Apex Legends Fragment Map Recreated In Minecraft

Reddit user reimagines the Fragment East and Fragment West map in Minecraft; plans to recreate the entire map soon.

Minecraft players are always looking to do more and more creative things. Sometimes, players will make working smartphones in the game, while others will make a completely playable GameBoy console with the original graphics. The term “limit” simply does not exist for the players in Minecraft as their imagination and skills are the only barriers to block them from creating anything. Amidst the storms of such creative displays of their artworks in Minecraft, u/kurobekuro on Reddit recreated a realistic version of the Fragment East/Fragment West map from Season 6 of Apex Legends in the game.

I made Fragment East/Fragment West in Minecraft! from apexlegends

A few days ago, the user shared a screenshot of the recreated map with a title saying, “I made Fragment East/Fragment West in Minecraft!” in r/apexlegends. The picture of the map fragment looks exactly like the original map from Season 6, including buildings, terrains, grass and everything in between. It feels enchanting to stare at the screenshot and admire the artwork put forward by the player. 

Other Reddit users were also impressed by the display as well; “I love it when ppl make apex stuff in Minecraft,” said one user in the comments. Another commented, “that’s cool as hell, must have taken a while :D.” The creator was also kind enough to share a Google Drive link to download the map. But, the story does not end here, as the creator has some other, bigger plans for the Apex Legend map.

While replying to the comments asking if they are working on the complete map or just a fragment of it (pun intended), the creator replied, “We are planning to create a complete map of Season 6.” From the reply, it seems like many people are working on the recreation of the entire map from the game. However, u/kurobekuro never confirmed any release date or even a release window for the entire map in Minecraft. Then again, it is a user-created project, so this is to be expected. The best part about this amazing recreation of the map is the player’s creativity, and we all love and appreciate it.

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