A New South Park Game Is In Development, Confirmed Matt Stone

There's a new South Game in works, and this one will be 3D!

A few days ago, Bloomberg released a report about the creators of the well-known television series, South Park, signing a contract worth $900 million with ViacomCBS Inc. over the coming 6 years. This was one of the richest contracts in television history and formed some speculations regarding an upcoming South Park game. Well, these speculations have now been confirmed, as Matt Stone, the co-creator of South Park, has officially affirmed the development of a new South Park game.

While the $900 million contract between South Park and ViacomCBS Inc. was signed to extend the television series to 30 seasons and 14 new movies for the franchise, the company has also started working on an upcoming game that’ll be developed by their internal studio. In a separate note mentioned in its newsletter, Bloomberg cited an e-mail from Matt Stone, confirming that the upcoming game is real and currently in development.

New South Park Game
Game On (By Jason Schreier) | Bloomberg

Unfortunately, we still don’t know what this upcoming game will be called. However, it seems like this new South Park game will not be published by Ubisoft, unlike the previous two instalments. Both the previous instalments to the franchise, South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014) and South Park: The Fractured But Whole (2017), were published by Ubisoft but the creators are taking a turn in another direction with this new instalment. We assume that they’re probably doing this to avoid the recent accusations of abuse and misconduct that Ubisoft has faced alongside Blizzard Entertainment.

While discussing the creative authority he and his writing associate, Trey Parker, have over the television series, Matt Stone said, “We do whatever we want, and they are pretty supportive of it… we’re the luckiest guys in TV in that way.”

The previous instalments to the South Park franchise were also 2D. However, recent rumours now suggest that the upcoming instalment will be 3D rather than 2D. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are funding the game’s development themselves, so we can expect the game to be released soon. Both the creators have previously also stated that they’d like to make an open-world RPG, so we can anticipate something new from the upcoming South Park game.

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