Starfield Will Allow You to Customize Your Ship

Soar through space in style

Starfield has been getting its fair share of traction lately, with multiple industry experts wording their opinion on the game’s not-so-clear release date. The first time this sci-fi RPG ever made an appearance on the internet was back in June 2018 where a prompt teaser was uploaded, making us fans drool over the game ever since.

However, a bevy of leaks has been surfacing lately, and what we’ve amassed from recent findings measures to a sleek new feature. First, take a look at this collage of images uploaded on Imgur.

Starfield Old Leak (Left) vs New Leak (Right)
Starfield Old Leak (Left) vs New Leak (Right)

The image on the left is one of the first leaks that ever emerged on behalf of Starfield. If you look at the second image, there’s a considerable difference in the ship’s color, although the shade is more or less similar to the ship on the left. Still, the image on the right has leaked recently and shows a hint of ship customization. Reddit user Deverell66 has revealed that the name of the new image is blackfleet_full03.

Taking into account this small-scale leak, we have secured further information that confirms the happening of this prospect. Several fans and gamers who had probably registered on have received a survey-style email. This is confirmed by Redditor OdahP who posted a screenshot of the survey in the Starfield subreddit.

Starfield Ship Customization Survey
Starfield Ship Customization Survey

The initial part of the first question says, “I spend a lot of time creating my character…” That’s nothing out of the ordinary for typical RPG games where you have to build your character from scratch and work your way up, but the next part, oh that does it.

The question was implied towards asking if ship customization would interest anybody and it seems that the broad consensus has seemed to turn their heads toward the idea. A multitude of gamers would love slapping on different colors on their space wheels, as we’ve gathered word from around the Starfield community.

Therefore, ship customization is going to be a thing in Starfield, but the fundamental question still stands: when are we going to see more of this space shooter? Our wild guess? E3 2021.

Are you as thrilled for Starfield as we are? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.


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