Resident Evil Village’s Disc Editions Leaked in Australia

Beware of the imminent spoilers

Resident Evil Village has been a subject of immense anticipation ever since it was announced officially. The tenth mainline installment in the series features an antagonist like no other and promises to be well worth the hype. However, a multitude of leaks concerning the game has made their way online as time has progressed.

From story leaks to news about an insanely difficult game mode, the post-announcement period has been somewhat unfortunate for Capcom. To top it off, Resident Evil Village’s physical copies have been leaked in Australia, and breaking the street date of video games has become common in the sunburnt country.

First spotted by ResetEra user MauroNL, Kaiser499 has taken to Twitter and announced that disc editions of the game are now up for grabs. He has not mentioned from where exactly though. The game cover does look top-end, to be fair. Have a look.

Resident Evil Village Leaked
Resident Evil Village Physical Copy Leaked

Resident Evil Village is set to be released on May 7, 2021. The fact that physical copies of the game have leaked out more than two weeks before the official launch is quite dramatic. Kaiser499 has also stated that the game size on the PlayStation 5 is 27.37 GB and there is no day-one update yet.

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Matt Hunter

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