Investing In The Future Of Sports: Turtle Beach Partners With Tainted Minds

Turtle Beach is breaking ground in many directions this summer to channel its efforts in enhancing game play. Now on the eSports front, Turtle Beach has just announced its partnership with the Australian organization: Tainted Minds. The headphone brand will now be their official gaming audio partner and provide its top of the market line of gaming accessories to facilitate the team’s players in competitive online sports.

This partnership is monumental as eSports has emerged as the new mode of competitive game play, trumping traditional hands-on in the field athletic sports. ESports are competitive multiplayer video game face offs usually between renowned video game personalities and professionals which are broadcast on the internet for a large audience of gaming fans to tune in to watch. ESport games are categorized into one of five main genres: first person shooters (FPS) like the Call of Duty series, real-time strategies (RTS) like Warcraft III, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) like League of Legends, sports like the FIFA series, and racing like Project CARS.

ESports have a lot of hype surrounding them and are made into proper gaming events, not just two players competing online from home. The games require proper gaming arenas like the Eleague eSports Arenas located at many prime locations across the United States of America. Today, the most popular eSport games include the Call of Duty series, Defence of the Ancients 2, and League of Legends. Participants of these eSport competitions enter for a chance to win huge cash prizes of millions of US dollars which is fitting since the eSports industry earns revenues in billions and these revenues are projected to grow tremendously in the next few years

Just like with real sports, there are teams, managers, and star players in the eSport industry. Some of the highest earning players include the 25 year old Kuro “Kuroky” Takhasomi from Germany who is known for his play of Dota 2. He has earned US $3,740,477.75 from 89 tournaments. Another note worthy name in the industry is Jordanian 21 year old Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi who has earned US $3,313,886.88 from just 43 tournaments. He ranks number one in his country and number two in the whole world after Kuro Takhasomi. ESports has clearly become an involved profession. Professional teams such as Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses have used eSports to rise to fame. Team Liquid has earned itself the title of the greatest Dota team, having earned US $18,231,389.11 from 1,130 tournaments with Dota 2 bringing in most of its price money: a whopping $ 14,258,294.51. Evil Geniuses, a San Francisco based team, has earnings of US $16,670,734.93 from 685 tournaments with their most commonly player and highest earning game also being Dota 2.

With that said, Turtle Beach’s new partnership with the Australian team Tainted minds is a significant business venture as the face of sports is rapidly bringing eSports to headline the cover worldwide. Just as the world has spent decades investing in the best gears for the FIFA worldcup teams and for many other sporting associations, many companies are now investing in the rapidly growing eSport industry. Turtle Beach’s newest partner Tainted Minds is run by CEO Nick “DSavagee” Bobir and has managed to earn US $50,425. The team may not compare to the world’s top ten, but it has a lot of momentum to climb its way up there with sponsorship from Plantronics Gaming, Lenovo, KontrolFreek, SCUF Gaming,, and now Turtle Beach. Being a mutually beneficial partnership, this will publicize the products of Turtle Beach in the process while giving them an outlet to passionately innovate their technology to adapt with the requirements of the gaming industry. If Turtle Beach is Tainted Mind’s chosen range of equipment to help them compete for their wins, why isn’t it yours? Upgrade your audio gear to the latest from Turtle Beach available to order online on their website.

Sarmad Burki

Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.
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