Diablo Immortal: How To Find Zakarum Sigil

How to start the journey of collecting Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal, and how to put it to the best use for high-tier loot.

Diablo Immortal’s map is vast, consisting of 8 regions. According to the server’s clock, you get special events that give you rare rewards. When the event starts, you get a notification that an event is nearby. One reward you can get yourself is Zakarum Sigil, consider acquiring this item as a journey rather than a single mission. It is because it has a special purpose rather than just being a reward. To give you the gist, Zakarum Sigil comes after beating one boss to beat another.

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal has many activities for players to do and earn rewards in different regions of the map, one of the most game-changing items is Zakarum Sigil.
  • Getting this item isn’t easy by any means, this requires a lot of farming by defeating the boss: Lord Martanos.
  • You can find this boss near the Frozen Descent Waypoint, where you have to wake up first before engaging in the fight.
  • The item Zakarum Sigil is very rare to obtain but you can increase its chances to drop by increasing the difficulty level and the boss respawns every 30 minutes.
  • The boss has a shield so you need to fight at the right time to distract and attack him so it’s recommended to have a versatile character like Monk to defeat him easily.
  • Once you acquire Zakarum Sigil, the main purpose of this sigil is to use these at altars in Mount Zavain.
  • But you should only use these during the Ancient Nightmare event where you will have to beat a boss and acquire high-level rewards.

Journey of Zakarum Sigil 

The search for Zakarum Sigil can begin earliest at 8 AM of your server time. Although the earliest is 8 AM, the zone can be accessed after every 2 hours till midnight. So, make sure you begin your journey on time.

Diablo Immortal Zakarium Sigil
Zakarum Sigil

Locate Lord Martanos 

Lord Martanos Location
Location of Lord Martanos

Once you reach Frozen Descent Waypoint, you will find Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal somewhere nearby. However, you will not see him prepared, ready to fight you. He is sleeping, and you are here to wake him up, then put him back to sleep. To wake him up, you need to activate his grave altar.

Once his grave altar is activated, he will rise, and the battle will begin. Do not make the mistake of taking him easy. But neither take him too seriously about being deadly that you lower the difficulty setting.

Remember, if you lower your difficulty setting, you will lose the chances of getting high-tier loot. Try as much as you can at higher difficulty so you can get better gameplay and rewards. After all, the event has a lot of time as Lord Martanos will be available again after every 30 minutes. While you’re at it, consider reading our Diablo Immortal Change Difficulty Setting guide and learn how to do it. 

Defeat Lord Martanos 

When the battle between your team and Lord Martanos begins, you will notice a shield around him. It is his persistent shield that will nullify any incoming damage. He will also use his AoE attacks which are quite deadly. His AoE attacks will have high damage, but the range will be short.

We prefer that you keep one Wizard or Demon Hunter at least in your team composition. Use Wizard and Demon Hunter to damage him and gain his attention. These are long-range characters, so Martanos’ AoE attacks will not damage them, and they will not face any trouble.

However, use the melee class such as Barbarian, Monk, and Necromancer to deal high damage once Martanos is distracted. Do not forget that the purpose of this fight is to get Diablo Immortal’s Zakarum Sigil. It allows you to keep the Altars activated. It will also give your enemies an additional stun along with 20% damage.

Although you will get Zakarum Sigil after defeating Lord Martanos, you can still activate your Altars. However, without the Zakarum Sigil, each Altar will take a minute to activate. It may not seem the most effective way during the battle but use them anyway.

Knowing that his AoE attacks are deadly, never get too close to your teammates, and advise them the same. It will help your team to get better off angles on Martanos and not make everyone fall into a single deadly AoE attack.

With this strategy, you will be able to beat Lord Martanos. You will receive high-tier loot, and along with it, you will get Zakarum Sigil. Moreover, you can also defeat Martanos again and again for farming and to get as much Zakarum Sigil as possible. Now that you have the item let’s step further into the journey and put the precious item to work.

Defeat the Ancient Nightmare

Diablo Immortal: The Ancient Nightmare
The Ancient Nightmare Shield’s Percent

To take on the Ancient Nightmare in Diablo Immortal, you will need to go to Mount Zavain Region which is near Misty Valley, the valley which Ancient Nightmare guards. If you go there after midnight and before 8 AM, you will not be able to find him. So, be there on time, and you will see the Ancient Nightmare spawn near Misty Valley.

Take Down His Shield

Diablo Immortal: Altar's Proximity
Altar’s Proximity

Like Lord Martanos, the Ancient Nightmare is also protected by a shield. However, not only does his shield protect him, but it also gives substantial damage to whoever comes in its way. You will need to keep on destroying Ancient Nightmare’s shield because unless you deal with it, you will not be able to damage him.

If Lord Martanos’ fight was tough for you, then you need to up your game in the upcoming one, as taking down his shield is not easy. So, when the battle begins, keep moving ahead of him so you can activate Altar and Zakarum Sigil.

You will find many Altars in the area while you are fighting Ancient Nightmare. You can activate these by using Zakarum Sigil, which you received from Lord Martanos. When they are activated, Ancient Nightmare’s shield will deplete more.

When Altar is working, you will be able to see a range of it. Your team’s aim is to keep Ancient Nightmare inside the range, so his shield remains low, and you can damage him directly. However, if he is about to leave Altar’s range, then retreat as his shield will return, and you will not be able to damage him directly.

That will happen quite often, but whenever it happens, just keep going ahead of him and activate the Altar. Therefore, with the help of Altar and Zakarum Sigil, you will be able to take down his shield.

The Final Touch Against Ancient Nightmare

Once his shield is gone, the Ancient Nightmare will be vulnerable to your team’s attacks. However, now you will have to be extra cautious because he will start using his attacks. He also has various AoE attacks, which are quite lethal; if you are standing in the range of his AoE attack, your health will drop significantly.

What you can do is, play defensively and focus on keeping him within Altar’s proximity. Use the Altar to protect your teammates as well, and optimize that time by taking him out.

After defeating him successfully, a treasure near his body will spawn, in which you will find high-tier loot. If you joined the battle late, you would get a lesser share in rewards but what you are guaranteed is Enchanted Dust.

Tips for Getting Zakarum Sigil

Throughout the process, you will come across high-tier loot on many occasions. It is not just a one-time quest, and rather you can start it every day from 8 AM till midnight of the server’s time. If you are facing difficulty in completing these quests, then complete them on lower difficulty first.

The reward will not be that attractive, but you will get important items such as Zakarum Sigil and Enchanted Dust. However, once you complete these quests, learn the strategies you used, then use those with higher difficulty to get better rewards.

You may overlook it, but your teammates and their composition matter a lot. Pick people who have already completed this quest or have completed other difficult ones. If there is a skill disparity among your teammates, the coordination might be affected negatively, so make sure their chemistry is good.

During intense moments, strategies might fail. Communication will be key during these moments. Your teammate may be busy with the Altar and Zakarum Sigil while the boss is about to damage him. When it happens, make sure you let him know and try to overcome it.

It might be possible that you completed Lord Martanos’ quest with different teammates. So, now you have some players in your team who do not possess Zakarum Sigil against Ancient Nightmare. If that is the case, then tell them to activate their Altars first. The reason is that those without Zakarum Sigil an Altar once for free.

That is all regarding Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal. Now you know what to expect when you enter into battle against Lord Martanos and the Ancient Nightmare. Plan out your strategy, and don’t forget your health potions.

About Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard Entertainment’s new role-playing game. It is a free-to-play online multiplayer game. The game mechanics of Diablo Immortal, such as leveling up and playstyle, are similar to its predecessors, especially Diablo 2 and Diablo III. However, there have been new additions such as Helliquary, Extracting Essence, and Time-specific tasks or events, which reward you with special items such as Zakarum Sigil in Diablo Immortal. Also, consider reading our Diablo Immortal Class Tier List.

You will come across several boss fights such as Sandstone Golem and Vitaath in Diablo Immortal. Some will be tough and require strategy, while some will just need a solo speedrun. Your strategy will rely upon your team composition and the character class you and your teammates are picking.

The game consists of six-character classes:

  • Barbarian: high damaging class wielding melee weapons focusing mainly on offense.
  • Demon Hunter: a combination of bow hunter along with agility, dealing good damage at range.
  • Necromancer: having short-range attacks with the ability to summon “undead supports.”
  • Crusader: tank and shield of the group, taking on damage while giving freedom to teammates in the fight.
  • Wizard: a hybrid of both: ranged combat and close quarters being the most versatile.
  • Monk: the most agile melee class, dealing destructive damage to enemies while being the most agile.

As you can see, each class has its unique playstyle, and you will need to assess which class matches your playstyle the most. If you are indifferent about choosing any class, then consider reading the Diablo Immortal Best Class guide. It talks about all classes in depth along with their pros and cons.

Since the game is multiplayer, at some point, you will need teammates to complete quests and do raids. Once you pick a class, you will be expected to contribute to your team in a certain way. So, level up the character you feel like you are more interested in. However, you can also level up the character which you feel will contribute the most to the team.

You can read Diablo Immortal Best Solo Class guide to increase your understanding of the game and improve gameplay. If you are confused about picking a server, then consider reading the Diablo Immortal Server list guide. You will find out which server will give you the optimal ping along with good teammates. 

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