Controller isn’t the best way to a gamer so keyboard and mouse is where we go – Microsoft

Clearly, Microsoft was not kidding when they said, while announcing their Xbox platforms, that this was the complete package.  Xbox started as a console, solely for gaming. Evolving to a DVD player too and a social platform with its Xbox live. By the time Xbox One was announced, the console had become a fully optimised media consumption platform. And now, The Xbox One X happens to be a master a media consumption, even via streaming. To sum it all up, yes, Microsoft has managed to form an allrounder platform. To put in more effort to that self-proclaimed title, they have announced support for the keyboard and mouse coming pretty soon.

Although this was quite an awaited feature by gamers all around, the specific launch of which was unknown. Yesterday though, Microsoft made their wishes true at their flagship event for the Xbox, X018. Support for Keyboard and mouse was added to the Xbox. At first, it would only be available for Fortnite but other games such as Bomber Crew and Deep Rock Galactic would be added to the mix too, in this month.

This would be a lovely new addition to the excellent console, the Xbox has evolved into. The update would be rolling out any day and would be readily available to play with Fortnite.

Martin Bell

Martin has been pursuing the world of technology since his childhood. Extremely passionate about CS:GO and eSports games, a very enthusiastic person when it comes to PC Hardware. He is the king of the gaming realm and that's what makes him stand out from the crowd.