New Gundam Breaker for PlayStation 4

BANDAI NAMCO is well known for producing Gundam games for a long time. The games which are based on the popular Gundam series, which holds a big hype in Japan, is set for a new title for the PlayStation 4. The title was launched today for the PlayStation 4, in Richmond, UK.

New Gundam Breaker is a sequel to the original Gundam Breaker which was released for the PlayStation 3, back in the day. The game’s trailer can be viewed below

The game, this year follows three main tag words, Break! Build! Battle! The game focuses on these as the would be involved in a Fortnite like gameplay, discovering the world of Gundam as they do so. They may customize their armour and can battle with friends in a 3v3 Co-op mode.

The three words around which this game is surrounded are better explained below:

  • Break!
    Hack and slash your way through onslaughts of enemy Gunpla and big bosses to gather various Gunpla parts – from heads to legs, weapons to shields, and everything in-between!
  • Build!
    Create your very own Gunpla to suit your fighting style using parts you’ve collected! Customize your Gunpla off and on the battlefield with new real-time weapon and armor swapping!
  • Battle!
    Battle your way through story mode or team up with three other players in a new 3v3 Co-Op Mode! Fight and collect the most parts to secure your team’s victory!

(As mentioned on their site)

The game is available now for the Playstation for $59.99, at retailers such as Gamestop, Amazon, Bestbuy and Walmart. A digital copy may be purchased via the Bandai Namco online store as well. The game will be coming soon to PC as well, this summer.

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