Take-Two Addresses NBA 2K18 Microtransaction Controversy

Mistakes Were Made

The NBA 2K18 microtransaction controversy is a big one and developers and publishers are pretty terrified of the backlash that Battlefront 2 got. Having that said we saw a lack of paid DLC and season passes at E3 2018. NBA 2K18 sold millions of copies but there are still some issues with the game that fans want to be sorted out.

Take-Two addressed the NBA 2K18 microtransaction controversy and according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick:

“Unquestionably we pay attention to consumer response because we’re so focused on engaging and captivating and entertaining the consumer. Any time we get feedback that is anything less than 1,000-percent positive, we stop and say, what should we do differently? I think there’s a small sliver of the consumer base that basically wants everything for free, we can’t really help those people. I think most consumers just want a fair deal and we do think that part of a fair deal is, you know when you get the check at the end of the meal, it’s not enough that the food tasted good, it has to be a fair deal for what you got. So we’re very focused on it being more than a fair deal; we want to give consumers much more than they paid for.”

There will be changes made and that includes balancing monetization. I think that such mistakes can be forgiven if developers and publishers realize that what they did was indeed wrong and are committed to making it up to the fans. That seems to be the approach that Take-Two is taking as well. Strauss Zelnick further went on to mention the following:

“We do learn every time and we have to balance monetization with the experience. In our case, we sort of all regrouped and said, wait, let’s remind ourselves that we’re in the business of creating the best entertainment on Earth, across all types of entertainment. We’re focused on engaging and captivating consumers. If we do that right and that’s our entire focus, the revenues and the profits will probably take care of themselves, so let’s not overemphasize those. So I’m asking questions now like does big data and having lots of data scientists on your team allow you to enhance your monetization? And the answer is, technically I suppose that would be the case, but are you a monetization company or are you an entertainment company? We’re an entertainment company and when we get that right, everything else flows from it.”

The revenue and profits will indeed take care of themselves. Pleasing the players is what should be the number one priority after making a good game. If more publishers looked at things this way then the world would be a much better place. At least the gaming world.



Talha Amjad

Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.
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