map to explore that have tons of exciting adventures along with advanced unlockable gear to face them. So, today we will discuss the best strategies and most optimal ways for farming XP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to level up your gaming experience.

Key Highlights
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, experience points (XP) are used to level up your character and increase their stats
  • Here is a list of ways you can get XP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Completing side quests and hero quests is a good way to earn a large amount of XP
  • Exploring landmarks and using rest spots can provide bonus XP
  • Using overkills, cooking, and defeating mini-bosses and bosses can also yield a good amount of XP
  • It is recommended to try a combination of these methods in order to maximize your XP gains.

What Is XP In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

XP or EXP are referred to as the Experience Points in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In order to upgrade your character level and equipment, you need to increase your XP. The more XP points you earn, the stronger your hero gets. XP is primarily used to level up your characters and increase their stats. So, gaining more XP will unlock the extra potential of your character to fight off advanced monsters and enemies.

Earning XP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is not an easy task. Just like the name tells, you need to earn experience in the game, which can be done by exploring the maps, doing certain tasks, completing tons of missions, and crafting plenty of gear. So, stay with us as we will discuss the best possible way to boost your XP points.

Best Ways To Farm XP In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Class

Below are the best ways of earning XP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Make sure to try them all in order to gain maximum experience points and boost your level in the game.

Complete Side Quests

Completing the Side Quests of the game is one of the easiest methods to gain XP in Xenoblade Chronicles. This method is comparatively simpler as the side quests are typically easier to perform as compared to main storyline missions.

Performing a side quest can provide you with thousands of extra XP, which will assist in boosting your XP bar. Also, try to go for Hero Quests rather than Standard Quests if you are farming XP, as hero Quests give far more experience once completed. In addition to that, it also rewards you with new classes and heroes. If you want in-depth details of all the classes in the game, then make sure to check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Classes guide.

The hero Quests can be distinguished by their yellow marking on the map as compared to the Standard Quests, which are marked as green on the map. Also, make sure to look out for new popping question marks on the map, as they will lead you to new side quests and tasks.

Explore Landmarks

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
XC3 Landmarks

Exploring Landmarks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is another optimal way to earn XP. All you have to do is visit the high-level locations on the map and explore the area. During explorations, you will encounter several enemies and new monsters, and fighting them is a great option to get XP as they provide plenty of loot along with decent Experience Points once they are defeated.

Rest Spots

Taking the use of Rest Spots to your advantage is a unique way of gaining XP in XC3. Rest spots are the areas where you can rest to heal and do basic in-game activities such as healing, cooking, and crafting equipment. Performing these activities provides you with additional XP points.

So, make sure to pause your adventure and stay for a while in the Rest Spots to get some bonus XP, as every activity performed at the Rest Spots provides extra experience points.

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Use Overkills

Using Overkills rewards you with tons of XP as you finish the opponents with Amazing or Bravo ratings. You can take advantage of the Overkill feature by farming the Unique and Elite Monsters as they are tankier with high health, allowing you to initiate chain attacks and trigger the Overkill mechanics. 

Chain Orders

In order to initiate an Overkill attack, you must initiate the Chain Attacks that will deal an enormous amount of damage to the opponent and give you the option of Overkill to end the attack.

Cook For A Level Up

Cooking might not be the most optimal way of farming XP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Still, it is comparatively simpler to receive some extra experience points without much effort. So, make sure to cook some meals in your free time as it will not only heal you but also give you some bonus XP for preparing them.

Kill Elite And Unique Monsters

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features a lot of Elite and Unique Monsters in the game, and slaying these monsters rewards you with a bonus XP. In order to farm more experience points, you can look for the locations of these monsters on the map specifically to hunt them down.

Unique Monsters
Hunting Unique Monsters

Slaying the Elite beasts in the game rewards you an Elite Bonus of 250% XP along with 300% CP with a considerable amount of Gold, so make sure to make these monsters your priority while farming XP.

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Eat XP Boosting Meals

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you have plenty of choices when it comes to a meal. Each meal has different perks as some heal you and regenerate your HP bar while some provide you with unique powers and abilities. Similarly, there are some specific meals that will provide you an additional EXP boost on eating them as compared to others.

XP Boosting Food
Cooking Process

So, while you are farming XP, make sure to eat these meals before doing your other task, as the meal will provide you an XP boost, rewarding you extra EXP points for each task you perform. Here are the two meals that provide you XP boost in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

MealEffects How to Get
Redfish Grillwrap20% EXP Boost for 28 minutesIt can be bought at the Lambda Canteen once you finish the “Lambda’s Problems” quest.
Squishy-Fishy Grillwrap15% EXP Boost and 5% Collectible Boost for 15 minutes


Unlocked after eating the Redfish Grillwrap. Squishy-Fishy Grillwrap can also be cooked at Rest Spot once Manana learns the recipe.

Change The Difficulty To Easy

If you are having trouble facing the tough missions and hectic adventures in the game, then you should consider lowering your difficulty level. The XP gain in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is not dependent on difficulty level, so it is better to play the game at lower difficulty as you will be able to clear the strenuous tasks more easily.

Changing the difficulty level of the game is completely your choice. If you love to face exciting adventures and unpredictable encounters, then you can keep the difficulty level you like, but if you really want to gain more XP in an easy way, then lowering your difficulty level will surely help you as killing the Unique monsters and sturdy enemies will become comparatively easy that will grant you tons of XP.


This sums up our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 XP farming guide. If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will surely get a boost in XP gain, which will help you to level up fast and unlock more items, maps, gears, and objectives. If you want to know the ending of the game, then make sure to check out our Ending of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide. 


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The XC3 story is plotted in a world named Aionios, where two groups, namely; Keves and Agnus, are battling for resources. As the story continues, Six members are introduced in the first chapter. These characters are Noah, Lenz, Eunie, Mio, Taian, and Sena, which are forced to team up to battle an unexpected threat, and the gameplay continues. 

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Now, let’s dive into the best strategies for gaining maximum XP in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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