Crisis Core FFVII Reunion: How To Get Ziedrich

Learn everything you need to know about Ziedrich and where to obtain it.

Ziedrich in Crisis Core FFVII: Reunion is a high-ranked accessory, and it is ranked as the 7th best accessory in the game. Ziedrich highly affects the stats of your player. However, it can have a positive effect on some stats and a negative effect on other stats. However, the trade-off of stats provided by ziedrich is going to end highly in your favor.

Key Takeaways
  • Ziedrich can be found in Mission 9-5-6: Even Deeper, in a chest.
  • The accessory can affect stats like ATK, VIT, MAG, SPR, and LCK.
  • It also contains its four abilities: Auto Guard Break, HP Limit +, Break Damage Limit, Half Elemental Damage
  • Ziedrich reduces elemental damage taken by half.
  • The selling price for this accessory is zero.

How to Obtain Ziedrich

Mission 9-5-6: Even Deeper
Starting of the cave [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Ziedrich can be obtained in Mission 9-5-6: Even Deeper, from a chest. Searching for ziedrich can be a headache, but we have listed the route below; all you have to do is follow these instructions properly once you hop into Mission 9-5-6.


  • Go straight
  • Turn right
  • Go left around the corner
  • Continue straight
  • Take the U-turn
  • Right after the U-turn, take right
  • Now follow the straight route and open all of the chests that come in your path
  • After a little bit of struggle, you will obtain ziedrich from one of the chests.
Ziedrich Obtained
Ziedrich Obtained [Image Captured by eXputer]

Ziedrich EFFECTS

Once you have obtained and equipped ziedrich, in some manner, it is going to affect your player stats. The accessory has effects on the following listed stats:

  • ATK: After equipping ziedrich your attack stats will increase by +100.
  • VIT: Ziedrich also affects vitality massively. Your vitality stats will increase by +100.
  • MAG: The magic stats are also affected by ziedrich. The magic stats also increase by +100.
  • SPR: Ziedrich highly affects the spirit stats as well. You will see a +100 increase in the spirits stats.
  • LCK: Unlike the stats mentioned above, luck is not positively affected by ziedrich, but it is negatively affected. You will see a -5 stats decrease in luck.

Apart from the stats discussed above, there is another benefit of ziedrich; it cuts downs the effect of all elemental attacks that you receive by half.


Ziedrich not only shows massive effects on your player stats but also has some abilities of its own that are listed below:

  • Auto Guard
  • Break HP Limit +
  • Break Damage Limit
  • Half Elemental Damage

The Wrap-Up

As far as it is in our knowledge, Ziedrich in Crisis Core Reunion can only be obtained in Mission 9-5-6: Even Deeper. There are no other ways of obtaining ziedrich. As Crisis Core FFVII: Reunion is a remastered edition of the Crisis Core and a prequel to Final Fantasy VII featuring updated Graphics, Combat Systems, and Soundtracks.

If you are reading this guide, it means that you have progressed quite far into the game, and you must have noticed that Crisis Core Reunion is swarming with high-level enemies, Bahamut Fury. To defeat such high-level enemies easily, you can check out our guides on more accessories, Cursed Ring, which can also affect your player stats. In order to earn large amounts of Gil in no time, you can check out our guide on Gold Rolling Pin.


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