Leaked images of Watch Dogs Legion suggest that Ubisoft has overhauled the “play as anyone” mechanic

Watch Dogs Legion is the third installment in the series that takes it to the post-Brexit London. Ubisoft’s Toronto studio is developing it. The game allows the players to play as anyone in the city, which sounds promising, at least on paper. The game was revealed during E3 2018 with a release date of March 2020. Ubisoft allowed some reporters and players to experience the game during last year’s E3. The players did not like the highlight mechanic of the game as it felt a bit bland. The only interesting character to play was an elderly grandma that had slower animations.

A few months ago, Ubisoft announced that the game had been delayed indefinitely. It is expected that the studio took the criticism seriously and was working to make the overall system better. Ubisoft is gearing up for its online event this Sunday, and it is expected that the studio will update on the Watch Dogs Legion too.


Only a few days remain between the event, and the gameplay images of the game have been leaked online. The images show that players can play as anyone ranging from a cop and spy to a footballer. These show that Ubisoft has tried to make the gameplay different for different characters.

For example, the cop has access to police uniforms, a Baton, and the ability to “Bail Out,” which is described as “Team arrest release.” Similarly, the spy wields a special silenced pistol, and he can sabotage the weapons of the adversaries using the unique watch. He also possesses a gadget-rich spy car. Lastly, as a footballer, you can call your friends to aid you in a fight, and the “tough drunk” ability lessens the damage taken by the player.







These images show that Ubisoft overhauled the whole mechanic and made a little more interesting for the players who like to experiment with different playstyles.


Moiz Banoori.

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