Intel’s New 28W NUCs With Iris Plus 655 Graphics

Intel's new line of NU

Are small form PCs coming into style?

Well, Intel is alright on banking on the mini-desktop PC market. They’ve done eight generations of their NUC (Next Unit of Computing) line of PCs, and now their releasing a new line coupled with Intel processors holding Iris Plus Graphics 655.

They’ve ditched the 15W chips and have replaced them with 28W ones, and inside the package too is 128 mb eDRAM There are five new models coming out, with three new models and two varients of them. The first will have an i3-8109U Coffee Lake processor, dual-core with four threads and 4 MB cache, and can be pushed up to a mean 3.6 GHz. The second on the list will have an i5-8259U, four cores with eight threads and 6 MB cache, and can be pushed up to 3.8 GHz. The final model will have an i7-8559U, four cores with 8 threads and 8 MB cache, can be pushed up to a glorious 4.5 GHz. Buying that i7 model will give you quite a boost over the previously mentioned models.

But the most fun part about these NUCs is the Iris Plus 655 integrated graphics, clocking in at 300 MHz with the ability to boost up to 1200 MHz. Plenty of power for you to play today’s greatest hits at a smooth framerate while running low-mid graphics.


Tim Kallman

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