Mutant Year Zero New Game Play Trailer

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, a title developed by FUNCOM, was announced just a few months ago and since then has dazzled quite a few people. They reinforced their market grasp on E3, when they offered a hands-on demo to the people, ending up to win several awards at the event. Now, however, they have gone for a step even further by launching a new gameplay trailer for the whole world to see, keeping all that hype way up. The trailer can be seen below

The trailer was not only the hype at Oslo, Norway, where this announcement took place. Along with this trailer, depicting the game ever so beautifully, they also announced pricing for the games, the special editions that will be coupled with the title as well as kicking the pre-order campaign a huge go ahead. The Bearded Ladies CEO Haraldur Thormundsson said, “It’s the game we always wanted to do and we’re incredibly excited to be working on it. We truly believe the unique mix of turn-based tactical combat combined with freeform exploration, stealth, and the story will offer something new and different gamers have never experienced before.”

The game will be available in two variants: the Standard version, and the Deluxe version. The standard version would run the players $34.99 while the Deluxe version would cost $54.99. The Deluxe version will be bundled with a desktop wallpaper, digital artbook, digital soundtrack, and a digital copy of the Mutant Year Zero pen-and-paper RPG book. Both pre-orders will allow for a three-day early pass while the Deluxe version will go an extra mile and offer Beta-version of the game too. Both the versions may be pre-ordered here at

The game will be powered by the Unreal Engine and will be available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One during the second half of 2018.

Sarmad Burki

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