Diablo Immortal Controversy And Lawsuit

Blizzard just came out with Diablo Immortal, and the game always has a new controversy going around it every single week since its release. Diablo Immortal has been getting hate for both right and wrong reasons. The game itself offers generic yet strangely addicting gameplay where you can raid and have amazing battles like the Shadow War in Diablo Immortal.

That is not all, you can even join Shadow Clans in Diablo Immortal, and there are certain exploits that you can use as well. The secret in Diablo Immortal are fairly good and to keep the players well equipped, the game makes sure to drop set items too.

Even after all this, Diablo Immortal couldn’t steer clear of all the controversies surrounding it. Our guide today will cover every single Controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal, including the most important microtransaction controversy.

Early Impressions of Diablo Immortal

When Diablo Immortal came out, it was clear that Blizzard lacked originality. Rather than having its own original concepts in games, Blizzard uses existing ideas and alternates them a bit, making them more lore-focused. The character designs are also polished, but they follow more or less the same structure. But it’s not like Blizzard actually denies it. Not to mention how frustrated fans were by the Unable to authenticate Error in Diablo Immortal.

demo of diablo immortal
Demo booth of diablo Immortal in Blizzcon

Fans were expecting Diablo 4, but instead, they got a mobile sequel in the form of Diablo Immortal. When we got to see the Demo of the game, it was very clear that Blizzard failed to meet the fan’s expectations.

Instead of coming out with something better and different, Diablo Immortal is oddly no different than other Diablo titles, if not worse.

The early impressions of Diablo Immortal were definitely not great. It has been surrounded by controversies even before it was released. Blizzard alone was not responsible for Diablo Immortal, though; the third-party developers NetEase were just as responsible.

Maybe this could be the reason Diablo Immortal lacked in certain aspects, as there was the involvement of another developer’s ideas too.

Diablo Immortal Not Coming to PC

While this issue is not a controversy in itself, but it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why Diablo Immortal gets so much hate. The developers claim that as much as they loved PC games, Diablo Immortal was meant for mobile phones only. Other Diablo titles did well when they were released across PC.

Fans who were skeptical about Diablo Immortal owing to the endless controversies that surrounded it still wanted to give it a chance. Most seasoned players prefer PC as the controls are much easier, and the overall experience is far better as compared to mobile phones.

Some players feel that mobile games are fairly difficult. This is why we have curated a guide to help you change the Difficulty Settings in Diablo Immortal.

Blizzard is known for the games it brings to PC. Overwatch was one of them. Besides being a PC release, the game was also bought to consoles by the developers.

This is why many fans hoped that Diablo Immortal would come to PC too. But Blizzard was strict on not releasing Diablo Immortal on PC. Fans booed the developers during the Q&A session in Blizzcon, showing how to hurt they were by this decision.

Poor Game Announcement

Another thing that made Diablo Immortal receive so much hate was the way it was announced. Blizzard took it to Blizzcon to announce the release of Diablo Immortal, the crowning reveal in the keynote event.

The fans there were obviously die-hard PC and console players. So instead of getting another great Diablo title for PC, they were met with the release of Diablo Immortal, made specifically for mobile phones.

This sparked much controversy after the company said they were not expecting the reaction they got. Fans were disappointed at the company’s reaction because it clearly meant that the developers weren’t paying heed to the requests of fans.

Not to mention that it’s been six years since the last title, “Diablo 3” was released. There were no announcements of a new title, even virtually until 2018. Even then, fans thought that it would be at least a remaster of the previous title, if not a new one.

But the fact they had to see a mobile game getting released from a company with titles like Overwatch and World of Warcraft under it was disappointing, to say the least.

Diablo Immortal Might Just Be Another Reskin

Another controversy that surrounded Diablo Immortal was the game being a potential reskin. Players claimed that Diablo Immortal feels a lot like NetEase’s Endless of God, which is itself a Diablo knock-off but the mobile version. Diablo Immortal is awful, a lot like Diablo, and that is a problem in itself.

If players wanted to go through gameplay similar to Diablo, they could’ve just played the original Diablo. It’s as if they’ve taken the UI, systems, and assets and altered them a bit by changing a few things like art and story to come up with the mobile version. Instead of assuring the fans, the developers just slammed statements like “ do you guys not have mobile phones?” in their faces.

With fans being turned down like this, they should have been expecting all the controversies that came their way. Fans also faced many issues like Diablo Immortal not working on S10 and Galaxy Devices, which made matters worse.

Diablo Immortal Microtransaction Controversy

Now we will dive into the biggest controversy that Diablo Immortal has had to face since its release. The microtransaction controversy is what made Diablo Immortal the subject of so much hate. We will dive into every aspect of this controversy in our guide. 

microtransaction controversy in Diablo Immortal
In-game microtransactions

Before you read on, keep in mind that in every Free To Play mobile game, microtransactions are always present. Some microtransactions are not that bad as long as they don’t mess with the gameplay experience. But some of the microtransactions in Diablo Immortal do impact the gaming experience.

Microtransactions in Diablo Immortal Are Unusually Expensive

When Diablo Immortal was released, it did not take long for the fans to realize that the in-game microtransactions were very expensive. A video from Bellular News broke down all the microtransactions that Diablo Immortal offers.

The amount of money you’ll need to spend on Diablo Immortal to unlock everything and max out a character fully comes to a whopping $110,000. This is likely why some countries have banned the game too.

The same is the case for the Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal. Blizzard assured you that you wouldn’t have to spend money on gear to be able to enjoy a good gaming experience. Legendary Gems play a huge role in Diablo Immortal. You can upgrade your gear and level up faster using these gems.

It will also affect your progression in the endgame, where you face bosses like Skarn Helliquary in Diablo Immortal. Undoubtedly for a game like Diablo Immortal, the end game is very important.

Since Legendary Gems are tied to your endgame progression, they are very valuable. You can get these gems in the Legendary Crest Loot Boxes. But even with these boxes, they are not guaranteed. If you don’t want to invest in the microtransaction, you can get the Loot boxes by completing the dungeons, but they take an awfully long time to complete, and the probability of getting a Legendary Gem in one of these is extremely low.

Due to this reason, the players who invest money in the game to get the Legendary Crest in Diablo Immortal will have a significant advantage over the ones who don’t. They will level up faster and have better gear. Investment is not a bad thing, but investing a huge amount of money only to be able to have good gear is definitely not worth it.

Controversial Pay-To-Win Tactics

Diablo Immortal went a bit overboard, to say the least, in its microtransactions. The pay-to-win system is complex to understand, and that is because it is veiled in such a way that you’ll want to invest money in flashy and attractive gear and cosmetics.

You will think that the only way you can progress efficiently in Diablo Immortal is by investing in a lot of greens. With time savers also being a huge part of the issue, it is only fair that fans are criticizing Blizzard for negligence in their not so thought out microtransaction system. 

loot chests
You will need to spend a lot on these chests to get Legendary items.

Like any other RPG, dungeon crawler, or looter, Diablo Immortal has a huge time investment. According to Bellular News, it will take about ten years to max out the character in Diablo Immortal fully. This isn’t new to the fans of Diablo, as the previous titles in the series also had hefty time investments. But everyone would agree that ten years’ worth of time investment to max out character is a stretch.

The players have also realized that after some time, it takes very long to level up paragons in Diablo Immortal. Now with you stuck on a certain level, Legendary Gems will look more enticing to you. Because, in all fairness, you’ll be very intrigued by anything that will help you level up faster.

Maybe this is the reason why Diablo Immortal is intended to be so long. Because the longer you play, the greater the profits the developers rake in.

Since Blizzard put a mercy system in Diablo Immortal, which you might think will help you get 5-star items even if luck is not on your side. But keep in mind that you will have to spend more and more money to get Legendary items from the Gacha system in Diablo Immortal.

The items you get might not even be the ones you need. There is also a possibility of getting the same items. All this makes Diablo Immortal prone to more controversies.

Fans Are Not Happy

Some fans don’t really mind transactions, but the majority do. This is the kind of thing that one could expect from companies like EA. But if we look at the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, that also had to face a lot of controversy due to microtransactions.

But EA worked on it and manages to make the transactions less as well as the gameplay. The game required more than 4500 hours or half a year to complete. Also, the microtransactions were roughly estimated to be 2000$.

It is no doubt that Diablo Immortal is far worse than this. The fact that the microtransactions are tied to your endgame progression really questions the mechanics of Diablo Immortal. Do check out our guide on Diablo Immortal tips and tricks to level up faster

The CDFEH Lawsuit

Recently the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard. The reason is that the company has engaged in discrimination, abuse, and sexual harassment against its female employees. Activision Blizzard has denied all the allegations made against it. 

There was another lawsuit by Us Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However,r it was settled for 18 million dollars on the same day. This eyebrow-raising situation really destroyed the company’s reputation, and many fans have boycotted the games by the company too. The controversies keep on adding for Blizzard.

Our Take on Diablo Immortal

Even if we put all the controversies aside for a second and look at the gameplay itself, you don’t see something that innovational. Diablo Immortal is not really different than the standard MMOs. Even so, we can not ignore the fact managed to revenue of 24 million dollars. That too in just after 14 days of it’s its release.

Message for fans from Blizzard after the success of the game

The new CEO of Blizzard, J. Allen Brack, should look into all the controversies instead of ignoring them. Blizzard shouldn’t sacrifice the quality it has maintained just for the sake of profit and some collaboration.

The company still has a long way to go. It is no doubt that it did make so .e progress and maintained some integrity in its games. Blizzard makes sure that PC players don’t miss out on any experience. So we can somewhat hope that they will compensate for Diablo Immortal not coming to PC in one way or another. 

Even if the microtransaction controversy in Diablo Immortal is solved by the company, it will be a long time to recover from the crack in their reputation from CDFEH and EEOC lawsuits. We are not sure what the future of Diablo Immortal may be, but it’s better if the company resolves issues like these before it focuses on Diablo Immortal or other projects.

This concludes our guide on every controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal. Whatever happens next will not only decide how fans see the game but the company as well.

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