PlayStation 5 Outsells Xbox Series X With 4 to 1 Ratio In France

Sony hits home with a stronger launch than Microsoft

While it’s no doubt that the set of next-gen consoles stirred up quite the hype in their wake, Sony seems to be doing reasonably better with the launch of the PlayStation 5. In other news, however, the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console of November, but it’s time to look at the other two powerhouses’ statistics.

The latest word on the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation comes from Ludostrie. This is a French website that’s dedicated to video game journalism. According to their “Infographics of December 11,” we have interesting insight into the next-gen sales.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Infographics
PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Infographics

Pardon the French above, but it’s reported that the PlayStation 5 sold over 107,000 units while the Xbox Series X and S both sold 37,000 units in their debut week in France. In summary, the sales totaled a 4 to 1 ratio for the PlayStation 5 vs the Series X.  In the UK, on the other hand, it’s an entirely different story. PlayStation has outsold Xbox with a formidable margin in England, as you can see in the infographics.

To look back, Ludostrie reports that the PlayStation 4 also performed better in sales than the Xbox One. By the end of 2013, Sony had sold over 114,000 more consoles than Microsoft’s Xbox One. On top of that, the PlayStation 4 also remains the best-selling console in France, with over 6 million sales by 2019’s completion. Second to win the race is the Nintendo Switch, with a total of 3.3 million units sold.

It seems that history has a knack for repeating itself, especially in the domain of Europe when it comes to console preference. While there’s still more to come on this as next-gen console supply begins to strengthen, we can now presume who’s the top dog currently.

Matt Hunter

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