Like A Dragon: Ishin! Receives Its First Round Of Performance And Bug Fixes

Xbox and PC platforms will receive the update at a later date.

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  • Like A Dragon: Ishin! launched with a fair share of performance issues. As of March 3rd, 2023, the game has received an update that aims to address these problems.
  • The patch is live for Steam players & PlayStation users will receive it later on in the day. However, this update has been delayed for Xbox and Windows platforms.
  • The next patch for Like A Dragon: Ishin! is already in the works. It will bring several balance adjustments and more fixes.

Unable to escape the clutches of poor performance at launch, Like A Dragon: Ishin! received its first major patch today. RGG Studio tweeted about the update as it went live for Steam players, pointing out some of the issues the patch aims to address.

One of the many issues plaguing the game was the infamous stuttering. Most games developed in Unreal Engine 4 fall prey to this persistent problem. The patch attempts to address this which should result in little to no stuttering when visual effects are rendered for the first time.

Furthermore, Like A Dragon: Ishin! had a crash problem on startup. While this was a rare occurrence, it was a problem nonetheless. The patch notes state that this has been addressed and the game will no longer be a victim of random crashes.

On top of that, some adjustments were made to the UI specifically in regard to ultra-wide displays. Some elements of the interface were out of position on ultra-wide screens. This will no longer be the case as of patch 1.03. Improvements were also made to resolution & monitor selection settings displayed on a multi-screen setup.

Moving on, Like A Dragon: Ishin!’s latest update addresses some gameplay bugs as well including enemies teleporting when heat actions are activated near a door. Along with that, the bug preventing the use of special turrets has been ironed out as well.

Like A Dragon Ishin! Patch Notes for Update 1.03
Like A Dragon Ishin! Patch Notes for Update 1.03

Other bugs such as specific trooper card skills causing crashes in certain missions and changes in heat gauge reduction behavior have been patched.

Another issue in Like A Dragon: Ishin! was the health gauge not increasing when the player unlocked the upgrade on the Gunman skill. This will no longer be the case as of patch 1.03. Aside from these, the patch implements some miscellaneous fixes along with some stability improvements.

Lastly, the number of key presses required when performing the ‘Ichizu Samura (Truehearted Samurai)‘ at the Singing Bar has been decreased.

Like A Dragon: Ishin! Update Delayed For Windows & Xbox

As stated by the RGG team, the update is live on Steam while the PlayStation version of the patch will roll out later on in the day. Furthermore, the patch will arrive for the Xbox and Windows platforms later on in the future. This may be due to the multiple hardware versions that need to be considered.

Ryu Ga Gotoku has further stated that the next patch for Like A Dragon: Ishin! is already in the works. This next update will focus on further fixes and improvements along with several balance adjustments.

While the patch aims to address the performance issues, there hasn’t been an update on the game’s DLC problem that involves a paywall.

SEGA‘s Like A Dragon: Ishin! is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles. 

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