Battlefield 2042 Anti-Cheat Handing False-Positive Bans To Players

Players are being banned because of the anti-cheat going haywire.

Battlefield 2042 has been jam-packed with issues since its destructive launch. A recent article highlighted these bugs’ impact on the Battlefield 2042 community, leaving it barren. The player count has dropped to a mere few thousand. A player is more likely to connect with a bot than fellow players. Each new issue sucks out its chances to recover like a parasite. However, it seems like the gameplay isn’t the only thing suffering from massive let-downs, further leaving Battlefield‘s remaining community in dismay.

It appears that Battlefield 2042‘s anti-cheat software is out on a hunt to reduce the leftover player count. Battlefield 2042‘s anti-cheat has been chaotic to players for ridiculous reasons. Players are waking up to see false-positive bans imprisoning their accounts—some being banned for simply having specific software on their PCs. This issue has been plaguing players since its launch. However, it wasn’t given any attention as soon as it should have been.

In the context of gaming, false-positive bans mean that a program or an action by the player convinces the game’s anti-cheat software to classify it as cheating and ban the account. It’s no surprise that a faulty anti-cheat can be so chaotic to any community it decides to go haywire on. 

An anti-cheat software does not malfunction on its own, like Battlefield 2042‘s other game-ruining issues. Anti-cheat seems to be in a primitive state. Battlefield 2042‘s many existing features are not implemented as well as they should. On the other hand, the game has lacked many core features in the first place. Developers being so out-of-touch with the community has also not resolved any hurdles players face.

False-positive Bans Because Of Unrelated Softwares

A notable industry insider, Tom Henderson, has been investigating this case, making valid points and exposing the poor implementation of anti-cheat software in Battlefield 2042. One software that anti-cheat has been banning players is Logitech G hub.

Tom states that over a hundred players have sought his expertise over their false-positive bans in a stream of tweets. False bans have prompted him to scrutinize this occurrence. He has clarified these bans to a reasonable extent.

After a brief investigation, he concluded that three actions by players have gotten them banned, two of which are not eligible cause to ban players. Unrelated software has been the cause of most false-positive bans. Software such as Corsair‘s ICUE and Logitech G Hub controls RGB lighting. Other causes include overclocking utility, MSI Afterburner, or in-game farming XP in the Portal game mode.

He described that from those players banned, 90% used RGB Software, 48% overclocking, and 40% indulged in XP farming. Bans for XP farming in the Portal game mode also seem hypocritical of developers. They confessed how poorly they blundered the progression system by adding an exploitable XP farm that they removed down the line. Tom made some valid points about this:

EA Response To The Onslaught

As we all have come to expect, EA‘s response has been feeble and nonchalant. And instead of trying to connect with the players affected, they made the worst decision. They closed a 164-page thread on the official BF2042 forum to lend the banned players a hand. It’s like they are trying to sweep the mess under the rug at this point.

The lucky individuals who get a reply from EA receive copy-pasted messages of no help. There have been hundreds of stories of players that claim to be false-banned in the thread. There is very little to be done if you are false-banned in this instance. Players may recover their accounts if EA steps in to curb this chaos.

On the whole, Avoid the software that may result in false-positive bans if you are a dedicated player. We can only hope for a promising future of Battlefield 2042. The team claims not to have given up. The director stated, “We’ve got the willingness [to make Battlefield 2042 better], and then some, as well as the talent.” “Lehto promises. “Just is going to take some time. these things are not easy at all.”

The chances of Battlefield 2042‘s recovery are bleak. If they are to release a bundle of patches and updates to fix the broken game, players may be willing to give it another shot. However, most players have moved back to Battlefield V. Many have given up on this title. The quality of the game is sure to improve in the coming months. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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