Tower Of Fantasy Bans Over 10,000 Accounts For Cheating

Recently, Tower of Fantasy banned a whopping 6,041 players in Asia-Pacific and 2,369 players in Southeast Asia servers.

Tower of Fantasy has been making rounds in the gaming world. Whether it’s about the similarities it shares with the iconic Genshin Impact or if it’s offering players a brand new, full-of-life world to explore, it’s been the talk of the town. Recently, the developers, Hotta, have taken massive actions against cheating and permanently banned over 10,000 accounts.

Cheating in online games is nothing new, and it has been present in Tower of Fantasy since its release. However, seeing such a massive action against that is new. Rumbleverse is another example where the number of cheaters is rising simultaneously, and maybe they can take some inspiration from Hotta.

In its recent announcement notice on the official website, the development team behind Tower of Fantasy stated that it has banned over 10,000 players from cheating scandals and made their names publicly available. The actions from Hotta Studio are admirable, and they will surely make the gaming environment much better. 

Furthermore, it stated, “to provide a fair gaming environment and assure an excellent in-game experience for all the Wanderers in Tower of Fantasy, Hykros Central Control Room monitors accounts using cheating software and the violation of using scripts for initializing account data,” which means that such actions will be taken in the future as well.

Tower of Fantasy banned 6,041 players in Asia-Pacific and 2,369 players in Southeast Asia servers, totalling 8,410 permanently banned accounts. Before that, on the 16th of August 2022, the company permanently banned 295 players in Asia-Pacific, 343 in North America, 442 in Europe, 156 in South America, and 470 in Southeast Asia servers, respectively, totalling 1,706 banned accounts.

Those combined make up 10,116 permanently banned accounts in Tower of Fantasy. The number is huge, and that’s not all; the company also made incentives to make these accounts public. Tower of Fantasy also warned about cheating in a recent statement and made it clear to future cheaters to think twice before doing it.

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