With the Nintendo Switch’s library starting from solely The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch, it has really come a long way. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle was a really big step up during that time, being launched in the August of 2017. It provided itself as a stepping stone for many more games to come. Almost a year later now, Ubisoft has made the Donkey Kong Adventure, downloadable content available today. The trailer for the new game play was released prior to release, during E3 2018. It can be viewed here

A little detail into what would be in store, Ubisoft gives an insight over the general idea behind the DLC. They say, “Donkey Kong swings into Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle this June in an all-new adventure. Nintendo’s best dressed Ape will contend with an unexpected visit from an angry Rabbid Kong and his sinister cohorts, but fortunately, he’ll have the help of Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Cranky – a hybrid of a Rabbid and the eldest “get off my lawn” member of the Kong crew. The introduction of DK and Rabbid Cranky isn’t the only reason to get excited about the challenges that await in this unlikely crossover. We’ve got six other reasons why you’ll want to jump back in for some strategic banana-throwing action.”

The downloadable content would contain four new zones in the Rabbid-ifed world of Donkey Kong, these would be Lagoon, Reef, Jungle, and a yet-to-be-identified area that the team is keeping under wraps for now. It is hinted that there is about 10 hours worth of game play set in these zones.

The main Charaters in focus during this game play would definitely be our old friend, DK and Rabbid. Both these characters, although their inclusion hold great importance, its the abilities and skills they come with that are set to dazzle the players.

Let’s start with the most famous ape, Donkey Kong. He comes equipped with the Bwananarang as a primary attack, capable of hitting multiple enemies in a single toss, as well as his trademark DK ground pound, which can do serious damage to enemies in close range. Meanwhile, Magnet Groove gets DK to bust out his bongos to lure enemies in closer for a ground pound, or out from of cover so he can get a clear shot.

Rabbid Cranky on the other hand, packs a Boombow, and it packs a serious punch as a close-range, wide-spread weapon. What it lacks in distance is made up for by Rabbid Cranky’s Barrel Bolt, which can lob a single shot into a general area at distance, and even over cover, to damage multiple enemies thanks to its Area of Damage bonus.

The game is not only about the free play and kicking butt though, it is, like the original title, apcked with puzzle segments that block the main path. In one such instance, the players encounter a collection of Tiki statues with facial expressions that is to be rearranged using environmental clues in order to proceed.

This DLC is set to revamp the entire title, can be downloaded as part of an adventure Fan Kit or standalone. The fan kit comes with wallpapers to restyle your desktop, phone or tablet.

Sarmad Burki

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