Halo: The Master chief Collection Test Phase Coming For All Xbox One MCC Insiders

Halo: The Master Chief Collection initially launched with matchmaking that was littered with problems. However, developer 343 Industries is determined to right their wrongs and has opened the next test phase for Halo: The Master Chief Collection insiders who participated in Test Flight 1 & 2.

Community Director at 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, announced that the new insider build for Halo: The Master chief Collection insiders is an early-access pre-flight to test out the current build of the game before opening up the test phase to everyone who have signed up for the insiders program.

We’re considering PHASE ONE: EARLY ACCESS for Flight #3 and as such, only those participants who are already active in the flight ring will be able to play. With your help, the team hopes to validate this build and assuming everything goes according to plan, we’ll move into PHASE TWO – which could be as early as next week. PHASE TWO will then open up to EVERYONE who is registered with the MCC Insider Program. To those of you who’ve been patiently waiting on the sidelines – your time is almost here!

Furthermore, the insider build also comes with the support for LAN, which is a good thing. However, online connection is still required in order to play the game on LAN but, the devs have noted that it won’t be the requirement for the retail version.

This is a new feature that allows players who are on the same network to play with each other via a local connection with minimal latency. LAN is accessible via the “Options & Career” page under “Settings.”

The “Network” tab will show a module where players can navigate from “Xbox Live (Default)” to “LAN.” When set to “LAN”, this will populate the Roster to display all players who are on the same network.

NOTE: For the MCC Insider build only, LAN play will still require all players to be connected to the internet. An internet connection will NOT be required once the update is released to retail MCC.

What is interesting is that the insider build for the game comes with Intelligent Delivery System. For those who don’t know, the Intelligent Delivery System allows players to select which components of the Master Chief Collection they wants installed.

Meaning if you don’t want to download multiplayer component of any Halo game in the collection then you can just skip it and download the campaign instead. This is a good system that will save a lot of space since Microsoft games are known to have download size close to 100 GB.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the collection of the first four Halo games along with the spin-offs with upgraded graphics.

Source: Halowaypoint

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