Larrabee Architect Tom Forsyth Rejoins Intel As Chip Architect Under Raja Koduri

To Work On Upcoming Intel Graphics Cards?

Larrabee Architect Tom Forsyth tweeted that he will be joining Intel yet again as a chip architect under Raja Koduri. He mentioned that he did not know what he will be working on but as soon as he joins, he will find out.

Tom Forsyth

It is no secret that Intel is working on releasing graphics cards before 2020 and this will not be the first time that Intel is taking this route. Larrabee was developed years ago, but Intel decided to make it a  data center as a high-performance computing part. This time things could be different and we are looking forward to Intel competing with AMD and Nvidia in the GPU market space.

Tom Forsyth was one of the people that had a major role in the development of Larrabee and it will be interesting to see what the will be working on now, years later. He will be teaming up with Raja Koduri and it is safe to say that Intel now has an all-star team working on the Intel graphics cards. So expectations are high and we hope that the company can deliver something stellar.

While Intel graphics cards are still early in development and we will not see them before 2020, at least. It is still interesting to hear about such updates. It is safe to say that Tom Forsyth, as well as Raja Koduri, will have a huge role to play in the direction that Intel is taking. Intel is now going to be fighting at two ends, the GPU space as well as the CPU market. It will be interesting to see how well the company will manage that.

While Intel does have the talent pool, manpower and resources needed to pull this off, taking on AMD and Nivida is not an easy task. Not to mention other CPU manufacturers that are bringing their mobile chips to notebooks. ARM-powered notebooks are coming and they will replace Intel chips, that will surely make a dent in the revenue stream of the company. Will getting into the GPU market space counter that dent? That is something that we will have to wait and see.

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