Hideki Kamiya Casually Confirms Bayonetta 4’s Development

Hideki casually mentions the plans for development of Bayonetta 4 while replying to a tweet.

After the voice actress scandal, Bayonetta 3 was riddled with controversy even before its release. However, the infamy benefited the game by bringing more eyes to the highly-awaited rendition. The title turned out to be a staggering success, featuring action-packed gameplay and the continuation of the Bayonetta storyline.

The Bayonetta game director, Hideki Kamiya, has basically mentioned the eventual development of Bayonetta 4. While replying to a tweet, the director noted how the next entry would better clarify the Bayonetta 3 ending. The story’s wrap-up caused a massive division in the community, with most disliking how it was handled.

Major Takeaway

  • The development of Bayonetta 4 was casually confirmed by the director, Hideki Kamiya, on Twitter.
  • Hideki was discussing the contentious ending of Bayonetta 3 while mentioning the next game. He cited how the next rendition would better explain the conclusion.
  • The next installment was also hinted at during the game’s ending, but now it is officially confirmed.
  • We may not hear anything more official for a few years, judging by how long Bayonetta 3 took to develop.

Hideki Kamiya is well-renowned for being upfront on social media, such as Twitter. The director took to Twitter to clarify Bayonetta 3’s censorious ending, citing how no one understood the ending right and it needs more elaboration in the next rendition. 

Hideki mentioned, “I thought it was nothing unexpected… but the last part of Bayo 3 doesn’t seem to have been conveyed to anyone correctly.” The director then simply confirmed Bayonetta 4’s development in the following sentences. He mentioned that the next game would feature “unexpected development” in the Bayonetta universe.

I think Bayo 4 will be an unexpected development for everyone. After all, when Bayo 4 comes out, I’m sure there will be people who say, “You added that as an afterthought,” so I’ll say it now…” Read Hideki.

The director gives a disclaimer to fans, suggesting to be ready for unexpected wrenches in the Bayonetta lore. We can anticipate Bayonetta 4 to incorporate a bundle of plot twists and turns in the story that no one expects. Perhaps the fans will heed the warning and not cause an uproar if the Bayonetta 4 story is even more dividing.

Hideki indirectly asks fans to prepare themselves for the unpredictable developments in the lore. The following tweet affirms the development of Bayonetta 4. The next entry was already supposedly hinted at during the end of Bayonetta 3; the lore suggested it clearly.

Moreover, the director has shown trust in developing up to 9 installments in the past. However, it becomes impossible to predict how the story progresses in Bayonetta 4. Hideki is known to never bluff at all; we can expect the future installment also to be full of surprises.

Kamiya may take the thrill to a whole new level in Bayonetta 4, but it is a long way away, and we may not hear anything more official for a few years. Furthermore, since Bayonetta 4’s development may not have even started yet, a lot is suspected of changing, and the upcoming title may assume a whole new direction.

If you are unfamiliar, Bayonetta 3 is a single-player, action-adventure title brewed by PlatinumGames for the Nintendo Switch. The franchise’s third entry resumes the lore from the previous two installments. The game has already sold like hotcakes, persisting in dominating the game charts in Japan and worldwide.

The title was praised for its appalling execution but received criticism for the performance issues caused by the old Switch hardware. We may see Bayonetta 4 on the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch, where it can go all-out in realizing the Bayonetta universe.

What are your thoughts about Hideki Kamiya affirming the development of the next iteration already on Twitter? Do you think the controversial ending will be better explained in Bayonetta 4? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below. 

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