Kingdom Come: Deliverance new Hardcore Mode and DLC trailer

Warhorse Studios recently released its game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, earlier this year. It was in February of this year that they, produced along the CryEngine engine, the action RPG won the award for best RPG at Gamescom. Recently though, a new Hardcore Mode, as a free DLC for the game. The Hardcore Mode turns Kingdom Come: Deliverance into a true survival RPG. No visible health or stamina bar, no more autosaving, even more, realistic combat and world navigation. Following the sun and studying the detailed world maps will be crucial to navigating through the vast countryside of Bohemia.

To understand the hardcore mode more, gameplay can be seen below

To give a background to the game, for people who are planning on introducing themselves to the action role playing game. The features include

·        Massive realistic open world: Majestic castles, vast fields, all rendered in stunning high-end graphics
·        Non-linear story: Solve quests in multiple ways, then face the consequences of your decisions
·        Challenging combat: Distance, stealth, or melee. Choose your weapons and execute dozens of unique combos in battles that are as thrilling as they are merciless
·        Character development: Choose your equipment, improve your skills, and earn new perks
·        Dynamic world: Your actions influence the reactions of the people around you. Fight, steal, seduce, threaten, persuade, or bribe. It’s all up to you
·        Historical accuracy: Meet real historical characters and experience the genuine look and feel of medieval Bohemia

“Like every man judged by God, you too have your cross to bear” – The Hardcore Mode introduces unusual perks, like Brittle Bones, Nightmares or Claustrophobia. The player in turn has the option to pick two from these perks that stay with him/her throughout the entire game.

In addition to this new DLC, they announced the new upcoming DLC too. It will be called “From the Ashes” and a teaser can be seen below

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