New Characters, Exciting Gameplay and interesting Online Multiplayer make up the new Spelunky 2

Back in 2008, Mossmouth Studios developed a simple yet addictive title called Spelunky. The open source Indie title was released as freeware for the Microsoft Windows platform. A couple of years later, it made it debut on the consoles in 2012 as it was ported to Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Today, almost ten whole years later, the same developer, Mossmouth Studios, comes out with the spicy sequel for the title, Spelunky 2.

The game was originally teased back in 2017 and now we welcome its gameplay trailer. The trailer can be seen here below

The trailer shows that instead of the protagonist from 10 years ago, a girl is spelunking through caves, jumping around with her pickaxe. As it turns out that the protagonist quit his life as a spelunker years ago in order to settle down and have a family. He had a daughter with his wife who takes on the mantle of the spelunking human, who is the main focus of this game.

As for the gameplay introduced in the trailer, the obviously improved graphics are a good main focus of it. Along with that, the trailer goes on to introduce the online multiplayer which not only opens up new ways to play the game but also introduces the characters Ana Splunky, Roffy D. Sloth, Margaret Tunnel and Collin Northward. Interestingly enough, the trailer ends with a possible time for release, giving players to anticipate the game to come out around 2019, probably in the first or the second quarter of it.

Martin Bell

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