Dislyte Takes Down Trailer Due To Racist Imagery

Dislyte under controversy after latest trailer imagery.

Dislyte is a free-to-play mobile experience on iOS and android. In this stylish, urban mythological RPG, you fight alongside heroes with godlike and mythical powers. One of the critical features of the title is the diversity of the characters and the world. The RPG has nailed the unique art style and become a fan favorite amongst the community.  

Unfortunately, Dislyte is under mass controversy after one of their previous trailers named Amunet – Bloody Hunt. This seemingly normal trailer is what you would expect from a trailer, flashy, well animated, and with excellent sound design. But one thing really sticks out like a soar edge.

In the trailer, there is a specific unnamed NPC (Non-playable character) which has a very noticeable feature. This character in question is black, and the element that sticks out is something a lot of people can’t just ignore.

The NPC, after the change.
The NPC before the change

People were swift to notice and started notifying the company about the mistake. The team quickly acted, removed the trailer for a short while, and reuploaded it with changes. The change certainly fixed the issue but badly hurt Dislyte’s reputation. Sentiments of the community also took a hit due to this supposed mistake.

It’s hard to ascertain whether this was intentional or a mistake, but now that it’s fixed, that should not be of much issue. It’s safe to say that this mistake has cost much of the team’s initial respect as they had never made a mistake like this before.

The game also has outstanding diversity if you look up the character designs with many great black characters. Such a mistake was unexpected and surprising. But it was amazing to see the team react to the community and fix their error, showing that the team really cares.

If you want to see the reuploaded trailer, it’s up on all platforms.

What are your thoughts regarding the mistake? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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