Battle field 5 Beta version restricts users from swearing and passing offensive comments

Everyone can relate when they’re about to score in an open goal and the ball ends up hitting the pole. Everyone can relate to that kind of frustration. Everyone can relate to the frustration when you’re going on a killstreak and a stray bullet from a camper kills it all for you (ever so literally). Everyone can relate to the feeling of shouting ever so loudly in the chat, typing in frustrated comments or even swearing at the teammates that let you down.

Often, this occurs that there are some people in a team or even people who read this who happen to create a racket. This annoys many players who are just there to have fun and play. People also tend to pass personal hate comments and even racial slurs. To counter this problem, developers of the Battle Field 5 Beta version have introduced a profanity filter.

What this filter will do is block off any offensive words used in the chats. For the PC beta version this has been updated and applied for an automatic need while for the console gamer, they will be allowed to report the players they wish to who would have been indulging in such acts. The system would then check for itself, avoiding false accusations and take an action accordingly.

For now, the game is in beta mode and so are its many features. By the time it is released, it would have all the bugs and glitches cleared out of them and give a more smooth gameplay and experience.

Martin Bell

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