All GTA 6 Footage Leaked So Far

It's Christmas time with all these seemingly legit GTA 6 gameplay videos.

Rockstar Games is usually highly cautious of what gets leaked out of its offices, so the situation we have here is nothing but dumbfounding.

Not only one or two, but a whole swath of GTA 6 gameplay footage have managed to squeak into the internet, showcasing various elements of the game, such as voice acting, gunplay mechanics, a car chase, and different protagonists with the latter being similar to GTA 5

The Rundown: 

  • A plethora of GTA 6 content has leaked online.
  • The leaks come from an individual who’s trying to get back at Rockstar for mistreatment.
  • About 90 GTA 6 videos have been leaked on the ANTVRIS YouTube channel alone.

Things have escalated terribly for certain individuals — or so it seems — since the gameplay leak comes from two distinct YouTubers: ANTVRIS and Stranger. The former does not shed light as to the motive behind this forthright action, but Stranger does happen to drop a few words regarding this incident. 

Apparently, the person is enraged with the mistreatment Rockstar Games has managed to express. For starters, the very first GTA 6 leaked video titled simply “GTA 6” has the following to tell the world, “Fu** you guys for the inhumane ways you treated everyone that broke their backs working on this, me included. You deserve to fu**ing crash and burn.” 

From what we can gather after reading that alone, a Rockstar employee or group, now former perhaps, has leaked all these videos in a fit of rage after supposed ill-treatment. The channel description of Stranger also says, “You get what you fu**ing deserve, Rockstar.”

Now, there is a total of six leaked GTA 6 footage uploaded on Stranger’s channel, but wait until you discover what ANTVRIS has got going on their channel. Truth be told, it’s no less than a party with about 90 leaked videos all tending to GTA 6 uploaded on the account and gaining more and more views with each passing second. 

Here’s the first part of the footage that is seemingly making rounds on the internet for showcasing brilliant voice-acting, hitting home to the typical way Rockstar likes to curate its games. The video was uploaded two hours from now and has garnered more than 30,000 views.

The next video in line is GTA 6 (PART 2) where Stranger wants us to look at the game’s development kit in action. A GDK (Game Development Kit) is a program that helps developers tend to titles and create games themselves.

As for the legitimacy of the footage, it’s easy to spot Rockstar’s proprietary software within the video, making the whole thing look no less than the real deal.

Next up we’ve got a relatively more interesting piece of footage that walks us through a strip club within GTA 6. The latter feels like home to every Grand Theft Auto player, mildly speaking, as there’s always one strip club in every mainline GTA title. Check out how the scene looks in the video below.

The visual quality definitely seems to be having an overhaul, not to mention the level design and character movement. This is a big step up from the previous iterations in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

What makes us chuckle in happiness is the fact that most of these leaks are from an early build of the game that is not even close to the final finishing.

What awaits us now is a look at a female protagonist for the very first time in the GTA series. The developers have taken an exceptionally different approach here with regard to the norm of the franchise, making the long-standing rumors come true, therefore.

We observe the character moving around the nightclub and then showing herself the exit door. You can even observe little strings of text surfacing at the bottom half of the screen when an interaction occurs with another non-player character. 

As for the fifth part, we see the female protagonist in action again but this time, she’s showing off her hostile side robbing a diner. Takes us back to the ol’ Cluckin’ Bell from GTA: San Andreas. That said, things are massively different in the present day.

We’re quite not done yet with the fiery Shiela—there’s another leaked video that manages to go more in-depth regarding the game’s development and its various elemental designs. The footage seems to be showcasing the female character taking cover and returning fire in an open scenario with free camera movement. 

The video is without audio and later returns the camera perspective to the shooter in third-person mode. Have a whiff at it below. From the looks of what appears to be an initial version of the game that might perhaps not even have had made it out of the alpha phase, people are already calling it a Rockstar Games masterpiece.

Now that we’re past the initial leaks, let’s kick things up a notch and transition to the major portion of what has been leaked online for GTA 6. First things first, the original source of these leaks pertains to the unofficial GTA Forums where a user going by the name of “teapotuberhacker” claims to be the perpetrator of the leak.

The Original GTA 6 Leak Post
The Original GTA 6 Leak Post

He’s attached a whopping 3.4 GB attachment to the post, allowing the general public to download the recorded GTA 6 footage without breaking a sweat. At the time of writing this article, the file has over 35,000 downloads in the bag and counting. 

Individuals on the forum had their initial thoughts about the post, thereby dismissing it, but little did they know what awaited them inside the attached file. Judging from the voice acting and the dialogue of the in-game characters alone, there’s more than just a sliver of legitimacy allotted to these leaks. 

Now, if you’d like to get up close and personal with a dedicated YouTube page that is seemingly handing out all these leaked videos on a platter, you’d better look toward ANTVRIS. This one has uploaded most — if not all — of the revealed content on the channel. Truth be told, we’d wager that time is running out for this channel owner. 

First posted 6 hours ago from the time of writing, here’s what some version of car chase gameplay will look like in GTA 6. 

Moreover, here’s one more hidden footage gameplay that the developers were working on. The video showcases the player walking and then sprinting, therefore coming back to a walking position. The sequence looks similar to the real deal in all actuality.

The animation, texture, tools, and the rest of the illumination strongly resemble the masterly work of Red Dead  Redemption II which we’re quite fond of. Go ahead and scour the ANTVRIS YouTube channel to find more of the leaked videos of what appears to be the next big thing in Rockstar Games’ line-up of IPs. 

Do let us know what you think of the footage down in the comments section. These are happily mysterious times for fans of the gaming industry, but the same certainly cannot be said by Rockstar. 

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