Dwarf Fortress Finally Gets A Steam Release After 20 Years Of Development

The game has born anew on the Steam storefront, including features to attract newer players.

Dwarf Fortress is a mesmerizing world builder and a colony management simulator that is sewn together with fantasy and storytelling. The enthralling yet challenging experience leaves you wishing for more runs, despite always causing frustration when an abrupt sequence of events causes everything to go wrong. 

The game was released decennia ago and continued to gain critical acclaim within its reserved community. It had been developing for 20 years, but the game was born anew. It has recently reincarnated out of its former shell like a gorgeous butterfly out of an equally-attractive caterpillar.

In other words, the title has officially appeared on the Steam page, released after two decades of development. The Steam release brings a slew of new additions while retaining its nostalgia-inducing features to captivate both old and newer players alike. 

Major Rundown

  • Dwarf Fortress was recently released on Steam after 20 years of development, supported by players donating to the cause.
  • The game has aged beautifully, garnering new features to mend with its original allure to create a unique experience.
  • The new release brings a new generation of graphics, official mod support, mouse support, an actual tutorial for once, and much more.
  • The developers have shown great enthusiasm in the patch notes regarding the game’s roadmap, future updates, and new modes.

Dwarf Fortress had always been supported by its player base, which kept it running through donations. The Steam release puts a very reasonable price tag on the title instead and includes various new features. Check out the launch trailer below to understand the new enticing path Dwarf Fortress has chosen.

Some of the new Steam release additions include official mod support, mouse support, an official tileset for graphics, a new soundtrack, sound effects, a new UI, and a multitude of quality-of-life changes.

Moreover, there is an actual tutorial for the first time. Yes, you read it right; there really is a tutorial in Dwarf Fortress now. The tutorial will serve as a guide for new players that are not randomly thrown into the game anymore.

The tutorial will help players flourish in the first fortress and give a false sense of hope before the wave of difficulty takes over every game. The new release also aims to bring a new generation of gamers to Dwarf Fortress. 

The developers have expressed excitement in the announcement and also discussed future plans. The game launches with the “Fortress and Legends game modes” that veteran players can easily recognize. The team also cited, “We plan to add the Adventure and Arena modes to these versions of Dwarf Fortress very soon.

The development roadmap lists everything beautifully, proving that Dwarf Fortress will only ripen further with age. However, Bay 12 has you covered if you want to stay at the free classic version.

The team noted that the classical version of the game will still cost no penny to play. Furthermore, it will be continually supported on Bay 12’s site, where it will also see improvements that arrive on Steam’s version. The support will include features like “mouse functionality and other improvements seen in the Steam release.”

Dwarf Fortress initially featured a nostalgic text-based graphics system. However, it soon evolved to support custom tilesets made by the community that allowed users to experience the game through pixelated visuals.

What are your thoughts about Dwarf Fortress, the fan-favorite colony simulator that makes you regret playing it, finally appearing on the Steam storefront? Do you think a new generation of gamers will soon take over the engaging experience? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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