Elden Ring Confidential Trailer Leaked Online

Duly endorsed by a notable journalist as well

Shortly after Jeff Grub’s promising news for Elden Ring in his weekly podcast, we have further information that adds a lot more spice to the hype. The time draws near when we’ll be seeing a full-fledged Elden Ring reveal as recent reports suggest.

According to Video Game Chronicles, the upcoming Soulsborne-like title’s gameplay trailer has seeped into leakage and has been seen by the media company too – that’s what they claim, at least. VGC can confirm that the trailer circulating online is the gameplay reveal intended to be showcased in some time.

To make this news credible and trustworthy, Jason Schreier has stepped in the occasion as well. Referencing the leaked trailer, he says, “This is what I meant when I said there’s tangible evidence we’ll see it soon.” Take a look at his tweet below.

Jason Schreier on Twitter
Jason Schreier on Twitter

Jason is a video game news reporter for Bloomberg and is a well-known journalist who knows the ins and outs of the industry well. Word coming from him rarely misdirects.

Coming back to Elden Ring, the contents of the trailer include combat gameplay up against a vicious dragon and a giant enemy equipped with a sword. This, of course, isn’t uncanny to the followers of the franchise, but what’s brand-spanking-new is the addition of horseback gameplay in an open-world setting.

VGC further writes that no release date was mentioned in the trailer, but it’s now obvious that the developers are soon going to let the cat out of the bag with Elden Ring. Regarding the release though, the pandemic of the Coronavirus has to be weighed in, and expectations have to be set accordingly.

Internally, Elden Ring has been delayed multiple times thanks to the surfacing obstructions in remote working conditions. A certain person has told VGC that it doesn’t seem possible that the game would be released in 2021.

Now that a significant leak has made its way online, it’s only a matter of time before more Elden Ring information is announced officially.

Update: The confidential footage has been leaked on YouTube. Save for the quality, you can witness a shard of this game’s glory for yourself below. Apparently, there’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to Elden Ring that this was leaked on.

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