Join The Beta Run Before Icons: Combat Arena Hits The Shelves

There is a new free platform fighter game in town and it’s coming to your PCs on the 12th of July, 2018. To conduct a final test on the game before its official release, the developers at Wavedash Games have extended an open invitation to gaming enthusiasts to sign up for the beta run of Icons: Combat Arena and play from the game from the 29th of June till the 1st of July. Here’s a look at the intergalactic world of the game as well as the reveal of their latest character, Weishan, one of the 7 announced for the initial release of Icons: Combat Arena.

The game features 7 icons to play under so far with more coming soon: Ashani, Kidd, Raymer, Zhurong, Zana, Afi & Galu, and Weishan. Ashani is an innovative human CEO and entrepreneur from Earth who is fighting to spread the popularity of “Earth Tech” in the Galaxy. Kidd is a quick and witty bounty hunter from the world FERO 3. Raymer is another contestant from Earth, a rather selfish gunman, and it doesn’t seem that he’s there to advance Earth’s cause. Zhurong is another female fighter, an empress from Cloud empire, who is in the fight to defeat her brother Weishan. She comes with the goal of protecting her world’s throne from her brother’s envious eye and passionate efforts. Xana is a champion fighter from Yoria who is known (read feared) for her grappling skills. She would be unstoppable if it weren’t for her recent defeat to Ashani. Afi & Galu are the last of the characters. They are two but they are one, joined together with a single life force. Like yin and yang, Afi’s power is bending fire as to where Galu works with water. They cannot both be used at the same time. When one is active, the other freezes, but the ability to use two very different powers makes them a deadly combination to watch out for.

The game will be released in 5 modes to start out. They are online play, local play, custom matches, training mode, and 1v1. The matches will be held in the game’s well constructed intergalactic arenas which include at this time: the Wavedash Arena, Cryostation, Combat Lab, MaluMalu, and the Forbidden Shrine.

It seems that Wavedash Games has really set itself up for a winner with this free-to-play online fighter game. The graphics look impeccable and all the perks of the game seem well thought out and detailed. If you can’t wait till the 12th of July to try this game, register for its Beta weekend run now! To be a part of the crowd that gets its hands on the game first well before its release, get a free open beta steam key from here. The game already brings with it a variety of characters (icons), maps, and modes that will keep you busy, yet more are expected from the developers soon after the game’s release as well. Open to all audiences, this may just be one of the most exciting gaming releases of the summer.

Sarmad Burki

Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.
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